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Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!
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The Discordian Society is dead - long live the Discordian Society!

Within the Principia it is clearly stated upon one of its earlier pages that the POEE is merely a manifestation of the Discordian Society, of which it was a sect.
It means that POEE was the most powerful sect when Discordianism came to be, and changed the Discordian Society (including its hierarchy) to suit its whims, like how a party in a democracy changes laws.
I don't think I have to tell you, but POEE is long dead. Its members wrote the Principia and have since went and died.
The problem is the Principia, it is outdated. While there is much to learn and copy from the deeds of POEE, it is clear that the current form of the Eristocracy is inefficient. Most all departments except for C are defunct in House V, the matrix has to be reshaped.

I propose we take over many of POEE's inventions and laws, such as the Calendar, the ODDNS, and the five fingered hand of Eris. We must move on to greener pastures and leave the principia as a founding document.
We have to build a new manifestation of the Discordian Society, one not ruled by a single sect, but of incoherent erisian disagreements of various sects. We must truly embrace Eristocracy.
This new Eristocratic State will scour the ashes of old and bring upon a new Erisian Century.
A Codex has to be written, based upon Horkos' Wisdom, an Oath to Eris. In this Codex we shall rewrite the Discordian Society piece by piece, erasing the reins which POEE used to rule.

This is the will of Eris!


The POEE is naught but a reference. If you haven't created your own Discordant cabal, I declare you to be lazy!
All members of variants of my cabal shall henceforth address you with the formal title 'Lazy' instead of 'Pope' (of course you continue to remain a full-vested Pope, the replacement is merely decorative).

The POEE is effectively a draft. To take it as canon and fail to mold or replace it is utter negligence. I agree with this call to disagree.


I disagree, POEE made itself the manifestation of the DS, it's no reference, it has its own values.
It's a Discordian value that Chaos is a sacred balance between Order and Disorder, opposites.
It's a POEE value that Disorder is superior, and that Eris is a goddess of Disorder (as opposed to Chaos).
There are some very real differences here.


So the POEE are just ripping off the Romans by calling Discordia the Disco god. That's not a POEE value, that's an anti-Discordianist value (and that isn't a criticism, simply an observation). That said, a central tenet of Discordianism is to disbelieve its writings so this anti-Discordianist value is inherently a Discordianist value.
Therefore, I completely disagree with myself; it's blindingly evident that POEE has its own unique values warranting its own recogition as a distinct society. However it is also clear that the POEE is not Discordianism itself, simply a Discordian cabal that appropriately both accepts and rejects core Discordian teachings.
It is not a reference but rather it should be treated as a reference for study when forming your own cabal, rather than being treated as dogmatic or true. Even true things are false, this is no revelation to us here but as you griped of in your opening post, many fail to recognize this.
I am of course preaching to the choir but the choir is listening, and singing back in harmony with my assertive cries. Let the music of dischords grow forth and guide us into this new age of Disociety.

Ave Discordia, or don't!


so are we just supposed to re-imagine and re-manifestate an entire new version of the discordian society anytime someone starts a sect?
POEE can't be both the discordian society and a sect under it. I say we manifest anew.


Okay, you do all that. I'll sit here and watch.


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I see POEE as a Discordian society, not the only society of Discordianism. Erischan is effectively a Discordian society. I'm not a member of POEE and I am a socializing Discordian.


>I'm not a member of POEE
How can you tell?


We can't. It's a phenomenon known as POEE's Law.


>Erischan is effectively a Discordian society.
Yo what the fuck?
We lurk in a society.
I didn't know I was suddenly a resident of this website! How do I cancel my citizenship? Quick, before I get drafted!


>How do I cancel my citizenship?
Don't worry, you just have to delete your Erischan.org account.
The draft happened last Syaday but the admin slept in. It's not all that bad though, our military only fight each other so no-one does anything too dangerous.


lurking was forbidden by law just 12 minutes ago.
only posting is allowed.

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