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I don't know man, I didn't do it.
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Są tu jakieś starocioty z rzabczana?


no chyba twoja stara



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>Some Secret vidz and links


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pope thread


papież narzygał mi do dupy

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dać konkuterek, małą lodóweczkę, kuchenkę i nieironicznie mieszkałbym


zgodnie z doniesieniami na temat naszego towarzysza łotysza, taki stan jest jak najbardziej możliwy, a co ważniejsze nawet dający możliwość normalnej pracy (choć po kilku miesiącach można oczekiwać że osobie pracującej odpierdoli i np losowo zaarchiwizuje repo)

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ale ladna trojsila ladniejsza niz na kara
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What does she say?


she says
>you are fucked up you fucking faggot are you not afraid of god? you lift these 2kg fucking shits and you think you're so cool? when I will kick you, then before you will lift your hand then you will be laying on the ground you fucking he man


Thanks. Is this some meme? What's the backstory?


basically various videos with pope were uploaded to jewtube, one time guy called Michał Tuziak after seeing one of them and the anons comments on them he recorded his own video, in which he spends about 10 minutes talking how he is going to beat the shit of those anons, this is part of his monologue
here is transcription of entire thing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSkrQNRr0bIuWYyzeLgELg/discussion?disable_polymer=1


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to political commissar


Based Greta

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r8 my setup

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Hey Eris boys,

We finished streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.

Because of that, we thought it could be great if you guys could join us with a team of your own and participate in the next iteration of the cup, if you feel like it.

All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.
I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at https://cytu.be/r/8cup to spectate what the cup's really all about (whenever we get to host the next one anyways) and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.

See you on the field!


would be cool if we could take part in this but think this site is way too small


I picture the Erischan team consisting exclusively of Pope John Pauls. Their jerseys are all numbered 23 and named with odd Polack meme catch-phrases that arch across their backs from sleeve to sleeve. Kurwa, so many consonants! Maybe Lena Dunham would tend goal? Her jersey numbered 1 for best girl, best waifu. All of them standing in place and jittering an uncanny NPC dance, just waiting for something, anything, to happen. As the opposing team runs rings around the unmoving Erischan players, racking up a score that should not even be possible, the field begins to inexplicably shudder. Cracks and fissures appear across the field as if a mighty earthquake, the big one, has struck! The opposing players are swallowed by sinkholes and fall into the void below. Yog-Sothoth emerges from the depths and appears menacingly on the field, balancing the soccer ball on an outstretched tentacle. The John Pauls and Lena Dunham are unphased and continue to stand in place doing their jittery NPC dance. With little time remaining on the clock and Yog-Sothoth slithering across the wreckage, the Erischan team wins by default. The golden apple would be ours!


I'd rather lose on purpose than win a golden apple. Let the tryhards suffer.

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i'm going to kill a politician i swear i'll do it


Whatever you think you are going to achieve will not happen.


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Don't jump the queue.


if fed poster ran for office then they could achieve their objective without having to harm anyone else?


voting at elections < voting with your wallet < voting from the rooftops < becoming a politician yourself

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