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We must look at the world and learn to recognize dystopia not as a futuristic genre with dark alleys amid bright neon lights, or grey wastelands, but as a past and present cancer growing in the open. One we must stamp out.

The image explains itself, but alas! there are those who will see nothing wrong with it. It's a major city.
Where are the cars? Where are the trucks?
This is an attempt by the vegan mafia (vafia) to normalize terror against the icon of modern liberty - the fossil motor vehicle. Tell me, can you ride your penny farthing bicycle over sand dunes? Can it protect you from protesters you disagree with? Do you see the police or army rollerblading down the streets??

Join the fight against terrorism. Buy another car.
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>>13279 (OP) 
>Do you see the police or army rollerblading down the streets??
I used to, but then they upgraded their cloaking devices.
>>13279 (OP) 
row row fight the vafia!
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You see too small of a picture, my friend. Housing is the true issue. People simply may not be able to afford these things. A spirit of greed has changed in our minds, the necessity of housing into a sinful market of commodity.
 Therefore, we must abolish all housing and enforce a collective living in nuclear powered palaces, chateaus and castles. These are the best dwellings against nature.
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Back in my day, all seven of us lived in a 'uge cardboard box. And we were happier for it!
>nuclear-powered palaces n chat
enjoy your acute radiation pointing. my box never gave me none of that!
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>my box never gave me none of that!
mister fancy pants over here getting to grow up in an uncontaminated box
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And whadyaknow, *the perfect shape*.webp
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Now I can carry my girlfriend wherever I desire.
Tbf if Eris wanted us to have nuclear power, she would've put it in the sky or something
I look at the world through the eyelids of pure cum.
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How am I supposed to feel safe if I'm not personally capable of taking out every other vehicle on the road? How am I supposed to enjoy my commute without a face full of carbon monoxide?

Truly, this globo-homo soyboy NWO lizardman agenda is off the charts evil!
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Roads are dangerous and cars must rise to combat this.
All cars should have guns.
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