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>reading about a niche dating app because it says its open source and ethical n shit
>and obviously unpopular as a result
<There are no users in my area!
>[]tell your family and friends to make this platform even more popular!
the fuck is this, Iceland? you think all these girls yelling daddy want their father on their dating app? is this fuck your funcle .com?
at this point dating apps and other yellow pages esque services should just develop a fucking protocol.
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I read somewhere that in ukraine women identified the Russians on the prowl when they saw them approaching on the world map-gps of the dating app.
I also read that they identified entire bases because they tracked the movements of users as they were using the apps and sharing them with others.
things that don't happen in poland.
The problem with launching any kind of dating app is that you need attractive people on the app to keep customers engaged, but attractive people won't use your app unless there are already other attractive people 'in their league' on it. Classic chicken-and-egg situation that is only exacerbated now that the idea is no longer new and trendy. Being open source and ethical makes it even worse because you can't just make/encourage fake profiles or (intentionally) design the app to be addictive, both of which are tried and true strategies to retaining your user base.

A successful launch would need two things:

1) a slow, steady bring-up where only attractive people are allowed on the site at first and you slowly bring uggos and sickos on board as you gain steam.

2) something besides the stupid swiping model. It's great for getting users addicted but it's also just about the least effective way to find a mate. Honestly you'd be better off with an app that just selects you one match a day based on various parameters. This makes the matching criteria more meaningful and forces people to actually think for more than half a second about the people they see on the app. Plus reduces the anxiety of putting your face on a public forum.

Let's be real though. Anything libre will inevitably have nothing to offer the heterosexuals.
The "open source ethical dating app" already exists, it is called bbs.archlinux.org, there are mostly mid trannies there but the non-systemd iteration called artix forums have more tech literate(and paranoid) femboys. The greybeard to femboy ratio is far better than the men to (non-catfish)women ratio of dating apps.
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you could use any sort of software as a dating app but at the end of the day it's all about the ethics
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They are so pretty!
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