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I don't know man, I didn't do it.

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Meanwhile in a parallel universe
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Parallel huh? My crew is measuring about a 0.02 degree deviation, which might not seem like a lot but when you're dealing with thousands of years, that all adds up. This scene may seem fine, but for all you know, they now eat grass, and the grass eats birds. Or maybe they're only reacting the pre-singularity politik for dramatic purposes. It's a miracle it's this recognizable.

How do you propose we explore further, m'liege?
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0.02 degrees is well within the official multiverse building codes for universes of this class, and you know it George. I don't have time for your petty bullshit, I've got ten more of these to do today. We had one night together, it was great, but that's all it was. Let it go.
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Bob the Builder of speakers corner
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