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I don't know man, I didn't do it.
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You are being mean for no reason. You didn't even reason why this person should kill themselves. You are not going to convince anyone with that amount of engagement.

I think you should really stop telling people to kill themselves, and maybe learn to mock their character. That might be more effective in the long run.

Grill yourself.


you think you don't, but you do.


Fucking horndogs, there is no shortage of porn material on internet, must you turn every /b/ into 4chan's /b/? You'll never transcend your animalistic instincts so you might as well kill yourselves. Better luck next life, filth.

>You are not going to convince anyone with that amount of engagement

One can hope.


In the new age of imageboards, nothing is said to be certain, but porn and politics.


honestly id prefer the porn

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it must've been the whole alt-right bullshit and "political influence" that imageboards have had, including the whole "q" bullshit that invited boomers and zoomers to this side of the internet.
I can't catch a fucking break.
Most of these people have no fucking clue what they're looking at.
where did everyone go?
where did the oldfags flee to?
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in need of an expert opinion here
let's say one was tempted to respond to this post with…
>88 dubs dude lmfao
where would that place them on the timeline of faggotry?
asking for a fren


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It would be of little importance considering the current low amount of traffic.


It would make you the eternal faggot.


File: 1586958214381.jpg (106.61 KB, 960x720)

It's truly an interesting question… without other posts it's impossible to be certain. There are many ways to interpret it.
You appear to have a trace of /s4s/ energy, consciously or otherwise. The post comes off as a satirical post-normalfag comment which has the ability to plebfilter newfags/middlefags trying too hard to gatekeep or fit in (see >>1992). In that case, it's only a 3/10 faget level (slightly below background levels). However be careful, this increases very rapidly if you begin to overuse comments like this.
Or on the other hand, you could be someone who climbed up from /pol/ taking ironic behavior seriously and are simply parroting the aforementioned style without understanding its meaning (8/10 faget level). However, the likelihood of that is lower in a place like this so I'll confidently give you benefit of the doubt.
For future reference, the '88' is redundant; despite the timestamp also containing two sets of dubs, it's obvious what you are highlighting.

or, you know, this.


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If there's any real oldfags around, they'd scold you retards off their lawn shouting something about behaving like faggots while squirting his hose at you.

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name a single thing that can't be solved with big tiddy goth gf's
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how do i get bit titty goth gf


File: 1583099053767.png (591.25 KB, 620x826)

get gud scrub


I'm more of a naturalist. Where can I find a big tiddy naturalist girlfriend?


Naturalist? Do you mean mori girl?


but Eris is over 3000 years old. She must be at very high risk of corona-chan! Silly Eris…

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>Rapes 13 year old
>Gets 17 years. Unlucky, there are fathers raping their own kids in Ireland that get 10 years.
>I would radar O'Dea spray shit in my face than waste my cum on Ms'Callagahn. HAHAH. TRUTH THE BEST.

The court heard that following the first incident of rape, Ms O’Callaghan sat on a basin of ice in her bedroom to help stop the bleeding and swelling.

O’Dea met with her a few days later and pulled her away from her friends. He complained that she had gotten blood on his jacket and said he had to get it dry-cleaned.

Ms O’Callaghan later recalled that he told her she had bled because she was a virgin and he promised it would not hurt as much the next time. He told her “virginity was a wall” and that the bleeding had been “breaking down the wall”.


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i just found out this place exists and that your admin follows me on twitter

how are you guys doing?
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Please go away. And don't ever come back.


I agree, this conspiracy talk is getting really boring. It's not even the good kind of conspiracy, just simple paranoia. No schizophrenic ramblings about aliens and astral beings, no overly complex networks of intrigue, no great theories to explain everything. Just stupid "I need someone to acknowledge my existence so let's just pretend they hate me" bullshit used to rationalizing the purchase of all that toilet paper.


Please go away. And don't ever come back.


Please go away. And don't ever come back.


Yea, like the point of discordianist cospiracism to me was always creating your own to see how fucking pointless is it to try to control people. This shit over here smells like fear.

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What the fuck?

Need help or something?
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Imagine deweting sum1s pwost & pwosting it awgain but wiff typos >:3


File: 1585502432611.webm (1.09 MB, 480x360)

Good point. I juwst weawized thawt i have bewn so twaumatized by the ban hammew thawt i fowgot admin pwiviweges wewe good fow anything besides deweting fings :3


How do I talwk liwke twis? I feewl vewy stwupiwd stufwing fuckwing 'w's in ewewy wowd. You siwcken mwe.


File: 1585597383759.png (204.44 KB, 394x353)

baka posted more shady links! they're up on the frontpage. maybe a bot? seen these pop up and spam other slow niche imageboards lately.

I'm blaming all my twypos on pwanksters with admin pwiviweges from now on


This isn't real freedom of speech if EVERYBODY don't get the mod powers.


know the wodnik


File: 1585558051409.jpg (28.66 KB, 323x480)


File: 1585558060869.jpg (27.52 KB, 300x445)


File: 1585558200453.jpg (44.98 KB, 531x401)

wodnik for babushka


It's called intelligence bucket.


and also "gravity bong"

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Hey MOD how did you get Boardslist show up on your Vichan installation, after every install Boardslis doesn't appear.
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that's the webring, it crosslinks all imageboards associated with the webring.
An imageboard in the webring has to add your site before it is synced and added to other site's webrings.


File: 1585550932792.png (22.9 KB, 2065x280)

Cool thanks, may I ask how did you get that dropdown menu?


File: 1585551047765.png (8.92 KB, 969x227)

I have issue my Catalogue footer styles seem to be duplicated, can't figure out why.


File: 1585551161076.jpg (88.67 KB, 1765x399)

catalog.html file looks fine


lol i'm not here to teach you how to make an imageboard, dropdown styles menu is literally a javascript thing you can load in in your config.
gud luck

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