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Just stamps.
because the slavs destroyed /b/ with no survivors
if they can have music for sitting in a lounge or standing in an elevator, why cant we have music for other settings? give me music to unload my dishwasher to. music to shout at the birds with. songs for dusting and vacuuming.
Looking for a study or explanations on how does image quality relates to the traffic it brings

From renderings to theme to contents
We now return to the computer-generated graphics thread.
Architecture thread
Old pictures of an interesting humankind.
how to maximize the exposre to my art/design work? so i dont need to spam people and have them come to my shop instead

either through my website or my one single particular page/video? if using ads are they 100% effective or is there amything more to know
Let's start an art movement. I don't know much about art but it can't be that hard. I guess we need a good name and a manifesto?
Any tips to paint successfully in a way that ll appeal to your target demographics?
Like how to consider everyone in that demographics so gain all their traffics and preference?how good shoupd the canvas BE
Post anything AI generated.
How to control watercolor 
I m trying to grab realism
apple thread, post sexy apples here
I drew Eris! Have you drawn Eris? Lets lets lets lets
Does style or rendering qualities matter in comics or mangas

In what way?
Post appealing military pictures.
I love Californian girls so much it's unreal. I'm literally obsessed with Californian girls. When I'm not thinking about killing myself, I'm thinking about Californian girls, and it's like 90% romantic or aesthetic thoughts and only 10% sexual thoughts.
images, pictures, drawings and videos.
hobbitcore bread
Post good short films here.
This AI generated image just won some art competition and now people all over the Internet are talking about the death of visual arts. But will this actually have any impact at all?
What does it mean to have taste and what makes it good? Is good taste something that can be "cultivated"?
You know these memes? Post 'em.
I dont.

The lìneart is wrong and i cant tell why

And it s supposed to be stylized but i have not enough factual basis to define it

What should i do to measure it
How does one usually price their goddamn artwork
Post things that aren't real, but look real.
could use a final answer to "how(much and how good) to fill in a4 size image with enough content and quality so that the post/banner can generate enough traffic, like six digit traffic, and also is original andlegally, calculatively correct?"

maybe seems like a horrible stretch or we can settle on simpler summary based on the size of canvas and the target value… which i also dont know to make sentence from…
What movies/media have you seen that seem to have Discordian themes, although are not directly related?
Personally I have always thought that Coen brothers movies often have that air of beautiful chaos about them, confluences of weirdness and insanity that lead to very funny moments. Like Burn After Reading… nothing really is accomplished by anybody, and people die for very silly reasons.
what is the mathemathics to move the world
>a malcontented hunchbrain named Lord Business tries to order the world using The Kragle
>an improbable alliance of Masterbatersbuilders who build whatever dumb shit pops into their heads must unite to stop him
>the prophecy is made up

This movie is a great effort by the Discordian Propaganda Division to infiltrate the minds of children. We must do more!
Run Love.js
Thanks to some trusted, totally not garbage code i've written. Users are now capable of writing love2d applications within their post! I invite anyone to try it out using the ``` or [code] tags and putting "love" in the e-mail field. If anyone is able to significantly rewrite retardedloverunner.js i'd highly appreciate it. angle = 0 function love.load() end function love.update(dt) angle = (angle + dt*2) % (2 * math.pi) x, y = 400 + math.cos(angle)*100, 300 + math.sin(angle)*100 end function love.draw()"Hail Eris!", x, y,angle) end
I always liked the gloomy vaporwave aesthetic to art.
What did he mean by this?
where to find most amount of (also paying, hopefully) job using your 3d modelling-slash-animation-slash-rendering and so on?
How should i show my skills in my 3d portofolio?? good edgeflow, great motion, good skinning.. how do i put on my portofolio nicely?

hint i just want the richest guy to come and gimme the million dollar job for a year
How come that an artistic intervention as simple as nightcore can be so effective? Most nightcore songs are at least a thousand times better than the original.
I saw a thread recently about imageboard aesthetics, complaining about 'lack of Web 2.0 design', much to the chagrin of other users. What's the coolest thing you've seen done? (apart from putting Eris on the front page)
looking for programming tools that compiles a small window exe and allows for simple line rotation.

yep. you heard me.
draw a single and then rotate it by t degrees. or draw a line from one point to another
delightful little tubers. Post your favorite yam pics.
how do you write a game AI for simple game like tetris or pong? especially like the original ones like in the arcade machine back then… how conplicated were they in considering the opponent amd situations?
Have a weird christmas!
General art thread.
disko thread
how to
gentle geese
Esplendor Geométrico
the great work has been completed; the second gate is open

part 0 (lesser gate):

part 1 (greater gate; binding of chronozon):

thank you. thank all of you

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