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look like a hardcore Aum Shinrikyo thing uhh...
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Francis E. Decade Dance.webm
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You may not like the fact, but Francis E. Dec was the greatest dystopian author to exist.

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Aktywator do beniza XD
Sorry I don't speak /3/
anyone here speak /3/?

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If you find a 23 post it ITT
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The year 2023 [Year 5783] ends on April 8, after the end of the 13th month of the lunar year [because in the lunar Jewish religious calendar, the leap year carries over to the previous year].
April 9, Nissan 1 - New Year 2024 [year 5784].
New Moon and Solar Eclipse in the USA are included!
The year 2023 [Year 5783] ends on April 8, after the end of the 13th month of the lunar year [because in the lunar Jewish religious calendar, the leap year carries over to the previous year].
April 9, Nissan 1 - New Year 2024 [year 5784].
New Moon and Solar Eclipse in the USA are included!
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Gee Billy, how come your mom lets you have two numbers?!

(1.3MB, 540x540)
Everyone's talking about maxxing, maxxing, maxxing. Idiots, all of them.

We should be minning. I've started kidneyminning, I removed one of my kidneys so that I'm not wasting any more precious nutrients and energy maintaining that useless thing. Plus, someone was willing to pay me a few thousand dollars for it!
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(5.3KB, 500x500)
Wait til you hear about minmaxxing.
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Λ r e  y o u  t r y i n g  t o  e x p l o d e  m y  h e a d ?

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How envious had the europoors been of the honorable nipponese during the second half of the twentieth century?
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my house on the left and right.jpg
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>>13258 (OP) 
West Germany excepted; they got the same package deal as Japan, ROC and South Korea.
You know, I'm actually partway through negotiations with a CIA front to get funding now that some communist moved into the rundown place next to me. They're gonna give me a few million to help me show off to my neighbourhood that our economic system is better. New wheels and everything.
(515.5KB, 960x500)
Communism, which by 1980s pretty much became a National Socialism was a good socio-economic system. Too bad our goddamn cunt ass nigger bitch chicken head pope had to fuck it up because of some fairy tale about kike being nailed to a cross. 

I hope Wojtyła is in hell, being eternally raped by a gang of cum-hungry grannies.
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>>13258 (OP) 
envy ended with the bubble era and now it's just whatever man
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6/10 cosplay

(210.5KB, 1685x545)
It's true.
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>>13253 (OP) 
So if these are Turks, who are the Armenians?
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(30.9KB, 894x894)
This is an Armenian. They're the best country that ever existed and they have heat vision.
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I hear these men love the chili dog.
you know why? because they really are the true mega true in truth without lying in truth without error in true with double-plus true the Aryan race.
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(1.2MB, 938x720, 00:11)

Eris Pepe.jpg
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Two Erischan users were my first 2 book sales and I would just like to say thank you for the support! Cool board
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I've been wanting to make a TikTok account and make a post (i know, i know... lol) advertising my books but my clunker old government phone can't open TikTok, it crashes and the phone resets everytime. None of my devices are new enough to open it. Message from Eris to chill the hell out? Maybe. Hope you guys got a few laughs reading my stuff
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(10.3KB, 679x99)
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charles laugh.gif
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(32.4KB, 788x95)
I like this one

(62.2KB, 976x549)
Call this number or send hot pics to him for a fun time. This is a scammer's phone number by the way +2348145965053 and he is from Nigeria,
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>>13246 (OP) 

(241.2KB, 507x636)
>reading about a niche dating app because it says its open source and ethical n shit
>and obviously unpopular as a result
<There are no users in my area!
>[]tell your family and friends to make this platform even more popular!
the fuck is this, Iceland? you think all these girls yelling daddy want their father on their dating app? is this fuck your funcle .com?
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(200.5KB, 1055x1055)
I read somewhere that in ukraine women identified the Russians on the prowl when they saw them approaching on the world map-gps of the dating app.
I also read that they identified entire bases because they tracked the movements of users as they were using the apps and sharing them with others.
things that don't happen in poland.
The problem with launching any kind of dating app is that you need attractive people on the app to keep customers engaged, but attractive people won't use your app unless there are already other attractive people 'in their league' on it. Classic chicken-and-egg situation that is only exacerbated now that the idea is no longer new and trendy. Being open source and ethical makes it even worse because you can't just make/encourage fake profiles or (intentionally) design the app to be addictive, both of which are tried and true strategies to retaining your user base.

A successful launch would need two things:

1) a slow, steady bring-up where only attractive people are allowed on the site at first and you slowly bring uggos and sickos on board as you gain steam.

2) something besides the stupid swiping model. It's great for getting users addicted but it's also just about the least effective way to find a mate. Honestly you'd be better off with an app that just selects you one match a day based on various parameters. This makes the matching criteria more meaningful and forces people to actually think for more than half a second about the people they see on the app. Plus reduces the anxiety of putting your face on a public forum.

Let's be real though. Anything libre will inevitably have nothing to offer the heterosexuals.
The "open source ethical dating app" already exists, it is called bbs.archlinux.org, there are mostly mid trannies there but the non-systemd iteration called artix forums have more tech literate(and paranoid) femboys. The greybeard to femboy ratio is far better than the men to (non-catfish)women ratio of dating apps.
(123.3KB, 1260x840)
you could use any sort of software as a dating app but at the end of the day it's all about the ethics
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They are so pretty!

(732.7KB, 937x773)
there is this guy... big fat boy in red with a lot of small machine nu-elfs AKA Robots (slaves of the system) with her big chubby wife and live in the nort-pole or somewhere probably in the hollow earth of antarctica

guys, I figured it out when I was 7.
Those guys you see on the streets dressed like the red bearded bastard man are not santa.
they are his employees, he keeps them in a perpetual state of slavery generation after generation.
and the womans in sexy outfits? these are succubus of the that red ugly capitalist ice-cool ass.
and also keeps them in a perpetual state of slavery by torturing them in the freezing cold of winter.

Just imagine, the guy works once a year. He has thousands of elven slaves and lives in a cold place.
He's clearly a guy with a reptilian attitude, sinister, Machiavellian.
he literally consumes Coca-cola!
He also never keeps his promises and gives irrelevant gifts to children and ruin thousand of adult life.
Did I mention the part where he demands milk and cookies as a magick ritual of summoning in the night? he even likes to come in through the chimney with a bag full of gifts...
yes, you read it right, he enters your property without your consent and gives no notice. like a thief or jesus entering the body of a nun or a priest in ecstasy.
clearly there is a sexual connotation to all this. phallic. frightening.
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