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Hypothetically speaking , could Elon Musk have paid sex\ hire prostitution from succubi who are living goddesses of beauty like jenna ortega or ariana grande? This question may seem coomer but Im serious: I need to understand HOW powerful money is (or is not) and Im giving an extreme example to make a point.
Im not talking about expensive prostitutes, anyone who makes 6 figures can afford that.
Im talking about succubi who are as I said, living "mythological goddesses" of beauty.
Such as the examples I gave. or selena gomez, Cara develigne, etc
Basically im asking if money can give the supreme carnal pleasure upon this earth OR if there's much more nuance, divergences and concentric fields of "hedonic value" at play here
Thing is that those "goddesses" are filthy rich themselves, and can't be motivated with ridiculous money.
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Ah, that's a very good point. Its not like I can refute it, I made this thread to learn the truth. So, money PLUS other assets are needed it seems.
Or at least my major and original concern was addressed "money doesn't 100% buy any material pleasure"
I wonder what would happen if a billionarie went full schizo and literally handed out physical dollar bills to the poor until it runs out. Like mrbeast but without being an automated  ponzi scheme.
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>"living goddesses of beauty" are just bulemic girls

You can see hotter, probably more promiscuous girls walking around a typical college campus. Even a mid-tier strip club probably has a girl that's hotter. Same goes for whatever pornstar is your goon queen. The only reason famous people are considered especially hot is because they're famous.

Anyway, this is besides the point. Could Elon use his money, influence and fame to induce famous women to have sex with him? Yes, and he has in the past. This is because famous people have a deep urge to be in the limelight.

But, this is still besides the point. The real thrust of your question is: does everyone have a price? The answer is no, but that doesn't mean that most people don't have a price. In fact, when it comes to sex, most people have a very low price, because most people are horny. This is the fundamental truth of the matter.
Prostitution isn't a good enough example of the power money holds.

Real wealth is controlling entire chunks of mass media. Being able to pay people to convince their fellow workers that your parasitic existence is justified. It may not be the most power, but its the power of applied wealth.
But can you buy *anyone's* life? I say no. There are people who would rather die. Probably not a media commodity like a pretty celebrity - a special class of high-end prostitute selling their body for pleasure.
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