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The only true™ Erisian imageboard!
Now with 10% more cats!

Thanks to nimbus for the drawing!
  • What is Erischan?

Erischan is a website dedicated to Eris & Discordianism. Feel free to use it however you see fit.

  • What is Discordianism?

Probably something for yourself to figure out. This website focuses on both the new age and ancient Greek interpretation of Eris.

  • What is with the dates on the posts?

Erischan uses the Discordian Calendar.

Be warned, Erischan contains NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK content. Leave this site if you are under 18.
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Happy Confuflux!

Happy belated confuflux!

It's been a while

Erischan has moved successfully to a new backend. ...

Erischan is moving

As most of you might already know, one of our mods...

st. tib's day

happy st. tib's!


don't you just love when your hosting provider ran...

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