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I don't know man, I didn't do it.
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8kun has become a rulecucked hell hole that is just as bad a 4chan or mewch or facebook
I am so sorry. This is very wrong.
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>spams identical butthurt fueled threads over numerous imageboards over getting banned for Site-wide spam
They did the right thing, you should be banned from using the internet, you dumb nigger-faggot.



Two threads count as sidewide spam when your imageboard is dead.


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Why Anon Cafe? I want to go back to /otter/.
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This otter looks a bit off. Maybe it's security certificate expired?


this otter is more secure about its otteriness than your otters will ever be


File: 1582661238884.jpg (51.14 KB, 620x619)

You have no idea just how secure my otters are about their otteriness.

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https://stdcarriers.com now outing people with STDs on mobile.


Maybe dont fuck people you dont trust.

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Why do I receive these weird e-mails with nothing but a pdf-file in them:

Title: Information File CSLTS.L
Sent by: E78 UEWASWH<w1irvaiula@q.com>
Reply to: rb@ql.information
Attachment: EWT.A.P.S.R.pdf

Title: Information File MIL V E T
Sent by: W1I RVAIULA<w1irvaiula@q.com>
Reply to: rb@ql.information
Attachment: REOIS C E W.pdf

Are these just spam? I couldn't find anything about this stuff online.


File: 1581785630617.png (275.91 KB, 640x489)

Some PDFs can contain exploits, so there's that. But maybe, just maybe…

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It has been said, the green reed which bends in the wind does not cuck like the mighty oak which breaks like a faggot in a storm…
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i bled out my butthole yesterday. I am flexible in that regard


File: 1576560634608.png (898.77 KB, 973x771)

has it stopped bleeding yet?


Only for job interviews.


File: 1581685985471.mp4 (8.93 MB)

I'm flexible enough to do this so I'm happy.


I was honestly expecting something
more clever

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The image board holocaust
Moonchan dead/locked down/hacked/something else bad
Very recently dead and 404'd or just plain vanished chan websites (they're going after ALL of them)
Directly after this thread was posted and the OP arsebliterated a shill and exposed their agenda, the shills went total fucking "SHUT IT DOWN" mode and spammed the thread, and then the entire board, and then the entire website to death. The BO disabled tor and re-enabled a really insane captcha and claimed they were leaving it on permanently to stop the spammer, even though others claimed that the spammer continued without even needing tor, but some time after that and without any clear warning, the website became bugged or locked and captchas will not load, and attempting any kind of post returns strange errors that don't make any sense. The catalog is also frozen. One of the last posts on the board was ironically a compressed short clip of the scene where the musicians play a sad song as the titanic sinks.

In this thread, if you follow it from the beginning to the end, you can actually see the point where all shills collectively shit their pants and scramble to shut down and censor the truth before anyone can notice it.

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God has tits and probably also a twat, fuck off.


imagine posting "god bless" on a site dedicated to the goddess of chaos


Check your webring. You have a direct link to 8kun hiding under the guise of vch's /v/. Do with this what you will.


Welcome tonthe webring, it might not last long but I can say the other chans had it worst, it is Endchan and Meguca. Meguca being absolutely innocent it's actually just imageboard for r/a/dio djs, and livepost larping like the fapping together board, and esoteric larp like the fringe board. Well I wouldn't call that larp akthually..
Freech was first, then also fringechan and that other esoteric board again, it's because they have classified magicians and/or pursuers of magic a threat to the "one new world" plan, as we are of the old world. I think this was disclosed by some intel agency I no longer remember and it was a legit declassified docs to target 'fringe societies' which inclydes magick practitioners online. Well what can I say? Goodluck, No? They messed with the wrong people and will suffer the consequences, we magicians are not really violent in nature but we are a bigger threat than what they can imagine, imagine we're like 'bard' characters that buff/debuff people, or simply put support characters, we will not cause absolute violence unless we receive it directly, what we usually do is hone our connection to the high or simply put strengthen ourselves with experimentation and practice, they really messed up, consider this not a warning but an announcement, that specifically these corrupt power abusers be balanced once and for all by the forces of nature, mess with nature, face the nature. Ne Plus Ultra.

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>alt chan alliance
The hivemind disapproves.

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this site is owned by the greyfaces come to the real Erischan now http://erischscwh5h74f7tcosaoq3722lpx5u4pxtnww3q5rbonvxjo2hiuid.onion


New engine, no javascript, no cookies.


Not usually a fan of advertising, but i'll let this stay up because i'm intrigued, and Tor can always use more Erisian content.
Just don't understand why you wanted the same name, it would lead to confusion.
I see you replicated the post dates as well.
Only critique I have is that the main logo is in SVG format, which aren't shown when the standard Tor Browser is in high security mode.
Good luck with your project.


>Just don't understand why you wanted the same name
Maybe you remember that guy who was coding "Erischan" since 2017 and wanted to buy this domain. That's me lol. I made a post here once.
>I see you replicated the post dates as well
Yeah I got that idea from here, lol. But I coded everything from scratch. So I didn't copy your code.
>Only critique I have is that the main logo is in SVG format, which aren't shown when the standard Tor Browser is in high security mode
Well good to know that. I don't use the tor browser, that's why I haven't noticed it. I'm going to fix that so.
>Good luck with your project.
thanks. I don't know if you know who Dig Deeper is, but he advertised it on his site. I started literally yesterday, so there aren't any users yet, lol.

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cool site, whats it for?
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Why are you taping the kiddies on the pool?


It's just for insurance purposes in case someone doesn't use a safety razor… everyone does this, right?







tech dance


Boring music.

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