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Let's settle it: what are the best letters?
We must look at the world and learn to recognize dystopia not as a futuristic genre with dark alleys amid bright neon lights, or grey wastelands, but as a past and present cancer growing in the open. One we must stamp out.

The image explains itself, but alas! there are those who will see nothing wrong with it. It's a major city.
Where are the cars? Where are the trucks?
This is an attempt by the vegan mafia (vafia) to normalize terror against the icon of modern liberty - the fossil motor vehicle. Tell me, can you ride your penny farthing bicycle over sand dunes? Can it protect you from protesters you disagree with? Do you see the police or army rollerblading down the streets??

Join the fight against terrorism. Buy another car.
Once upon a time there was a thread for this topic. Maybe there still is and I overlooked it. Anyway, recently noticed this title from Kagura Games.
Why are comment sections typically so dumb? I want an actual explanation for this. I DEMAND IT!

YouTube comments are infamous for this. "First"posting is already arrogant nonsense, but that's not even the worst of it. You know what these idiots do? They just type out random lines from the video and click submit.
What braindead shit is that? Why would a functioning human do that? This isn't rare, so many people do this. And you know what's even dumber? Sometimes they don't even type the correct words because they misheard it. People are all hyped up about 'well what happens when computers become intelligent??/?' but I want to know is what happens when people can't pass the Turing test. Did they think the Submit button was asking them to yield all thought processes and kowtow to the Almighty Algorithm?

If you're unfortunate enough to want to know the name of a porn actor and try your luck in the comments... oh you're in for a treat. The most pathetic shit you've seen in years: automated dregs feigning intimacy in the comments of a repost of a repost of a professional, deluded enough to think the person will see it, let alone have a mere neuron of respect for this person. I have infinitely more respect for the person who takes a Twilight Sparkle plush on a date. At least they're having a fun time. At least they know it's a silly roleplaying game. They're not typing the word "Hi" and hoping someone finds that interesting and has sex with them.
Oh, you came to this picture? Why did you type that out? Do you really think this is useful or entertaining information? Or do you just want to hear yourself 'talk', so desperate for attention that banal tweets are your contribution to society.

It's not just in the bottom-of-the-barrel sites like these, article comments and the like, but those are the places so unmoderated and so lacking in community that these behaviors are so visible. They still happen on other platforms, oh, make no mistake, but any site with an actual community and any belief they have value will kick these vacuous wastes of bandwidth. It's empty messages. They might as well be just sdjklfjkl and d9Sje"Yl2n oZ9e7. If your forum doesn't allow strokeposting, it shouldn't allow emptyposting. But that's not the point, the point is how the fuck are there so many of these worthless people?

To hell with Internet Fuckwad Theory, we're onto Internet Cumwad Theory.
Does it make you sad to know that your favorite memes will one day be lost to obscurity forever?
>tfw you recruit an ayylmao hybrid to join yr idol unit and the merch still doesn't sell
What are you grabbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin', Carlton?
If you find a 23 post it ITT

We're having a picnic!
What's their story?
Aktywator do beniza XD
Everyone's talking about maxxing, maxxing, maxxing. Idiots, all of them.

We should be minning. I've started kidneyminning, I removed one of my kidneys so that I'm not wasting any more precious nutrients and energy maintaining that useless thing. Plus, someone was willing to pay me a few thousand dollars for it!
post your mp4s/webms here
How envious had the europoors been of the honorable nipponese during the second half of the twentieth century?
It's true.
Two Erischan users were my first 2 book sales and I would just like to say thank you for the support! Cool board
Call this number or send hot pics to him for a fun time. This is a scammer's phone number by the way +2348145965053 and he is from Nigeria,
>reading about a niche dating app because it says its open source and ethical n shit
>and obviously unpopular as a result
<There are no users in my area!
>[]tell your family and friends to make this platform even more popular!
the fuck is this, Iceland? you think all these girls yelling daddy want their father on their dating app? is this fuck your funcle .com?
there is this guy... big fat boy in red with a lot of small machine nu-elfs AKA Robots (slaves of the system) with her big chubby wife and live in the nort-pole or somewhere probably in the hollow earth of antarctica

guys, I figured it out when I was 7.
Those guys you see on the streets dressed like the red bearded bastard man are not santa.
they are his employees, he keeps them in a perpetual state of slavery generation after generation.
and the womans in sexy outfits? these are succubus of the that red ugly capitalist ice-cool ass.
and also keeps them in a perpetual state of slavery by torturing them in the freezing cold of winter.

Just imagine, the guy works once a year. He has thousands of elven slaves and lives in a cold place.
He's clearly a guy with a reptilian attitude, sinister, Machiavellian.
he literally consumes Coca-cola!
He also never keeps his promises and gives irrelevant gifts to children and ruin thousand of adult life.
Did I mention the part where he demands milk and cookies as a magick ritual of summoning in the night? he even likes to come in through the chimney with a bag full of gifts...
yes, you read it right, he enters your property without your consent and gives no notice. like a thief or jesus entering the body of a nun or a priest in ecstasy.
clearly there is a sexual connotation to all this. phallic. frightening.

as a child when i was 8 years old i did an experiment to prove it.
in my letter to the fat red man i made a mistake, instead of writing santa i wrote satan.
strangely he received my letter and gave me my gift (a sudoku)
that's how i came to the conclusion that santa is satan, yes, the same one.
today with my pope infallibility i came to the conclusion, based on my experience and life stories that the fat red man is actually greyface.
It is something I wanted to save for christmas but the government knows and listens to everything. they already executed my contacts and now they are after me.
so next time you write a letter to the red fat man remember that you are financing elven slaverya dream Tolkien never thought of,succubus slaverycrowley is sad,cute man human-looking-like-santa slavery playboy is sad and the child ruined dreams your mom is sad now men
and maybe children in china. this guy has properties and merchandise all over the world.
Have you checked the ownership papers of your chimney? He probably owns it.
did you see the old representations draws of santa and the postcards? he is always accompanied by the mushroom amanita muscaria(turn you into a berserker or a hippie) clearly he is a mushroom fanatic.
Do you really want a man like that with your children and coming into your house?
yes, that's the way it is, all over the world.
Is Tetanus real? Or was it just propaganda to nudge the people to move from metals into plastic and petroleum-based materials in their daily lives?
fuck the UK
so how many people are here ?
Be sure to stay hydrated, Pope!
Have you been recieving these mysterious hat emails lately???? Wtf is going on?? Somebody helpp!!
In case someone need it good luck.
Why do all the kids now want a thread wife?
>go to
>enter erisian website
>,, etc
>post results
why is eris so absurdly thick? it's like my head is going to explode... and I don't mean the one up here.
she whispers to my ear mating press but I don't like wrestling...
>back to the topic
do i need to read greek philosophy? i heard that pythagoras was a great feminist and helped a lot of boys with the ladies.
I need advice brothers
How do I get a girlfriend? I just saw this and realized that I need one >>13153 i dont have a wife.
So is divorce a mandatory condition that follows the wedding? if i adopt a dog, in the divorce will it go to her or to me?
I'm going to lose my soul if she turns out to be a witch or a lich necromancer? because that sounds awesome high.
how do I know if she is an FED agent? Last time the DEA took my chim, and I don't want that to happen again(was a gnome DEA disguised as a Mormon alien, I will not fall for that trick again)
I am very concerned
Eris is actually concerned with my condition.
Erischan has been destroyed! The Dead Whale Cabal has finally succeeded in destroying the heretical website. Erischan is dead, long live erischan!
Eriska je falešná bohynka.
This is Ran. Ran is fox and computer.
what happened to /eris/?
buh well never mind, she always comes back.
does discordianism have an epic poetic cosmogony?
because i read the epic story of the super evolved time traveling ape asking two junkies why they had belly buttons and more confusion trilemmas but i really need more.
and yes I also read the story of the woman who sold apples and ended up in a karens catfight demanding to talk to the manager which sparked a war in the Greek world over which one was the prettiest ass
what the fuf happened when where not here to see it happened?
confucius said nothing,yes literally nothing,because no one was there to hear the animals breeding in the bushes.
i asked my caoist brothers and they don't give much of an answer, they intimidate me, they are afraid to answer. they whisper ancient tongues of a primordial sublunar god-colossal-octopus that resides underwater miles from the easter islands in chile.
another says that something resides under the gobi desert. probably the tomb of genkhis khan or simbad the sailor.
but i have my doubts... so what happened?
it was just aliens and moonkeys lunar space opera ape all this time?
any book or pdf that I can read for more research?
I seek a more comfortable pain.
so /b/ is nucked ?
Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨️ 🙏
Once again it is my lucky day as it is the day that is named with the same name as myself unlike the many other days which were not named likewise and were not my lucky days because they were very unfortunate to me and my plans for those days!
New software!?!???!
Are shoes demonic entities? People say you have to "break in" new shoes, but it really just blood offering for them, isn't it?
Why /5/?
Are you real?

Can we have a random image thread?
Breaking and entering? That's an American thing. I'm more a fan of entering and breaking, see?
The word most often used in this thread will get wordfiltered for a week
Does /eris/ want to join the 8moe Soulcalibur 6 tournament?
How are you all dealing with the death of god? I am still trying to find my place in the world and figure out my destiny whatever it might be.
Do you believe in death after life?
Can discordianism compete anymore?

Were we just not repressed enough by the barv.luminati?
The best Mindfuck Operatives are the ones who aren't even thinking about it.
i was wandering on YT watching videos about mysterious paranormal in videogames and i came across the story of Harry Horse and his somewhat strange videogames
recommend you to read about his strange death 
back to the topic the video is about Drowned God
a pretty old adventure game which has many of Harry Horses ideas
Yes and I don't want to bore you with the Wiki but here you can watch the video
The name of the video is called Drowned God - Conspiracy of the Ages by Arealhuman
the funny thing is when I ended up finding an unexpected mention about discordianism, I leave the screenshots of the comment here
Do you think the OM will have something to do with it?
the channel of the user of the comment has a short about the subgeni and a couple of rave-psychedelic things
I hope eris doesn't say I'm shill
Some Nona op on another chanboard was simping about the haircuts that youngsters are getting these days. 

Why do kids get these haircuts these days?

>Mostly it is histories failed attempts at being lit which tend to repeat themselves. True story.
What would make you explode?
>open lunchbox
>see this
wat do
erischan mission statement
Do you believe in death after life?
I am so tired bros… Internet is only place left where I feel like I am human.
I imagine Eris to have a hot fuzz going
I found it
is the greatest salesman who ever lived and the greatest scientist who ever lived
and a good parent
One time, I shoved an apple into a gorilla's ass.
What is your favorite monster?
I announce to you a new word: evoluture.

It is like "creature", but without falsely implying that there is a "Creator" (there is not).
The Greeks barfed on about Paris and Venus, but honestly they were probably just average.
Episkopos of a cabal? Right now I'm Episkopos of the Cult of the Obscene Divinity Eris. Ought to be a Congress of Weird Religions, in my opinion.
Hello Erisians, what would you do if you had a twin?
Whatcha thinking about anon…
I feel like Revy is the hottest anime waifu. I have commissioned so much art of her, most of it NSFW. I would love to be her and impregnate her I want to start a family with her.
Hey, Eris. I was extremely surprised to see a board like this.
I associate Discordianism with chaos magick, for one reason or another. Are there any adepts here? I'm curious.
I think this image is funny and interesting because the riot police could be interpreted to be part of the neo-nazi rally, than being ordered to protect it.
I wanted to share this image.
Overdosing on cheap pleasures.
The Ra social memory complex averaging is such a disaster in Montreal, you are forced to see what they do. And it makes you so mad that you want to deny the Law of One anything exists in Quebec. I don't know what unity exists in Quebec at all at any dimension of existence.

Sharing for my fellow united staters
I know anorexia is a very serious mental-health problem and can have frankly lethal consequences, but Im honestly fascinated in an "aesthetic appreciation" way by super-skinny girls. I really feel if I have an anorexic gf. and dont actively try to help her, I would be actively contributing to whatever serious damage she incurs. I would feel like a necessary accomplice of a self-harm activity.
On other side I think everyone has the right to date the type of man\woman he or she feels is more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.
What can I do? Should I Challenge my own world-view on this subject? I tried to talk about it with friends, but the women friends yucked out and I myself yucked out by the male friends exalting the virtues of voluptuous, curvy women.
Im not a pretty guy but for some reason I have luck with getting women, so even someone as hard-to-reach as these type of girl, I think I have a realistic chance of succeeding in the dating field) . I have 2 jobs ,even tho I only need one, I play many instruments and speak 4 languages.

Im 24 years old.
i'm not into conspiracy theories or politics(or Jewish anti-Semitic paranoia) but i like this art. it reminds me of MAD.
When did you become ass conscious?
mmmmm feels so good. Cant say it was easy but watching a 4chan mod be  hypocritical douche was worth it.
>kek people need to respect free speech

So racism is only funny when you do it? alright good to know.
The prime movement of humanity is superheated plasma of cosmic background radiation, puppet stringing along blood pressure and the 4th-dimensional potential of water consumption.

Horsepower alone can be derived as a dimension of life through pressure dynamics alone.

But my real secret is most of my family has been saved by surgery and medical science. I never touch a hospital bed. I have other secrets.

I am just happy to escape as a Zen monk on fire.


I am Ra. We are not happy with our Venusian scientist claiming he is not helped by any here for this. :)


All are free to share in my "not a cult." Test subjects may apply for their food allowances per day. And a share of life insurance for their families.
Would this please our goddess?
Hello Pope, I have a task for you.
There is one line on the left card, and three lines on the right card labelled A, B and C.
Which of the lines on the right card has the same length as the line on the left card?
would you CUM on my face?
I'm doing schoolwork and I made this image as a logo for an imaginary pizzeria
Yes I did it with photoshop and a random AI
what do you think?
Samurai, Kuril Islands are not a disputed territory - this is your land, the land of your fathers! We have been fighting our common enemy Russia for almost 2 years. Despite the fact that their forces are ten times greater than ours, we have learned to destroy them not with quantity, but with quality. And we are ready to teach you how to fight this enemy so that you can reclaim your lands. Contact us with email: john_chishima @ proton . me. We will reply you as soon as possible
The Luciferian Doctrine was used as a strategy of manipulation by the NAA Luciferian forces that were irritated at the success of the Black Sun’s control over the masses and the immense power, wealth and territory they had accumulated by the Popes campaigns and the Romans backing the Catholic Church. Because of the incredible brutality exhibited by the Black Suns enforcing the Roman Catholic Church’s satanic ideology, some groups went underground to reject the Church and its teachings. Thus, the Luciferian Doctrine was born out of the rejection of the power of the Catholic Church during the murderous times of the Crusades, and purports that Lucifer is a positive helper and bringer of light for an awakened humanity, in pursuit of gaining deeper knowledge of the true spiritual self. The proponents of the Luciferian Doctrine believe that Lucifer is not evil or anti-life, but is the God that desired to educate humankind and save them from the fallen state, so that worthy humans could elevate themselves into true Universal knowledge and enlightenment.

In this doctrine, the bible God Yahweh is considered to be the anti-life principle and is actually the primary evil oppressor of humankind, because he did not want humans to gain this knowledge of the tree of life. As a result of the murderous persecution of all those who disagreed with the Catholic Church, secret societies were formed in order for groups to discuss these theories, along with studying the ancient wisdom collected from the Gnostics and other sacred texts outside of the bible.
You get to bring one thing with you when you dive into the River Piss.
Who owns it, and how will you obtain it?
Well Neo, will you answer it?

Wikimapia can be used to host images, even those of dubious legality. Just register a new account, edit some random place and add new pictures to its gallery, then copy link to picture you've just uploaded.

It'll remain hosted forever, even if mods remove it from that place.

For examples, see:

Sonic sex toy

True manly love

Even more manly love
Egirls, neets, social outcasts, mental illness
What would it take to make fecal matter out of antimatter?
Any gay anons here? Let's have penis thread
Gib me more Pope cards.
Take my Pope cards.
Give them Pope cards.

The collection must grow.
a christianity imageboard where everyone is welcome to worship god
I will build a machine that can hit me in the balls hard enough to cause a nuclear detonation.

I won't use it, but it will be there.
ITT we rank erischan posters by the order of who makes best quality shitposts.

1. Dweller
2. Cabbage
3. Pope

Rest are not worth mentioning.
An Tasa Shi Gremory On Ca
This is a new method to prove hard problems in mathematics. Feel free to use it to solve the millennium problems or something.

It's very easy. You just assume your theorem is either true or false. Then you spend two or three decades further developing mathematics based on this assumption. By that time someone will surely prove you wrong and make all your hard work be in vain. You basically wasted your life. This is guaranteed to work because the universe is sadistic.

I hope this helps.
When I die, I want to be fermented.
It has been brought to my attention that there are CABBAGES hiding in our midst. Prove in 5 words ore more that you aren't one of those leafy green bastards and we MAY spare you in the next annual purge.
what does erischan does when she can't feel her emotions ?
I have been BANNED from the Erisian Liberation Front, so I am exposing them.

The Erisian Liberation Front is full of aneristic agents trying to push anti-discordian propaganda.
They make themselves sound like Discordians, but will absolutely refuse to agree or even talk about about Discordian theology. 
They do not recognize our saints. 
They preach order over disorder, and believe everything they read.
They have been coopted by soldiers of Greyface.
They have refused board culture to embrace facebook behavior.

I will not stand and watch, I will not let it pass.
I announce today the creation of the ELF Liberation Front, an organisation solely dedicated to take back the ELF, which belongs to us discordians.
If you're interested in joining the fight, contact me through telepathy.
Autist? More like authentic-ist
If you were a type of tasty refreshing ice-cold Coca Cola®, which type of tasty refreshing ice-cold Coca Cola® would you be?
Report all your UFO sightings in this thread. I know it isn't flying the pic, but it was flying a minute ago. Wtf is it?
Where do I find a girlfriend like this?
I've noticed a disturbing pattern of spontaneous combustion in our ranks. I want to hear your theories on why the hell this keeps happening?
Well? Remember, no bad ideas.
You either love your woman in such a way which allows her to balance her Eris-within, or you end up with something similar to this.
We're sitting outside the party. Have this drink, friend.
You keep saying you've got something for me.
something you call love, but confess.
You've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a messin'
and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin'
and you keep losin' when you oughta not bet.
You keep samin' when you oughta be changin'.
Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet.

These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

You keep playin' where you shouldn't be playin
and you keep thinkin' that you'll never get burnt. Ha!
I just found me a brand new box of matches yeah
and what he know you ain't had time to learn.

These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!
can we talk about NWMs(new religious movements), CIA-cults and joke religions\discord cults which people actually take seriously?
I can think of raellians\ayy imao channelers ("star seeds"), church of the subgenius, Motherboard, etc. In my country at least there are literally thousands of scammers which make up fake shit ("horus reiki" is a big one. bio-decodification, you can become a "certified healer" with online zoom classes…huge bunch of bull). I studied\trolled the TOV a bit, and read some 333 stuff . iron gates was revolting, couldnt read it. the drill sergeant grey is an hilarious concept,tho.
What is the metaphysics which underlies the act of stealing road signs by teenagers in the last century?

Is it an early strike against an alien, thus perceived hostile, world, by those who have newly acquired an adult's body strength? Or is it the erosion of the traditional societal structures which leave those teenagers' soul in want, so they go out in an endeavor to obtain some small part of the world to themselves, though in a non sensical way?
Well yeah, I do want to see an electrical engineer in a laboratory or someone working on the cure for cancer with a cock-length black-metal mohawk or punk centurion crest.
eris is a pixie
eris is a pixie
Help me escape the gaze of Horkos!

I did something regrettable, that I do not regret. I have run away. And now I must hide. Help me out here.
In this thread:

Choose wisely.
Erischan was brought to you today by the letter I and the number 5.

Have you ever stumbled on a Robert Anton Wilson book in "the wild"? 

Like on a store shelf or a used book store? A friend of mine found his copy of Illuminatis! after I told him about it on a bus stop bench before he went to jail for a couple of years. If you need to ask, it was for robbery. 

I found my copy recently at a Chapters. It's the Illuminatus! trilogy brand new for 35$ Whenever I'd stumble in a bookstore, I'd look for RAW for shits and giggles and I'd never find anything, ever. It was a pure accident that I stumbled on my copy. Hail Eris.
What the FUCK is the deal with broken tail lights?

>Assata Shakur (first woman on the FBI Ten Most Wanted, Tupac's godmother): stopped for broken tail light, starting New Jersey Turnpike shootout
>Edmund Kemper (notorious serial killer): stopped for broken tail light while returning with two corpses
>Billy Ray Waldon (FBI Ten Most Wanted): stopped for broken tail light, leading to apprehension
>Donald Turpin (one of the two last people legally executed in Canada, simultaneously hanged): stopped for broken tail light when fleeing robbery, leading to shootout
>Stewart Weldon (serial rapist-murderer-kidnapper): stopped for broken tail light while victim tied in the backseat

These are just some of the highest profile instances.
Morning from Dragon Beach.

Nothing pornographic about my last thread or this one. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

Yeah, I'm speaking to you admin. You are a fucking moron. A pathetic pansy that is unfit to be an admin.

Why? Because a real admin recognizes their allies from their enemies. Recognizes harmless artwork from someone who would never harm a soul from images of abuse and the monsters that push them. For fuck’s sake, that asshole’s thread is still up. You must want him. 

You have the power, but not the legitimacy or maturity to be an admin. You’ll get the few desperate for your cock applauding, but the rest are shaking their heads as they watch the channel die. You are poison.

But, most of all, you are a coward.
Do you make field notes while surfing the Internet?
There are 0 known deaths from polydactyly.
tell what you reading or what audiobook you been listening
books you like
books which bring change in your life
novels are fine too
>pic related just started reading
Eris found a mighty competitor, I'm thinking of converting.
Today I ate a whole lemon - with the seeds and peel. My peepee is now strong. Take the peelpill
To be honest, I don't understand people who try to summon kitsune or worship stupid frogs. I think the Magic Capitalist is much better. Just look at that beaming smile. It exudes happiness, prosperity, joy. I believe the Magic Capitalist loves us all. I think he might even send me a cat girl, if I worship him right.

What do you think of the Magic Capitalist?
If, as your body fails, you were offered an opportunity to have your own head chemically sustained in a jar, would you choose to do so?

>"I am even tempted to have my own head cut off so that I can continue to dictate plays and books without being bothered by illness, without having to dress and undress, without having to eat, without having anything else to do other than to produce masterpieces of dramatic art and literature."
Some Irish guy said this back around the early '40s when Brukhonenko necked some dogs and pumped em back up with their blood.
80 years later and still no-one's had the guts to live without their guts.
i think mogar is a great sidekick for eris
do you remember the 2013
Do you like hiking, /b/? I went for a short one today and it was really nice, I think I will go again next weekend.
Every girl you have ever loved is a whore
How would you know if I didn't tell you?
All Day I Dream About Snakey
All Day I Dream About Snakes
Oh, you're a Aries? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in July; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Taurus? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in August; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Gemini? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in September; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Cancer? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in October; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Leo? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in November; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Virgo? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in December; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Libra? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in January; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Scorpio? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in February; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Sagittarius? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in March; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Capricorn? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in April; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Aquarius? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in May; that's hot.
Oh, you're a Pisces? That means your dad frickin splorted in your mom in June; that's hot.
Laugh all you want but at this moment heterosexual, white man is most fucked in Europe and the USA. However, it turns out that modern European women do not have problems to adapt to the role of a home whore deprived of rights in any islamic country if their chosen one is rich. I personally know the case of a feminist who even despised men until she met arab prince working as manager of several kebab booths. She married him and today lives in Dubai. She has fuck all to say but her chosen one is rich so no problem. Somehow I couldn't help myself to write what I think. I know that women will receive it as a chauvinistic attack of an incel asscockfucker but this is the fucking truth. I love women and at the same time I start to feel like Neo in the Matrix. Feminist Matrix. Next time I will write you a couple of insights about political correctness and enriching Europe, and why this is a dumbfuck idea. Take care.
>superpower 2020


I'm glad to live in Slovakia. One of the basedest countries in EU.
What cured your racisms?
pro tip: masturbate in a garden center
I won't spell it with a K, those that do are thelemites or uninitiated Harry Potter haters. JK Rowling haters are Jannies, and occult consequences of politically meddling on 4/x/han should never be tolerated 
>haven't frequented discordian Usenet alts since I was a kid
>no eternal spring
>their /pol/ needs apples for their fairest one
>useless idiots
>political insurgents in Make Your Retards Great Again
>also political insurgents in The Satanic Temple
>Controlled Opposition is a disgusting PsyOps trap
>Just like their cutter Jannies
This boat was stolen from the Cops-people
I hope that once Russia takes over EU, they will drop a nuke on Vatican. Catholic church is the obscene devil which corrupts children.
A few years back, my friend sent me an email calling me a fucking nigger but the joke is on him because I am white and HE IS BLACK so he is the black nigger, I can't wait for his mom to die in a black cave, I met her and she is a nigger too.
Can someone point me out where /suicide/ currently is?

You can fuck while you fuck.
It's stupid but I like it, fuck.
there's got to be videos out there of amateur teen girls who are no bigger than 5'2" who always dress in comfy cutesy clothing that like being barefoot (to add to their cute cuddly appearance) and love it when the god ugly black man who's going full animal wild on her during sex can't resist seeing her perfect small white size 3 feet and the natural perfume scent coming off them and can't take it any longer and has to pull it out of their tight little pussy and start sucking licking and fucking her feet.

some of you here must have seen videos like this before by now.
lets troll gamestop call them and order food like bk or wendys
Imagine you wake up and realize that all your fingers have turned into penises. What is your reaction?

Writing code becomes impossible because that's like non-stop edging and your keyboard becomes covered with precum.
r the people here nicer than on 4chan? i wana know cuz i got bullied on there but i still wanna go on message boards!
Apparently this is the new normal.‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
What happened to rentry co 3ch ?
the time to #boycottcalifornia is now
New STALKER 2 game looks amazing tbh 😂
Hehe śmietnik XD
It's time to go for sizemaxing of my cock I need something to make me stiff like 304 stainless when erect. Every time I fap it feels like its not at full potential. Also, do I need to be hard when I do exercises at the gym or does it not matter? I am 3.5 bonepressed and have a small flacid and below average girth, and feel like a complete dicklet when i have seen other dudes dicks in shower rooms.
hi do we have colored bears here
We all know the covid vaccines are killing a shitload of people and making even more people sick and disabled. Share stories ITT of people you know who either died or got very sick after taking the covid vaccine
as some of you may know, 4/co/ is hosting its annual waifu election.
So far, round 3 is running, and as you have guessed, our goddess is still part of the contenders!

So if you want to help the war effort (and win in 20*23* even though the YOLD date is not 5able) it will be very appreciated!

Here is the round 3 poll : forms(dot)gle/G1HUfAcDB6Rtsh7G7
And the way to find the running thread (hopefully) : boards(dot)4completethis(dot)org/co/catalog#s=round

Thanks for your attention
I failed my driver's test two days ago due to stress, and I've been feeling horrific ever since. My instructor, and my mother both told me I was a good driver and should pass with no trouble, and I feel like I've let them both down by being a subhuman piece of shit that does not deserve a right to live. I wanted to do nothing but pour acid on my eyes out on the day I failed, and I think about the fail each night or whenever my mind isn't pre occupied. Feels horrific, and I can't book another test for months since they're all booked up. I know it seems like a minor issue or something that is nothing compared to what people are going through, but I just feel so angry like I'm going to grab a knife, go outside and stab someone for no reason but to calm myself.
tl;dr I am in a relationship that has a chance to fall apart and it is difficult for me to imagine life

I was never in a serious relationship, so I didn't even know what I was losing. After many years, a woman with whom I found a common language appeared. I did not make great hopes, but since we spend a nice time, it's nice to use it and there is nothing to worry about. It turned out quite quickly that she was very involved, of which I did not quite realize before, but I received a clear message that struck my head a bit and also made me open, maybe even too much. It was easy for me to imagine that I would like someone someday, but the fact that I would like someone seemed to be the world of abstraction. Okay, maybe not like that, because once a few girls tried something, but I mean that I did not allow the situation that someone would like it and I would like this person. Our relationship was very mature, we knew what we want (we're both 35). Everything was like a fairy tale. At some point a distance appeared between us. It began to repeat and I got the impression that she had lost my interest. Perhaps as a result of my defects that obscured her infatuation? I know perfectly well what she has and I still like it, but I also have no problem looking for something different. In theory, I have no problem with the fact that I will not think that I am not in her taste. However, degradation from the role of almost husband to a friend… you understand. We still talk nicely, but I feel less and less like her chosen one. If it were so from the beginning, it would not be a problem, but to go to this far and fail? It's not the same.

🧵 1/2
What's the best way and books to learn differential equations on my own? I want to learn some physics, but I need them first.
I want to try fisting, and decided to start the journey. I also like watching hentai teen girls who use giant dildos and stuff like that, and I'm kinky about gaping. Will "normal" sex sensations and life changes after doing this?

I'm a bit worried not being able to poop. With my partner penetrating me with his penis I'm wondering if he will stop feeling that much once my anus is stretched.

When we started dating I couldn't handle that much, and up to date sometimes when I'm constipated putting 2 fingers still feels like it can hurt and he has to go very slow. Some other days it feels like he could put his whole hand inside me. So I'm a bit lost on this subject. Is it worth it?
big tits thread‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
Some of you are alright.

Don't stand near a politician tomorrow.
>"πάρε φορά και κλάσε μου τ'αρχιδια"
Eris said that to me. I hate her!
Is it true that Papal Conclave is in fact a festival of gay sex? Smoke turns white when all the cardinals and altar boys cum into a fireplace.
Elżbieta Gas pokazuje cycki
Pope thread
Kurwa albo adminowi forum pszczelarskiego autyzm wjechał na ostro albo nie mógł poradzić sobie ze śmieszkującymi anonymusami. Takie wymagania przy rejestracji i do tego manualna aktywacja konta to poziom spierdolenia większy niż Elektroda XD

PS. To już 14 lat od zlewów w Kluczborku. Przemek Wojna ma już 30 lat.
hi lainchan. im a fucking retard from indonesia and this sketch is worthless
tell me how to make 6 million dollars from it what is the secret? come on you poor loser nerd i know you know how to make 6 ten hundred thousand sales

how to i bring people to my art
What's with americans and they're funny "U" shaped toilet seats? Can't they take a shit without crushing their balls while taking a seat?

I don't think he'll be using Tenga anytime soon.
I considered myself always straight and did not think that I could have strange fetishes. But now that I have this fetish, I don't know how to react to it. I hesitate to write about it even now.

The fact is that in 2018 I watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. At some point, I realized that I really like the face of Yoshikage Kira. I began to save screenshots with his face. I always want to lick, kiss, bite his soft tender face. It turns me on a lot.

Should I fight it or not? Will a psychologist help me?
i am intentionally sleep depriving myself until i reach psychosis. who can relate?
p.s. buddha=demiurge=jesus
happy bureaucracy! or something
please take time to complete the full form before you post, including name, email, captcha and password
That's Disco-Polo for you, enjoy.
I want to enlarge my thing (it's only 12 cm, I want to go at leat 18-20 cm)

anyone used pump like this?
Borys Jelcyn appreciation thread
Let's all join Wikimapia and share our shit!
Bottomless girls
WTF is wrong with erischan mods removing Goatse from /b/?
Hey /b/ I am trying to find commumity like 4chan but without incels and downers I am searching for about week so far I do found other image boards but most of them are inactive or just way toooo slow(active wise speaking)
are there any community like that even exist???
If yes please give a name
I had a dream where I was complaining that I couldn't fall asleep tonight.
Happy Boomtime! 

Sorry, I didn't visit in a long time. I got caught up in life but I'm glad you're still here. Flow with me into the waves of chaos. I'll always fondly remember you.

Hail Eris!!
what are the social implications of us still being in confusion?
asked mom to bring some infinities from the maths store and she fucking bought countable ones, I can't believe it
If I were to kiss a dodecahedron, would it cease being a Platonic solid and become a romantic solid?
Teach me something and in exchange i'll teach you something

This is important

Initiate me please
Be my ally

Contact me at sosalekashae by sending an email(s) to proto antivot n mail
bad vlad
This is what happens when you decide to be a youtuber instead of marrying and becoming a productive member of society
So I love Erischan and am super super glad it exists (me  being kind've oldfaggy and a total weeb) but I recently made this:
bc all of the discordian subreddits are still dark, I'd absolutely love to see it take off!
Clean up your files, and stay hydrated!

I'm migrating hard drives and have a long road ahead.
#nitro #major #patostreamy #wikipedia
Why are they like this? I fucking hate the left so much.
Blue sky above and blue ocean below!
Why am I always the last to find out?
Little girls are addicted to screens, they will not even look at you, and even if they do, their mind is still occupied by those screens. They scream nonsense and dance grotesquely and put bad taste makeup like their whore moms.

Little girls have bad breath and foul body odor because they are addicted to sugar and other poisonous highly processed """foods""". They smell of feces because they don't bother to to keep clean anymore.

Little girls' bodies are flabby and their posture is crooked due to inactivity.

I am now sure that all imageboard pedo ""culture"" is astroturfed. Don't fall for it.
>do not read while operating heavy machinery
Lions and foxes are aspects of the same species. Just like yin and yang are aspects of the Tao. Our perception is imperfect, so we think that the fox and the lion are not the same species, but they are!

Always remember to cook your raccoon meat properly.
I stubbed my toe on a stupid table.

It is a stupid table. A thoughtless quadrupedal assembly of wood. Objectively dumber than you and me. This table, literally, does not and cannot comprehend the forces it has messed with.

This table has trespassed me. I will take it apart, piece by piece, until not even Theseus would dare recognize it. I will destroy it, douse kerosene all over it, and it will drown in it.
Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨ 🙏
give me a reason why this isn't your cursor

also talking to you admindude
I honestly don't disagree with her here.
Genie parsley par Francy. Toot apple comment?

Pardon me, juice wee on retard. Hon hon.
This is the link to the place, you just have to put a hexadecimal code to put a color
>In his last year, his letters give evidence of euphoria. His published works show the grandeur and inspiration that tertiary syphilis sometimes brings to brilliant and disciplined creative minds by removing inhibition as brain tissue is destroyed.

>In 1888 Nietzsche’s productivity was, by any standard, extraordinary. He completed his philosophical project: Twilight of the Idols, The Antichrist, Ecce Homo, and The Case of Wagner. The style of these works is apocalyptic, prophetic, incendiary, and megalomaniacal, leading many scholars to claim the excesses of these works were due to incipient paresis. Now, after more than half a millennium of the study of syphilis and more than a century after Nietzsche’s breakdown, our research suggests that the philosopher really did plummet abruptly into madness; armies of spirochetes did awaken suddenly from decades of slumber, and literally began to eat his brain.

>For instance, in European fiction and essays, syphilis and consumption often compelled their victims to feverish creativity and great writing activity.
This may sound strange or just retarded, but has anyone else\does anyone else want to BE a cryptid\horror movie monster? I dont mean a furry or a cosplayer (Lain-forbid) but a kind of human which could easily be the stuff horror movies and myths are made of.
Maybe a have a sort of weird LARP+ true crime obsession here…

how do I street-fashion MAXX? I live in actually a chic-yuppie neighborhood so I wont get shot by wearing the wrong colors etc. Im just an opportunistic larper.
I though of buying 3 cuban silver chains and linking them together to get a trinitario-style long collar.
what about rings?
I thought of getting "secret society" fantasy rings like these.
what about hairstyle ; clean shaved? what about beard style?
I like Eris from Asobi Ni Iku Yo!
has there ever been and/or has anyone here ever found, that weren't meant to have seen the light of day but got discovered and then were leaked all over the internet, any privately and secretly filmed videos of 50yo or older married fathers with 18yo daughters cheating on his wife with all of his daughter's girlfriends?

also in regards to this, has there ever been and has anyone here ever found any videos like them of middle aged or older married men cheating on their wives with 18yo Thots they found on tinder or any videos of men fucking their friend's 18yo daughters or the daughters of the men their they work with.

these photos are allegedly that and made me prompted this question, I'd really like to find and help in finding amateur videos of just regular everyday fathers (like in the photos) who work average jobs getting and having a bit of happiness in his life of and by having some if not most of his daughter's Not allowedly gorgeous friends (like in ones in last photo) fucking him and sometimes more than one at a time.

bonus if any of the fathers get them to give him a footjob.
Yo admin/mods why are you allowing the takeover? Soon this will be yet another pedo nazi board used to dump cp and propaganda until the site gets taken offline. Are you really gonna just give up and topple over?
test my testes with high-test testosterone!
20000 GET­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Hey anons! Think again before you pick a side regarding the Russia-Ukraine War! Your support for Ukraine translates to:
>supporting NATO's use of Ukraine as a launchpad so that they can do incursions into Russian territory
>stage a 30 September 1965 style coup
>install a pro-Western dictator on the likes of Suharto, PInochet, and Yeltsin
>brainwash the entire Russian populace into subservience to the West
>infect the Russian populace with cheap pop culture while denigrating authentic Russian culture and local working-class culture
>massacre ¼ths of the Russian population, preferably communists but also sympathisers and other leftists
>let Western companies exploit Russia
>make Russia into a launchpad to start Jakartas in Beijing, Pyongyang, Tehran, and Damascus
>from there achieve world domination
>in the end the world would be a worse place, with American Dream style freedoms and fun culture exported from the lower echelons of American society
In short, your support for Ukraine greatly accelerates the expansion of American imperialism and hegemony, first into opposing countries, and from there to all remaining corners of the world. Be warned and read Andre Vltchek!!!
Some things are better left…
Ok people, my life is ruined, my shithole about to be destroyed and i cant denounce anything without giving away my data, doing it openly means that i am dead the next week, idk what to do, every single site ask for data, no tor, no proxy, no anything and no serious people check true anonymous sites anymore, any hint? i want to denounce moles in anti commie parties used to seek and destroy enemies of the state.

Video not exactly related, the system ask for something.
American culture is centered around cars. They have holidays for cars. They killed hundreds of thousands of pedestrians to build cars. They listen to car music. They made a movie about electing a car as their president. They dress and act like cars. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from cars. They post sassy gifs about cars. They watch literal sports build with cars in worship of cars. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of cars. They use car slang like "lifted" and "donk". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism, or even MLK. They're thinking of the boulevard full of cars. Their cities are completely overrun with cars. They worship their motorhead police force disproportionately filled with cars and their global police force of soldiers filled with cars. Their men sit around watching cars while their women sit around watching car talk shows. They worship cars like Knight Rider and The Beast and Dukes of Hazard and the late Delorean while attacking the pedestrians who actually built their country before cars took over. Their movies are filled with cars and their music charts are topped by cars. They send cars to the Olympics and celebrate when the cars win because those cars are true red blooded american cars. They watch car porn to a point where "BMW" does not make them think of an international military vehicle company but about cars instead. They will tell you how much they hate cars and how the Ford's Law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love cars but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of car loving idiots.

You guys are FUCKED, i will have the bestests webm's of all time all the time, i will have the greatest reaction webm's and gif's. Everyone are mere plebs compared to me.
The 3 Primary Sound Fields (Life Force Currents - from beyond the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix) are collectively referred as the Energy Matrix or Khundaray Fields or Rainbow Ray.

Activation of DNA Strand Template 30-48 allows a being to fully embody the frequencies and consciousness of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields from the Energy Matrix beyond the Time Matrix.
Is this board cucked like other /b/ or based?
What with all the pedo-astroturfing suddenly? Don't they have their own greek goddess to wank to?
I'm proud of you Erischan

You're the man now dog!
Damn I love horse carcasses so much. It's literally the best thing ever. Look at their lifeless bodies just slowly rotting away without a care in the world. Their work shift is over and now they restfully slumber until the maggots gnaw their bodies into dust
I spent most of yesterday trying to fathom the enormous amount of cun-cun this guy got over the course of his life. 

What a life.  What a life worth living.  On a daily basis.  More and more.  Visits to the Pennsylvania set.   

I thought so hard I actually had a dream last night.  AT NIGHT.  I usually only dream during the day while resting.  Mr. Rogers was in it.  We were in Gettysburg again.  Not sure about the time.  Not sure if it was during the war, but for some reason there were trenches.  There was probably a battalion of little girls but I can only seem to think about a few at a time.  Just a limit of my mind I always thought.  We fucked so many kids in the mud.  I do remember it raining astroglide for a few moments, but then immediately later it was dry.  Something about foxes and the olsen twins on a hill.  Fuck.  I think I already forgot just during typing this up.  But man.  Fred Rogers must of got some prime preteen pussy during his life. Amazing.

Is it a viable career path? Or should I consider it just as a side gig? How to get started?
Oh sweet, a dirt cheap promotional deal on a Virgin Atlantic singles cruise because the ship is relocating. 

I've always wanted to a long one way trans-oceans singles cruise and it's dirt che…
>adult-only cruise experience

я твой рот ебал

I've seen micro PCs becoming a thing and think it would be great to use in my solar powered truck camper when I am boondocking.  I can wirelessly tether with my phone so wifi is a must so I can watch live TV but it also needs a good sized hard drive to watch my hardcore child pornography.  I don't think it needs to be so big since I can stream possibly from my home NAS which port forwards to the internet through my router.  My home router and NAS also connects to my HTPC.  

So essentially I need a low powered micro computer that runs windows or similar with wifi networking so I can both play and stream HD media from my home NAS and live tv from a website… through my phone.  

Whatcha think covers this that's available now?
I kinda want to set myself on fire but ii don't wanna get hurt or injured or nothing.
Anyone got advice on low-temperature flames? We'd have to have invented some by now.
Run Love.js
l=love function l.draw() for i=0,500 do xy = l.math.random(0,lg.getWidth()) yx = l.math.random(0,lg.getHeight()) lg.print("HAIL ERIS",math.floor(xy),math.floor(yx)) end end
Consider lawnmowers. The sound, the smell, how it feels like to swipe your fingers against its surface soiled with the green grass mush. Consider the whirling blades and the horror they inflict on the unfortunate insects sharing their living space with you. Consider it's function. How all it does is to try keep shit short, while shit wants to be tall. No growth allowed on this area. Should've been born in forest loser.
Get It Off Your Chest THREAD
So what's the name of the deep fake porn site? Or the site where I can form my own opinion? Do you think she's just marketing herself that way?
They think I'm dancing but really just fighting off or comforting impulsive imaginary intrusions and smiling so that people don't notice I'm being tormented by my brain.

But idk, I came in 3rd place in the competition.
triple the max file size you silly cunt
Sisyphus Simulator 2023

Looks like we lost a lot of threads in raids about a month ago. Now, in some ways it's a good thing, but there are some threads we might want back, especially on other boards.
I have an archive dating back to Sept 2021 but nothing since. only did a few checks since then so things like the second zine thread are completely gone.

So, if you can, go into your browser cache (about:cache on firefox-type browsers, not sure about where chrome-type store theirs but I can help guide you through) and search for erischan.

I don't know what admindude's setup is like, but file-undeletion/file recovery may still be an option.
Who is this chick? I'm guessing she's the one you call "erischan" but where does she come from? I'm assuming she's ultimately a character from ancient greece, but all the most popular and consistent images on this site are in the same artstyle as Billy and Mandy, which makes me think there must have been a one-off episode where they met Erischan. Is this correct?
What movie is this from?
Pronouns, proverbs, proadjectives… Is there some secret prolanguage that uses only these that is only taught people expert in grammar?
id still throw myself mouth-open into the ocean 
for the chance to drown somewhere you might see it
I was considering waiting another year until this should happen, but it might be necessary a month early.

anyone may apply.

How do I apply?
If you apply, you cannot vote.
Reply to this thread with the following conditions met:
* Attach a photo of your washing machine with a spoon visible in the picture
* Think up a passphrase to identify yourself and use it for your secure tripcode (##)
* In your post write 5 concrete points towards what your moderating policies would be and what content you would ban.

How do I vote?
If you choose to vote, you may not apply.
* Attach a photo of your washing machine with a spoon visible in the picture
* refer to the post you're voting for.

what is the deadline?
the 29th of december 2022
Aftermath 71, 3188 YOLD

How do I win?
If you have the most votes by the time of the deadline, send your tripcode passphrase or IP address you used to make the application to Erischan in an e-mail.
I made pepes rarer­­­­­.
Lol the soyak swamp is down. Good work team!
You could probably hack my computer, but I bet you couldn't hack me.
Happy new year Erischan!!

chuj chuj chuj
There isn't a shortest person in the world.
But if there was, we think they'd look like this:
I have already seen warlocks. They're cool guys. Now show me a furry warlock, his fursuit, his castle and his units!
I wanted to watch old flash loop 
It was on jewtube, uploaded on 2007. It's age restricted and comments disabled.

WTF is wrong with modern cuckternet?

picture related
Today I looked into the sun and now the colors I am seeing are distorted. How was your day?
Nuel megioer doiloer e che peir asesiu si isi.
You've heard of the war on drugs, but the war on catgirls???
Hello guys, me and other dudes from the webring are setting up a christmas event here you are formally invited. It starts this weekend, from December 17 to 18. We are setting up radios, move nights and more. I hope I see you there
Try to be more gopnik than this mufuggarz.
Do you like bats, /b/? I eated one today and it was really nice, I think I will eat bat again next weekend.
Henlo. I've chosen this place to be my new IB home, expect massive influx of people coming with me, we are like gypsy tribes
Is it like some video game, where it gets increasingly difficult the better you perform at it? Will it go back to 5 numbers if I fail it a few times?
It's that time of the year again
Will you press the button?
a moment of silence for /b/ post 10k
which was stolen from us this day
by the penis poster
There was a mbti on how racist, sexist or any horrible things iirc can somebody link it?
Honestly my goal in life is to do 100 000(a hundred thousand)squats a day. there is a machine,an electric muscle-contraction machine which lets the muscles do 20K squats in(equivalent)in half an hour.
I WILL NOT let a machine beat me. i'll do 3 hours a day. I will become the first man in history whos daily,stapple,routine is 100K squats a day.
I seek Trascendence;Enlightement even tho im a materialist naturalist
I have to AT LEAST be able something like this for 200 days
What is seen cannot be unseen lol XD
kill all zoomers
never coom again
There are some things even a firmware update cannot fix.
Tibia update is coming!!!!!!  Plying since 7.4 🤩
Im sorry, but is 4chan for paid?? x-x
enjoy a very nice suicide
every day ukraine defends itself putin sucks his own cock

death to ruzzia!
someone seriously just spent a whole day spamming threads until all of /b/ was deleted

press f for all that was lost
Before, I lived a completely normal life. I was an ordinary terrifying evil doing the most ordinary evil things. Various heroes tried to find me, but by deceit and manipulation, I killed them all.
And now I find out that pathetic squirrels want to interrupt my precious existence in the name of the forces of good! The squirrels sincerely want a charming evil like me to disappear from this world!
Therefore, I ask you for the phone numbers of Sauron, Naraku, Agent Smith and all other decent people. We must unite in the struggle for our existence!
Let's have Zelensky admiration thread. He destroys putler and Ukraine will be in NATO soon.
Gwiazda biała znak pedała
toilet juice

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