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I got a peek at some of the pop psychology that is the bedrock for a reality tunnel I see all over the place while reading a book; the way people have been explaining aberrant adult behaviors by reverse rationalizing all the way to some childhood experiences and putting specific labels on everything in the form of trauma. If you're into this shit, I completely understand why – it's really fun and cool to be able to "figure em out" whenever you meet someone disrupting the status quo or being an otherwise interesting person.

So that set me to wondering; what other reality tunnels have interesting ways to explain human behaviors. Offhand, I can only think of a religious tunnel where you can firmly believe "god made them this way for a yet to be revealed purpose." And maybe that is kind of fun to, like you are sort of watching this little play unfold all around you and everyone's carrying a proverbial chekov's gun of behavior that cause you to anticipate and look for the moment when your co-worker mark's propensity for jacking off in the mens room to pee porn during work hours results in some divine reckoning where his plane crashes into the alaskan wilderness and he has to drink his own urine for 9 weeks to survive the ordeal just as good intended. Or something like that?
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>and he has to drink his own urine for 9 weeks to survive the ordeal just as god intended.
Fixed bro
yes, I use my own urine has antifungus effects for the feet
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thank you pope, I see I've made numerous mistakes in grammar, punctuation and judgement today.
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