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Syaday — by admin at 6/cfn/3186 (BT) 05:33:40

I can't believe i fucking slept through Syaday holy fucking shite

DiscoFlux — by admin at 50/dsc/3186 (PD) Discoflux! 20:13:22

Happy DiscoFlux, everyone!

gregorian date tooltips — by admin at 35/dsc/3186 (PD) 16:44:16

As per request from an e-mail i've received, erischan now supports the gregorian calendar at the hover of a button!
Hover over any Discordian Date to reveal the gregorian date. This should also work with 4chan X.
Let me know if anything fails to work.

mojoday — by admin at 6/dsc/3186 (PP) 11:09:08

Mojoday was the day before this and i missed it…
Happy belated mojoday..!

St. Tibs! — by admin at St. Tib's Day 3186 16:46:22

Happy Saint Tibs day, everyone!

Chaoflux — by admin at 50/chs/3186 (SO) Chaoflux! 21:08:31

Happy Chaoflux, everyone!

Mungday — by admin at 5/chs/3186 (SO) Mungday! 10:34:26

Happy Mungday!

3186! — by admin at 1/chs/3186 (SW) 09:50:10

Let's hope for a very erisian 3186! For all the rest of you, happy 2020!

/3/ — by admin at 23/afm/3185 (SO) 08:48:58

* Added /3/ yesterday for poleposting
A warm welcome to all of our polish friends!

Maladay — by admin at 5/afm/3185 (BT) Maladay! 10:59:05

Happy Maladay, everyone!

new provider! — by admin at 69/bcy/3185 (PD) 15:20:48

Erischan has successfully moved providers!
Please mind that while this server may be slightly slower, it allows for much more.
You may also be allowed to post things that you weren't allowed to on the previous provider, like pornographic material.
Please report any broken functionality of the website.

moving providers — by admin at 68/bcy/3185 (BT) 15:48:54

Erischan is moving providers. This may prove to be a very bumpy ride as I have never done this sort of shit before.
Erischan may experience downtime between moving - and it may take a while before it happens. I'll try to make a late backup to make sure the latest posts do make it over.
Eris appreciates your understanding, at least I think She does.

BureFlux — by admin at 50/bcy/3185 (PP) Bureflux! 06:48:17

Happy Bureflux, everyone!

/aes/ — by admin at 17/bcy/3185 (SW) 14:21:42

Added a new board
* /aes/ Aesthetics
Because where else will you spam architecture?

WebM & MP4 — by admin at 15/bcy/3185 (PP) 23:56:32

Somehow managed to enable webm and mp4 uploads. I really hope this keeps working.

Zaraday — by admin at 5/bcy/3185 (PP) Zaraday! 01:47:25

Happy Zaraday, everyone!

/all/ and other tweaks — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 17:30:20

Added /all/ so you can see all posts from every board, at least the last 15 of them. Also added an RSS feed at https://erischan.org/recent.xml and made a news page at https://erischan.org/news.html

It just works — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 05:56:01

Suddenly image hashing stopped working so you couldn't post more than 1 image per board because it'd think it was the same image. Have no idea what fixed it but I'm glad it somewhat works again, guess I won't be touching anything anymore.

/cat/ — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 04:18:27

Added new board
* /cat/ - Cats
Because my friend likes cats and so do I.

Public — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 04:01:05

Now comes the part where I attempt to gain users, although I should probably make a few stickeys.

First boards and frontpage — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 03:52:07

Erischan now has a simple front page and a few boards.
The boards are:
* /abs/ - Absurdism
* /b/ - Random
* /gov/ - Governance & Politics
* /eris/ - Discordianism

Simple touches — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 02:22:13

Erischan posts now show Discordian Date and the old CSS stylesheet from 8ch.net/eris was ported.

Creation — by admin at 3/bcy/3185 (BT) 21:08:10

Erischan is now live.