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This board is dedicated to philosophy and the meaning of being, specifically absurdism, though any kind of philosophical discussion is allowed.
Hey /abs/, check out this six pack.
What is your philosophy of life?
Hypothetically speaking , could Elon Musk have paid sex\ hire prostitution from succubi who are living goddesses of beauty like jenna ortega or ariana grande? This question may seem coomer but Im serious: I need to understand HOW powerful money is (or is not) and Im giving an extreme example to make a point.
Im not talking about expensive prostitutes, anyone who makes 6 figures can afford that.
Im talking about succubi who are as I said, living "mythological goddesses" of beauty.
Such as the examples I gave. or selena gomez, Cara develigne, etc
Basically im asking if money can give the supreme carnal pleasure upon this earth OR if there's much more nuance, divergences and concentric fields of "hedonic value" at play here
Was Pvt. Swafford a pope?
Do you see the fnords? Can you see the fnords? Have you seen the fnords? 

They're actually pretty interesting. Told you about major world events decades before they happened.
Let's answer the tough questions.
How many potential doctors, scientists, engineers and so on has the internet squandered?
People will talk to you endlessly about how "absurd" "Gen Z" humour is and then send you the lamest pun ever as an example.
I got a peek at some of the pop psychology that is the bedrock for a reality tunnel I see all over the place while reading a book; the way people have been explaining aberrant adult behaviors by reverse rationalizing all the way to some childhood experiences and putting specific labels on everything in the form of trauma. If you're into this shit, I completely understand why – it's really fun and cool to be able to "figure em out" whenever you meet someone disrupting the status quo or being an otherwise interesting person.

So that set me to wondering; what other reality tunnels have interesting ways to explain human behaviors. Offhand, I can only think of a religious tunnel where you can firmly believe "god made them this way for a yet to be revealed purpose." And maybe that is kind of fun to, like you are sort of watching this little play unfold all around you and everyone's carrying a proverbial chekov's gun of behavior that cause you to anticipate and look for the moment when your co-worker mark's propensity for jacking off in the mens room to pee porn during work hours results in some divine reckoning where his plane crashes into the alaskan wilderness and he has to drink his own urine for 9 weeks to survive the ordeal just as good intended. Or something like that?
What's the point of philosophy when we have science?
Think about it; you’ve trained yourself to not piss yourself. Yet it’s developed such a control that it’s difficult to intentionally piss yourself so much it actually strains you

what other things are similar “restricts” we’ve grown onto ourselves?
le professeur de sisyphe.
My thoughts on philosophy.
We are composed of dead organisms, and when we die we will decompose and recompose as parts of newer organisms.

We basically survive through the consumption of other organisms. We absorb nutrients from them: carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, vitamins and so on. These are the building blocks of their existence, and now these become the building blocks of our existence, embedded in our bodies for the continuation of our survival.

When we die, we become nutrients to other organisms, we are decomposed, mainly by bacteria if we are buried underground. These bacteria will be eaten by bigger bacteria, then moving up the food chain, from protozoans up to birds and reptiles and mammals of any kind. 

If we are cremated, the carbon atoms of our bodies fuse with oxygen atoms and are released as CO or CO2. They will be absorbed by plants or photosynthetic microorganisms, which converts CO2 to carbohydrates. They will be eaten by other organisms, moving up the food chain.

Hence, after we die, we go back to the food web, and every little part of us becomes a part of another living organism. Therefore, after we die, we somehow go back to many newer life forms in such a way, consisting a small part of each newer life form.
In a couple of hundred years, a benevolent post-scarce society will attempt to exhume all salvageable brains and revive them in a utopian virtual reality for as long as they wish to remain. They will be able to search extrapolated statistics about their lives and times, read about the history after their deaths and the causes of events that happened in their lives, and simulate alternative histories.
Hello!! I was just contemplating how great it is to be alive. What is your favorite part of being alive? I think my favorite is having a good meal.
has absurdism made you a gourmon,or an ascetic of the palate?
I myself know less calories=more lifespan, starvation in moderation is anti-aging,but if it wasnt because id get fat i would be a drunkard and a glutton. pastries,fatty meats,
How to perform right actions when you can't see past your reality grid?
SHould this farmer have been shot for shoving a beer bottle up his ass?
In the 17th century, Robert Fludd, a member of the secret society of Rosicrucians, philosopher, magician and alchemist, was very popular in Europe.
As any decent thinker, he had his own theory of the world's origin. And to illustrate it, he drew six drawings reflecting the process of space development from the primordial chaos to the appearance of living matter.
So, on the first of them - "The Great Darkness" - was depicted a black rectangle, on all sides bounded by white fields, on which Fludd wrote in Latin: "And so to infinity. This drawing was copied by Malevich in his "Black Square".
>unexpectedly strong trip
>female voice starts talking to me
<It's okay, you're just hallucinating. Calm down, take a deep breath, have some food and you'll feel better.
>Is this real?
<Reality's real, it's not a big deal though. Just don't freak out on me.
the rest I don't remember very well

Had an interesting night. Apparently I stared at a wall for multiple hours lol. Eris could totally work for a phone sex line, she's got a sensual voice. Pic unrelated.
We consume living beings and shit them out,then maggots or bacteria consume us and shit them down. That shit will be used for plants to grow,which will then be eaten and shat out.
I can't find any ugly people on my Instagram feed, only beautiful ones. I tried falling in love with a girl who is nice in everything else but her face, and I didn't feel strongly about her still. Yet I can't seem to fall in love with pretty girls when I recognize my feelings for them as lust rather than love.

I don't think I can tolerate a life of absolute stoic excellence, nor unbeholden hedonism, nor finding a balance. Each has its own drawbacks. The first is endlessly taxing and drudging, the second is ruinous, the third is mediocre.

Out of love, paralyzed by life. Wanting to give it my all, wanting to give it all up, now just merely getting by.
let us make a list of scientific facs which would make a person an absurdist. stuff like:
>atoms are mostly empty space
>bacterial humanity
>hedonic treadmill
>models of the universe such as poincare recurrence(eternal return)
>abiogenesis(we all exist by an infinitely small chance)
Can any of you philosophers confirm this? I can't find any flaw in the logic.
Some philospwhores think we should determine what we are by what we do: I think, therefore I am.
Others try to define us by what we are: Two legged no feathered things.
But all we really need to do is deduce what we are by listing everywhat we aren't/

What aren't you?
Is it ok to explain a joke?
I need a list of the "1000 most evil /powerful and evil" people alive today. papal bloodlines,serial killers in death row or at large, tempel ov blood CIA monkeys,etc.
I will pray a 15-decade rosary for each of them. I have free time,and im a catholic who needs to make amends for shit stuff I did in my teens.
>el chapo? The vatican bishops? banksters?
Im Sure you guys know a lot about satanic cults,serial killers,and occult bloddlines
What shape comes next, and why?
Anyone else daydream about being in situations where the circumstances compel you to behave in a certain definite way without the need to consciously decide how to act?
Why even try if I will likely fail?
Psychotherapists can't solve self loathing.
Try saying shit that's absolutely correct and undisputed but in the most schizo manner, baiting people into disagreeing you. Escalate until it cracks. Enjoy the confusion
5 is the most based Misanthropy.
How do I become a philosopher and do philosophing activities?
is the internet real? what if it's all artificially generated?
I want to go full boddhisatva and donate organs while still alive(kidney, lung), donate my time alive(volunteering)and most of my income.
However I finally found supernatural\paranormal motivation for improving my body to its limit:When I die, I will leave behind a corpse full of medical mysteries,of keys to live to 200 years old, how to remain for 50+years with single digit body fat and NO strength loss.
I will become a superman not for the sake of my pride and vanity,but for the generations of humans to come to profit off my sweat and blood.
>Ill do charity challenges using my own grit: burpee records,charity boxing(I actually boxed for a few years), even icy water swimming,etc
>im seriously confident that my corpse will allow medicine and other sciences to advance 500 years since I die
> I offer a revisionist interpretation of Galileo's role in the history of science. My overarching thesis is that Galileo lacked technical ability in mathematics, and that this can be seen as directly explaining numerous aspects of his life's work. I suggest that it is precisely because he was bad at mathematics that Galileo was keen on experiment and empiricism, and eagerly adopted the telescope. His reliance on these hands-on modes of research was not a pioneering contribution to scientific method, but a last resort of a mind ill equipped to make a contribution on mathematical grounds. Likewise, it is precisely because he was bad at mathematics that Galileo expounded at length about basic principles of scientific method. "Those who can't do, teach." The vision of science articulated by Galileo was less original than is commonly assumed. It had long been taken for granted by mathematicians, who, however, did not stop to pontificate about such things in philosophical prose because they were too busy doing advanced scientific work.
If you have thought that the name "Galileo Galilei" was a dead giveaway that the guy was just a joke, turns out you were now: here's more than a hundred well-researched and often pretty entertaining pages to prove it. A dire warning why we shouldn't let non-mathematicians write the history of mathematics, and how useless philosophers are when they are faced with science.
Please reroll captcha for fives for maximum distribution.
Isn't it counter-intuitive that the so-called mind prefers to conceptualize the body as something alien to itself even though properly speaking the mind is the body itself?
I will put my very life,my health,my sanity, everything on the line for  an anabolic experiment; how anabolic,Testosterone-maxxed can a human man get without inyecting steroids?
I will challenge the medical stablishment,the fitenss Industry themselves.
here is my all-natty stack of nutrition+non-roid supplements:
>GOMAD+ 1 full pot of Protein a Day
>troughout the day,consume 20-35 raw eggs
>ketogenic ,mainly raw, carnivore diet as the only diet . breakfast? well,a raw steak. 4 o'clock tea meal?a couple of german blood-sausages
>melatoninmaxxing so I get recovery sleep
Of course I will also extremely heavy.dangerously heavy;and with high-reps on top of that. I will do my ORM. and then do reps with THAT.
you may say…you will say;"you'll poop all the food out" ,"your muscles will become liquid", "youll just get fat"
HA!we'll see…we'll see!
I'm going to read this R.A.W. classic, what am I in for?
> clip my nails
> they grow back
The invasion of Poland was the beginning of the end of the world. The apocalypse reached its zenith in 1944. Since then we've just been living through the post-apocalypse. All fiction set post-1944 is post-apocalyptic fiction.
>    "Do you see how the fish are coming to the surface and swimming around as they please? That's what fish really enjoy."

>    "You're not a fish," replied Hui Tzu, "so how can you say you know what fish really enjoy?"

>    Zhuangzi said: "You are not me, so how can you know I don't know what fish enjoy."

So philosophers have known they're (we're) full of shit for around 2000 years at least. Has the philosophy since been just a game?
Mandate of Heaven!

Now I have to pad it with stuff from Wikipedia. Never mind It is long enough now.
Is there a tutorial or something?
I want to become extremely fanatical and devoted to longevity and anti-aging;the reason is that I want to "see the future",and enjoy my super disabilitybux and freedom limitless,once my parents die. Thus, I ask for advice on these several,multiple factors im willing to change and adjust to live to 120:
>climate;im willing to move within my country-hot,cold,dry,wet,..whats best?
>diet: So far, I do Ray Peat dietary guidelines
>resting heart rate and body temperature:high or low?
>body fat %
(I identify as christian and no,i never watched Hellblazer ,only one of those funny youtube recaps).
Is there any cult or military training/unit,which focuses on Pain? or on the onthological entity, "suffering"?. I thought that ALL martial arts,extreme sports,all warfare,is based on surviving and defeating suffering:being tired,sleepy,hungry. fear, anxiety, dread,cupidity.
Im not a masochism,not a femdom "sub male",just a seeker. I want to start getting body mods and summoning demons/macumba,etc. 
I will break all my bones,and lacerate my flesh. Thus,the soul will shine. emaciated and filthy,I will dwell. I will triumph.
After years of relying on parent's car-drides(I dont drive myself) to go to somewhere, I started using the various bus,subway and train vehicles of public transport. Im growing obsessed with it and want to try ALL journeys/paths. For example: taking a train at the first station, getting down on the last station:the whole track.And then do this with the 3 trains of my city.
I want to start writing down my travels and journeys.A similar obsession is going to an unecesarily far-away place from my home to do some hobby. for example: a gym 2 hours from my house,even tho there's a gym 15 minutes from my residence.
>i have disabilitybux, so free passport for public transport
Im going either full schizo or full buddhaboy..I want to share my insights I gained trough meditation:
>the world is ruled by: 5 elements, 5 senses, 2 dualities (alive/death and sentient/non-sentient), 2 states(awake/asleep). The real and ultimate goal is to overcome all this
>everything humans created lacks onthological existence and is unreliable,however empirical knowledge is true and the true goal is to back to REAL tradition(real past) ie;the anaerobic era of the Earth
>i dont claim any of my own insights is valid for anyone else, since I have no way to prove any of this,and my convcition of how reality works may,itself,be a ruse caused by Lain-knows-what
>its historically dumb to obsess with hindu religion,or buddhism or western occultism while ignoring primate religion, pre-human hominid religious practices or isolated hunter-gatherer animism .It's literally picking one very specific set of people's beliefs, ignoring 99% of history both recorded and unrecorded
>artificial vs natural is a fake dichotomy because matter never fades away,is only tranformed. A true "artifical" item would be one create out of thin air,otherwise its made from natural items
>emergent properties are a ruse
>Calls imageboard /abs/
>No pictures of rippling female torsos
I literally live in a prison word:houses, buildings..4 walls-1 roof:its a cage. And I live surrounded by those cages. cars ,trains and buses are little cages with 4 wheels. and everyone is just a central nervous system piloting bones and flesh and painted by skin.
I think I want to become homeless on porpouse or live in the deepest wilderness by myself.
> I think, therefore I am.
Did any philosopher ever said anything dumber than this?
I want to start doing goetia rituals/games like "trick the mirror" and "Listen to the clock".top prove im not afraid of anything. Im an atheist,a naturalist,but I want to take the piss and summon all the qlippoth or whatever.
how do I proceed?
What is an outside joke?

A joke that can be understood by anyone who comes across it, rather than requiring special history or knowledge.
  A joke that doesn't divide people and set them up against each other, but brings them together.
  A joke that highlights all the things we have in common, without casting anyone aside, sacrificing them on the altar of humor.

Such object would be a powerful tool, a memetic spell working towards getting outsiders in, rather than working towards inward cohesion. Would you really want the inside to be all at the same frequency? Fuck no, any inside requires multitude of diverse functions not to implode.
  Outside on the other hand, is the realm of signals. You don't want your joke get dampened out on your doorstep. You don't want your joke to get blocked by the walls, or reflecting back at you. You've already heard it, besides being boring it also drowns out more interesting information that might be trying to reach you from the outside.

Outside joke isn't designed to be repeated. You hear it once, pass it on and forget it. It wastes less space, in memory and in time, than all the regular condititoning that is thriving in this environment. If we want the world to become less mechanistic, less uniform, less controlled, less serious we need outside jokes.

Seriously, we need them.
I feel like globalism is slowly killing creativity.
In ancient times it'd take at least a whole day to travel from one city to the next, and as such every city had their own cults, culture, words, mystique, etc. With the ease of travel, the ease of communication and the standardization of time, religion, measurements, weight, units, and everything else, the world is slowly becoming "more of the same".
The United States might yet be the worst example. half a continent with similar views.
I'm not looking for individuals here, I'm looking for communities. It's happening in places like India, Africa, South-east Asia. All slowly drifting towards monoculture.
Why can't people be more original with their culture and beliefs? Why is everyone in America either christian or atheist, democrat or republican? It's like an ice cream bar where the only flavor is vanilla.
Going on vacation in Europe as a European doesn't mean shit anymore. Everywhere is the same, coping with the same problems.
I'm personally hoping for some cataclysmic event just so the world falls into a new dark age and every country falls apart into fragments, just so the world is just a tiny bit more interesting than this boring mess.
How do I manage to build a (male)body ,aesthetic? Like, do i do less reps/less weight for some muscles but overdose on other muscle groups?
How do I avoid a bulky/strongat body,or a comically dispropportionate body part?
are there any books about this?
what do you think of the aghori philosophy of "God is in everything";,and they mean literally everything, they will eat rotten poop or human corpse's meat to prove their equanimity. are they anti-life pathogen bearers? the wisest men in the world?
If I offered them a "poz load" frozen shot do you think they drink it?
Im reading up a lot on transhuamnism(hedonistic imperative,effective altruism),speculative cosmology,qualia studies.
So far I think im a monistic unitarian: there is eternalism (time),one-electron universe, one single mind(open individualism).Also existence is a causal loop,self-created,and cyclical(poincaré recurrence).
am I seeing the Truth,or just going schizo?
Do you ever play devil's advocate without announcing it?
What about Eris's advocate?
I often find myself uncertain about what my true intentions are. In times like these I like to abuse my anonymity and let each thought strain take its own course within a debate.
It's like arguing against your own good, most of the time - as you're challenging set social norms in that environment and getting personally invested in an argument you're not even sure you truly support.
What the fuck is this feeling?
If you can imagine or draw gods into existence (under certain contexts), what is the debate about?
All my existentialist and suicidal thoughts stem from the single fact that americans exist
How fix?
Despite NOT being a plebbit necbeard, after study neurological,biological and Psychiatric analysis religious thought (specially asceticsm:"self harm",visions("hallucionations"),etc, im considering being an atheist.
my life wouldnt change that much, I would still nofap and donate some money to beggars from my city. 
Any GOOD,actually good books on living in a godless universe? Or for further explanation of how religious is just a mind trip?
is there any job where you just have to carry heavy stuff from place to place?
I already have my own house but I want to get involved in the world of manual labor(for ascetic reasons).
Maybe work at a meat processing plant carrying carcasses? construction helper?
They banned me under rule 3 "Quality Posts and Comments" for saying in replay to polytheist moderator, which may be a former moderator by now, making a post in the same vain in a now deleted thread. Here is what I said.

>Yeah, if you bash God and don't declare him to be non-existent, you get a downvote. You also get a downvote if you bash any cherished secular egregores used for social control.

I know I need to have my own platform to argue from to support my extroverted thinking style so I don't take in bad thought patterns unconsciously, and because I am a religious dissonant outside of the Abrahamic, red team vs blue team, paradigm. I am a polytheist that has formally been a monotheist and an atheist, I have my own deities (somehow mostly roman) and I have my own opinions about them.
i realized we (humans) ARE semen, we dont just produce semen(women arent humans).What if Semen is an alien parasite or hivemind entity which has used female eggs to spread itself across the earth? is human semen some kind of mega-virus?
think of it, the brain makes us reproduce,ie:spread semen. and each sperm cell is a "you",its a human,which fuses with an possibly produce/evolve to maybe a male,who will also produce,and spread,semen.
this is why nofap is so super important. Its holding within the very Self, its denying the universe it's nefarious ploy. male celibacy is the ultimate,the supreme, it means you hold your very own self within yourself.
Popes I can feel the existential crisis approaching, what do I do??
Why do people need freedom?
Why do people find enjoyment in annoyingly loud parties? In drinking until they embarrass themselves? In taking drugs until they're stupid?
Not partaking in these activities shouldn't even be considered abstaining, as there's little to nothing to be gained from partaking in the first place.
How does someone work themselves up over a social interaction? Aspects like body language and proper communication are more like rituals or protocols reserved for mating and standing ground than anything else.
Why did we evolve to have such a dependency on such trivial things?
Look at this guy's googly eyes.
Haha, now that's pretty absurd!
>Back in the 1930s, the anthropologist Gregory Bateson coined the term ‘schismogenesis’ to describe people’s tendency to define themselves against one another. Imagine two people getting into an argument about some minor political disagreement but, after an hour, ending up taking positions so intransigent that they find themselves on completely opposite sides of some ideological divide – even taking extreme positions they would never embrace under ordinary circumstances, just to show how much they completely reject the other’s points. They start out as moderate social democrats of slightly different flavours; before a few heated hours are over, one has somehow become a Leninist, the other an advocate of the ideas of Milton Friedman. We know this kind of thing can happen in arguments. Bateson suggested such processes can become institutionalized on a cultural level as well. How, he asked, do boys and girls in Papua New Guinea come to behave so differently, despite the fact that no one ever explicitly instructs them about how boys and girls are supposed to behave? It’s not just by imitating their elders; it’s also because boys and girls each learn to find the behaviour of the opposite sex distasteful and try to be as little like them as possible. What start as minor learned differences become exaggerated until women come to think of themselves as, and then increasingly actually become, everything that men are not. And, of course, men do the same thing towards women.
Came across this while reading some book about anthropology and thought it was something Discordians should be intimately familiar with.
Can you beat my branch record? Lower is better.
can someone explain to me the concepts of Aneristicism and Eristicism please? Especially the Eristic Principle
What do you think people should strive for? A mindset that lets them see 50% order and 50% disorder from chaos?
> Dialectic, then, need have nothing to do with truth, as little as the fencing master considers who is in the right when a dispute leads to a duel. Thrust and parry is the whole business. Dialectic is the art of intellectual fencing; and it is only when we so regard it that we can erect it into a branch of knowledge. For if we take purely objective truth as our aim, we are reduced to mere Logic; if we take the maintenance of false propositions, it is mere Sophistic; and in either case it would have to be assumed that we were aware of what was true and what was false; and it is seldom that we have any clear idea of the truth beforehand. The true conception of Dialectic is, then, that which we have formed: it is the art of intellectual fencing used for the purpose of getting the best of it in a dispute; and, although the name Eristic would be more suitable, it is more correct to call it controversial Dialectic, Dialectica eristica.

Many religions have associated martial arts, turns out we have one too. Do you practice it? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be on an imageboard. Should Schopenhauer's little manual be updated with some contemporary examples? Are there any novel stratagems?
Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?
For the body was too short or empty…
Do you guys laugh at the stupidity/absurdity of the world. I do, especially now a days.
Capital driven economies and politics driven economies put pressure on me to care about what other people think about me, or I would be punished with resource deprivation. But Oscar Wilde says 
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” like he did a census on everyone who did and did not exist. 

The incumbency uses this platitude to cover for the real reason, which is so they can deprive people who are not the right fit of resources, and that is harder to do if there are impostors among us. What are people who are not the right fit anywhere like me supposed to do?
see a lot of posts on imageboards claiming to be lonely or craving a gf or friends or whatever.
i'm not saying i don't want to have sex, but I don't feel lonely. How else could I spend years of my life behind a pc casually browsing forums if i didn't despise people?
i'm mostly just concerned that so little is happening. I don't think humans have ever needed to do less to stay alive than now, and the extra time is just killing me.
Once you learn the social patterns to a conversation, people become puzzles. You know what they want to hear and you know what you want to hear, it's no different from typing commands into a computer. Depending on how you want to feel, you say certain things, and others will say things back. It doesn't matter if you don't know the person, as long as you have the illusion that it is a real other person that coexists in your vision of this world, it's fine.
It's like, "what now?". You decide not to do the same things as everyone else because you know the results of their actions. You know what to say to get a girl's skirt off. There's no reason to work on yourself because you know how to make yourself feel better, and a hand feels better than a pussy.
It's my birthday today, and I don't know a lot of people i'd like to talk to again.
It's really not that we've failed as humans, it's just that the world is really really boring. If there's one purpose here in life, it's to make it a little more entertaining for others, in the hopes they'll make it more entertaining for you.
I don't aspire to be happy or to be sad, to be alive or dead, because i'm content.
I'm thinking of raping a girl and getting her pregnant, just so the genes that feed these thoughts stay in the world a while longer, just as a way to make an impression on it.
What if we eventually rediscover that your existence as we know it is a simulated world, and you only chose to create it to escape from the real world which is a bit shittier than this one.
don't be a simp for thoths
Samoyed children
>listening to a good album
>two separate tracks specifically diss Albert Camus
Interestingly, in both cases they diss themselves similarly
There once lived a great lord, who was blessed with the birth of a daughter, whom he named Talia. He sent for the wise men and astrologers in his lands, to predict her future. They met, counseled together, and cast her horoscope, and at length they came to the conclusion that she would incur great danger from a splinter of flax. Her father therefore forbade that any flax, hemp, or any other material of that sort be brought into his house, so that she should escape the predestined danger.

One day, when Talia had grown into a young and beautiful lady, she was looking out of a window, when she beheld passing that way an old woman, who was spinning. Talia, never having seen a distaff or a spindle, was pleased to see the twirling spindle, and she was so curious as to what thing it was, that she asked the old woman to come to her. Taking the distaff from her hand, she began to stretch the flax. Unfortunately, Talia ran a splinter of flax under her nail, and she fell dead upon the ground. When the old woman saw this, she became frightened and ran down the stairs, and is running still.

As soon as the wretched father heard of the disaster which had taken place, he had them, after having paid for this tub of sour wine with casks of tears, lay her out in one of his country mansions. There they seated her on a velvet throne under a canopy of brocade. Wanting to forget all and to drive from his memory his great misfortune, he closed the doors and abandoned forever the house where he had suffered this great loss.
I haven't been feeling well lately.
I'm constantly disinterested.
For most of my life I'd considered there to be a common greater good to strive for, then, a couple years ago I had an early 20s crisis and stepped over to absurdism.
Now I believe my own ideals to be the ultimate common good in life.
But it's hard.
Feeling so empty to resort to a faux religion like discordianism has left me unsatisfied.
I found this religion when i was in my early teens and it had always fascinated me. Then I got indoctrinated by the internet and became flirty with totalitarianism. Now I don't know what to do.
I've pretty much embraced Eris as my goddess, and am trying to do whatever I can to make Discordianism somewhat relevant to mine and other's views, but interest is sparse and those who were already interested shoo me away, for they are hippies and i'm a zoomer.
I just feel disconnected and irrelevant, and am practically waiting for the world to catch fire.
What the fuck do i do when my absurdist ideal is too far gone?
Have you seen this man?
Probably not.
If I'm sisyphus then where the fuck's my rock nigga I'm fiending for that shit
Reality is obsolete!
Present me your most pristine lies!
It's a raid!


Fuck us up!
Is it absurd to think dragons existed in the medieval world?
So is this the new /fringe/?
dicks out for Harambe

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