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It is important to have a good relationship with bees. In the natural environment, bees learn to destroy the honey they have stored during the return period from late autumn to spring, and when they are in the mountains, the amount of nectar is the lowest, so as a safety measure, be sure to use electric fences for agricultural and animal storage. After the flowers start blooming, humans should be careful not to use traps. There are many bears in Hokkaido, where the bees are very attractive feeding grounds for bears. If there are such deep areas, the bees will recover and the honey will be stored in the beekeeping area. When there are almost no flowers in summer, it is also effective to set up boards and beekeeping in the area where bears are active. The amount of nectar is the largest when electric fences are installed on the Japan Sea side of Honshu. Even if it has been brought about in recent years, there are times when there are few flowers, and the bees and beekeeping facilities will consume them. The beginning of spring is the time when the larvae hatch, so if bears invade the hives, the amount of honey will decrease. The areas where honeybees infestation had expanded into human activity areas, and bears are expected to kill more than ever in 2024.
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FUCK BEES (Remastered).webm
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>>13358 (OP) 
So basically
Daily reminder that bees are basically a direct dependency of human food as we know it. Unless you want to start milking the cum out of plants yourself like some sort of doctor, you better keep the worker bees happy.
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Do bees pollute wheat or rice too?
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>>13369 <> the only things bees polite are your mïnd.
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babees are your friend.
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There can never be freedom until each and every beekeeper is turned into diesel fuel.
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they're a buncha terror arsonists if you ask me
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Bunch of peter-puffer semen arsonists. They cum into their bee smokers and that's how they Habemus Papems bees all the time.
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i dont get it
can u explain the joke?
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Cum is white, Papal smoke is white and the Pope is white (albeit yellowfaced at times)
Speaking of bees, I put my shies in the oven and the glue ignited help
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