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Why are comment sections typically so dumb? I want an actual explanation for this. I DEMAND IT!

YouTube comments are infamous for this. "First"posting is already arrogant nonsense, but that's not even the worst of it. You know what these idiots do? They just type out random lines from the video and click submit.
What braindead shit is that? Why would a functioning human do that? This isn't rare, so many people do this. And you know what's even dumber? Sometimes they don't even type the correct words because they misheard it. People are all hyped up about 'well what happens when computers become intelligent??/?' but I want to know is what happens when people can't pass the Turing test. Did they think the Submit button was asking them to yield all thought processes and kowtow to the Almighty Algorithm?

If you're unfortunate enough to want to know the name of a porn actor and try your luck in the comments... oh you're in for a treat. The most pathetic shit you've seen in years: automated dregs feigning intimacy in the comments of a repost of a repost of a professional, deluded enough to think the person will see it, let alone have a mere neuron of respect for this person. I have infinitely more respect for the person who takes a Twilight Sparkle plush on a date. At least they're having a fun time. At least they know it's a silly roleplaying game. They're not typing the word "Hi" and hoping someone finds that interesting and has sex with them.
Oh, you came to this picture? Why did you type that out? Do you really think this is useful or entertaining information? Or do you just want to hear yourself 'talk', so desperate for attention that banal tweets are your contribution to society.

It's not just in the bottom-of-the-barrel sites like these, article comments and the like, but those are the places so unmoderated and so lacking in community that these behaviors are so visible. They still happen on other platforms, oh, make no mistake, but any site with an actual community and any belief they have value will kick these vacuous wastes of bandwidth. It's empty messages. They might as well be just sdjklfjkl and d9Sje"Yl2n oZ9e7. If your forum doesn't allow strokeposting, it shouldn't allow emptyposting. But that's not the point, the point is how the fuck are there so many of these worthless people?

To hell with Internet Fuckwad Theory, we're onto Internet Cumwad Theory.
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>>13305 (OP) 
/animu/ bans people for poor grammar and I'm starting to think they're right to set such high standards.
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>>13305 (OP) 
I think it wrong to expect such entertainment from the world. You must make the original content, if you would want to see it
You mean /a/?
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whoops yes
Any cabbage that mistakenly refers to /a/ as /animu/ should be banned for fouling up the comments section.
lol /animu/ should be the norm
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You have been banned for using incorrect grammar. Have a nice day.
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Poor literacy is kool
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Sonic sez: use correct spelling!
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epic leet haxxor digits
These are the people who are standing between us and bloodthirsty AGI. Pay your respects.
Are there any websites you know where platitudes are banned?

Fucking platitudes. Fuck them and people who write them. It is a drain, a literal drain of human effort, boosted to the sky by the lowest common denominator. A misdemeanor against humanity.
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Yea I hate platypuses too!
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Those fuckers are venomous. In fact, its one of the more excruciating venoms.
Discover a way to eat them and then eat them.
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I will invent Platypus Stew Day.
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