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I don't know man, I didn't do it.

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there is this guy... big fat boy in red with a lot of small machine nu-elfs AKA Robots (slaves of the system) with her big chubby wife and live in the nort-pole or somewhere probably in the hollow earth of antarctica

guys, I figured it out when I was 7.
Those guys you see on the streets dressed like the red bearded bastard man are not santa.
they are his employees, he keeps them in a perpetual state of slavery generation after generation.
and the womans in sexy outfits? these are succubus of the that red ugly capitalist ice-cool ass.
and also keeps them in a perpetual state of slavery by torturing them in the freezing cold of winter.

Just imagine, the guy works once a year. He has thousands of elven slaves and lives in a cold place.
He's clearly a guy with a reptilian attitude, sinister, Machiavellian.
he literally consumes Coca-cola!
He also never keeps his promises and gives irrelevant gifts to children and ruin thousand of adult life.
Did I mention the part where he demands milk and cookies as a magick ritual of summoning in the night? he even likes to come in through the chimney with a bag full of gifts...
yes, you read it right, he enters your property without your consent and gives no notice. like a thief or jesus entering the body of a nun or a priest in ecstasy.
clearly there is a sexual connotation to all this. phallic. frightening.

as a child when i was 8 years old i did an experiment to prove it.
in my letter to the fat red man i made a mistake, instead of writing santa i wrote satan.
strangely he received my letter and gave me my gift (a sudoku)
that's how i came to the conclusion that santa is satan, yes, the same one.
today with my pope infallibility i came to the conclusion, based on my experience and life stories that the fat red man is actually greyface.
It is something I wanted to save for christmas but the government knows and listens to everything. they already executed my contacts and now they are after me.
so next time you write a letter to the red fat man remember that you are financing elven slaverya dream Tolkien never thought of,succubus slaverycrowley is sad,cute man human-looking-like-santa slavery playboy is sad and the child ruined dreams your mom is sad now men
and maybe children in china. this guy has properties and merchandise all over the world.
Have you checked the ownership papers of your chimney? He probably owns it.
did you see the old representations draws of santa and the postcards? he is always accompanied by the mushroom amanita muscaria(turn you into a berserker or a hippie) clearly he is a mushroom fanatic.
Do you really want a man like that with your children and coming into your house?
yes, that's the way it is, all over the world.
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