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This board is dedicated to philosophy and the meaning of being, specifically absurdism, though any kind of philosophical discussion is allowed.

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Reality is obsolete!
Present me your most pristine lies!
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so hot


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GF of Thesius
>small scars remain from heart transplant
>"Nightclubs? Haha, I'm not that girl anymore!"
>qualified prosthetist
>"I've been thinking about getting implants, would you still be my boyfriend if I got chest implants?"
>registered blood donor
>no longer feels like the girl you once loved but better
>"You've never slept with another girl since we started dating, right Anon?"


I swear I spelt Theseus properly when posting.


Now that's some good shit. Thank you, pope. For your contribution I bless you with a nice day tomorrow.


It was a very nice day, thank you for the blessing, Pope.

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I haven't been feeling well lately.
I'm constantly disinterested.
For most of my life I'd considered there to be a common greater good to strive for, then, a couple years ago I had an early 20s crisis and stepped over to absurdism.
Now I believe my own ideals to be the ultimate common good in life.
But it's hard.
Feeling so empty to resort to a faux religion like discordianism has left me unsatisfied.
I found this religion when i was in my early teens and it had always fascinated me. Then I got indoctrinated by the internet and became flirty with totalitarianism. Now I don't know what to do.
I've pretty much embraced Eris as my goddess, and am trying to do whatever I can to make Discordianism somewhat relevant to mine and other's views, but interest is sparse and those who were already interested shoo me away, for they are hippies and i'm a zoomer.
I just feel disconnected and irrelevant, and am practically waiting for the world to catch fire.
What the fuck do i do when my absurdist ideal is too far gone?


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Have you tried turning it on and off again?


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I pursue happiness in myself and the happiness of others. It motivates me, it's achievable and rewarding, and makes me relevant to the lives of others (in a good way).
I don't believe in an ultimate common good, since there is no single universal value. What is success? Prolonging survival of your DNA? Enabling future opportunities for life, whatever the species? Maximizing happiness in yourself, or others? These are subjective values and I have no right to assume them for others.
Totalitarianism, left or right, is a touchy subject especially in a culture that invented the term 'grayface'! not because of just hippies and zoomers but because it directly threatens the wellbeing of those who the authority don't agree with. A homophobe destroys Turing. An antisemite destroys Einstein. An antiheretic burns every person here on a stake. I can't say for sure if any of those is or isn't for a greater good, but as a person who professionally deals with rules and imposed them on others I say with confidence that what we are instructed to see as correct is often wrong. Exceptions to rules exist everywhere.
Anyway, I've dodged your post in my rambling. If you feel irrelevant, can you try to become relevant? Do you have skills you can teach to others? (that can even be paid employment) Do you have hobbies you can pursue locally or online? I built a lot of self worth from making creative content (most of which is derivative) that other people used or enjoyed, which aligns with my own ideal of making the world a happier place.

I treat Discordianism as a community and philosophy more than an actual religion.

Please excuse my schadenfraude but I must admit the number of 8chan crossboarders who tried to mix /pol/-style authoritarianism with this direct satire of dogma amazes me. It's a perplexing dichotomy.


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That's a cool comic you posted there, Cabbage.


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I'm not very concerned about the happiness of others. I like to fool myself into the belief that there is a greater good, even if I made it up myself. I treat Discordianism like an actual religion, and value ideas over individuals.
Totalitarianism just actively reinforces a single interpretation of reality and common good. Every mass taught idea is totalitarian until it is embedded within the culture, and reinforces itself.

As for the fact that Discordianism is attractive to authoritarian channelers, you've hit it right on the nose, it's a rather strange dichotomy which I've struggled with for a long time. I came to love Discordianism from a young age and can't get rid of it. Its texts gave the feeling of a shitposting secret society, and it hit it right on the nose for me. The complete balance between two opposites is what makes it a spectacular thing for me. It's written all over the principia, and it surprises me that people assumed that anti-individualists couldn't love such an amazing concept. Chaos consists of Order, too, and it deserves to be represented.

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Samoyed children


Eating good.


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shit looks so tasty and fun

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In the 17th century, Robert Fludd, a member of the secret society of Rosicrucians, philosopher, magician and alchemist, was very popular in Europe.
As any decent thinker, he had his own theory of the world's origin. And to illustrate it, he drew six drawings reflecting the process of space development from the primordial chaos to the appearance of living matter.
So, on the first of them - "The Great Darkness" - was depicted a black rectangle, on all sides bounded by white fields, on which Fludd wrote in Latin: "And so to infinity. This drawing was copied by Malevich in his "Black Square".
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Speaking of Malevich
>In 2015, while viewing the Black Square with a microscope, art historians at the Tretyakov Gallery discovered a message underneath its black paint. It was believed to read as "Battle of negroes in a dark cave."


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What if it wasn't an apple but a monkey?


That is most certainly a monkey


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But what does it mean? Why does symmetrical forms constitute for order, but organic ones for chaos?


It doesn't look chaotic.


Order is something that's stupid enough to fit inside your miniscule mammaliqn brain. Chaos is everything.

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It's a raid!


Fuck us up!


Nvm they got bored :c


years ago erischan was the biggest polish chan
getting this domain was a mistake idiots xD


this xD naming chan "erischan" was mistake


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Now this is quality. I want to do it so fucking bad.

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Is it absurd to think dragons existed in the medieval world?


A lot of tales about them go round.
Though it's strange that they only pop up around the dark/medieval ages.
Maybe Eris or some other deity was just poking fun and decided to unleash some pets for a while.


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it is not absurd to think this. their stomach acids, when combined with the bones of the large animals that they ate, produced hydrogen gas. they were floating dirigibles who would belch fire on occasion. also, despite what the troubadours would have you believe, they were the most popular recording artists of the medieval world, but history is written by the victors and the record industry has been a mobbed up con job since it's very inception, so there's that.


They didn't but they will exist sooner or later.

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