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Looking for a study or explanations on how does image quality relates to the traffic it brings

From renderings to theme to contents
Do you know the meaning of quality? It's essence?

Its many forms? 

Elusive, like Order before Eris' gaze, it front runs our sensation of it. Our sensation of it butchers the original qualia into a homonculus of it's former glory, hopefully compatible with the filters of its beholders. 

Quality, in point of fact, is repugnant to most that behold it, but slowly unfurls itself to the wise through frequent visitation. This leading us to the problem with your question. 

You believe/perceive Quality to be a static tangible. Stop thinking of it as such and as more of a negation. 

Quality exists as the void of suffering. Traffic does not flock to Quality. A flock exists, because therein can be found some semblance or aspect of Quality. 

If that manifestation of Quality is repugnant to you, then take heart, for Quality transcends the mere accident of any one particular manifestation of itself. In some way, you may coax out that type of Quality you desire. 

And finally, fuck the attention whoring. The hell is wrong with you. Be happy, and shepherd others through their journey to deshittify through judicious application of filters. 

Hail Eris!
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You're bumping a two year old post from a mentally insane indonesian who spams this shit on dozens of different sites, and pretty sure they're banned so they won't reply.
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