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I don't know man, I didn't do it.
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webm fred
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>boo hoo you are doing discordianism wrong.

Watch me shitstain.


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I'm watching and all i see is a worm twisting and turning in scorching desert sand.


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odd call. I've never seen 'lefties' call other people faggots before.
but yeah I can see your spree of posts in the rss feed and you've just been dumping anti-eris. that ain't right.


Found a schizo!

Did the jews already microphone your rectum?


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>authoritarian propagandist shilling on an argumentative liberalism site




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>>argumentative liberalism site
what? where? this one?
sorry honey but Discordianism does not equal liberalism.


He's right, you know. The entire religion is about personal liberty.
The Principia Discordia directly parodies hierarchy in mainstream religion by intentionally establishing an anti-hierachy where all members are Popes and titles are arbitrary and meaningless. The religion's biblical teachings amounts to 'do whatever the fuck you want. who gives a shit about social norms or law or even our own laws'. It makes its one single deity the Goddess of Disorder and makes a point of calling order-worshipping people cursed. For fuck's sake, the front cover is entirely composed of the colors gold and black.


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I respect this unexpectedly worthy GET, blessed cabbage among the patch.


That face is literally gray.


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you forget that the principia discordia covers more than just the discordian society.
it covers the discordian society and POEE. it is a discordian value that chaos be valued as a whole, while POEE only values its half, disorder.
It even says on the pope card that they are authorized by the house of apostles of eris and distributed by the POEE head temple in SA. It means that the POEE sect/cabal faction had a majority in the eristocratic system at the time of that decision. It can be withdrawn at any time.
The notion that the entire religion is a parody is subjective. It's a paradox of itself, being both a joke and a religion in one. It doesn't mean a joke can't have values and meaning.
if the principia was so anti-hierarchy as you claim it wouldn't claim for the discordian society to have a hierarchy in the first place.
As greg hill put it; "I'm tired of anarchy"
The eristocracy is its very own political system, and I doubt we might ever figure out how to encompass it.


Principia was written on heavy amount of drugs.

You are taking Principia seriously.

Your worldview is on drugs and can be dismissed as some acidheads rambling.

This is the problem with authoritarianism.

You read the book and go "whoa boy this seems to have a point" and then just sneeze your brains out through your nose since you won't be needing them anymore.

The parasite has taken its place as the sole controller of your body, your needs and your dreams.

Even now, it's fucking with your sensory data to prevent you from understanding what am I trying to say to you.

I am not the holy book.

How the fuck am I supposed to know what I'm talking about?


reddit spacing tells me you're way off course.


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Yo there parasite, you comfy up in that skull?



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Apearantly erischan can't stomach politically incorrect content. That's too bad.


You still don't get it do you? Let me be clear. You are fucking boring. Whatever you say I've heard million times.

Problem isn't even that you pretend to be "politically incorrect". That shit is just one layer down from mainstream media you pretend to hate so much. Problem is, you are fucking dull, stupid, and bring nothing to the discussion. Fuck off!


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Literally one person is annoyed about the politics, the rest of us are sick of your run-of-the-mill monotonous reposting.
In the context of imageboards, you're a boring NPC normalfag. You're not even an interesting type of 'politically incorrect' like a nazbol or negro-nazist, you're a generic 8chan greyface. Immigrants like you keep showing up twice a month just to shower Qshit or generic gray order-fellating propaganda over the place.
We're sick of it because it's boring and repetitive and boring and repetitive and boring and repetitive and boring and repetitive and boring and repetitive and overall amounts to spam, degrading the site quality by making it look just like any generic 8kun fetus that failed to maintain its culture among the crossboarders. In that sense it is a direct attack on our site's unique atmosphere.
You're just another fucking chinese clone and you failed the immigration test. You have to go back.


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There was barely any activity and i fixed that, i prefer your autism over silence, because you're so enlightened.


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Well ain't you a fuckin hero. Go kill a dragon or somethin


Eh, it's the cheap 'I was only pretending' cop-out but I'll admit used it here too.
He fucked up the thread flow through. It was nice and chaotic.


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Gas yourself and i'll consider it.

Get that sand out of your vagoo so that i can put it back in there, a discorian should be able to handle some discord.


>gas yourself
You cannot even use non-parasite related compliments. You are literally a fucking zombie roaming around the internet gurgling and trying to bite people to spread the disease. I hope your farts smell so bad they ruin your social life.


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Why not post a webm? There is no shortage of your ever complaining kind, you're an pleb and you bring nothing to the table, as far as i'm concerned you're only useful as a fertilized.


File: 1591186670810.mp4 (1.35 MB, 368x704)


Posting webms is effort, shitting on you is fun.


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Now you're showing your true colors.


>filling up a webm thread with political debate and no webms
You're being just as annoying as grayface faggot now.
Any post without an intriguing webm attached to it should be ignored and deleted.


Yea I agree, it should be a rule that you have to post webms in webm thread. I like rules.

P.S. it wasn't a debate, and it wasn't political.


Yep, I'm a toxic asshole, what about it?


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Grayface this, grayface that.. You're competing over whose shit smells less, like some discordian version of virtue signaling sjw, but i digress. Its not like being apolitical is a virtue.


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>look how dumb they are based on these 10sec clips I found on pol.

Stop shilling for cops.




File: 1591216545526.webm (3.99 MB, 480x270)

Oink oink, officer!


File: 1591227145081.mp4 (5.86 MB, 1280x720)

American sucks, business as usual for the internet.


edit: america, not american. most of the country


I actually typed Americans but the cursor jumped to the next word and pluralized it. Keyboards should be excommunicated for being good at Discord and making us all look bad at it in cpmparison.


File: 1591272768591-0.mp4 (7.6 MB, 854x480)

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Blame admin, they tend to put typos in ppls posts for lulz.

America's alright except the parts that aren't


No, it's not alright (except for the parts which are, of course).


Yea I changed my mind. The place is fucked. (except the tiny beacons of hope )


No, you were right before. America's mostly fine (excluding much of the North, Central, South, and various pockets of Antarctic territory)


Oh, and the moon. Russia claimed orbital space and then USA claimed the moon. You wouldn't know it anymore due to various treaties.
Discordians, Erisians and Eridians have jointly claimed 136199 Eris, its moon/s and orbital region but we lost the certificate (under the sofa, but we still don't know whose sofa) so we all respectively just claim full ownership.


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