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Just stamps.
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These look cool. Kinda look like those images you'd find at the bottom of webpages in the 90s
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80's aesthetics have already gone big in the past few years, Erisians must persist at the forefront of nostalgia!
(45.1KB, 591x366)
(131.4KB, 221x295)
This one had a touch of chaos in the top left corner.
(485.8KB, 1880x1332)

because the slavs destroyed /b/ with no survivors
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I need a woman about twice my height, statuesque, raven-tressed, a goddess of the strife.
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Oh shit, I know some exactly like that, want me to hook you two up?
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(7.3MB, 1280x720)
if they can have music for sitting in a lounge or standing in an elevator, why cant we have music for other settings? give me music to unload my dishwasher to. music to shout at the birds with. songs for dusting and vacuuming.
>songs for vacuuming
i can hear only gabber techno over the vacuum innit
Primus - Nature Boy [0q3BQh81uLA].webm
(9.7MB, 320x240)
it's tax season here in the United Shitholes of America, and it is tradition to get naked and listen to this song while you do them

(887.8KB, 2396x2239)
Looking for a study or explanations on how does image quality relates to the traffic it brings

From renderings to theme to contents
Do you know the meaning of quality? It's essence?

Its many forms? 

Elusive, like Order before Eris' gaze, it front runs our sensation of it. Our sensation of it butchers the original qualia into a homonculus of it's former glory, hopefully compatible with the filters of its beholders. 

Quality, in point of fact, is repugnant to most that behold it, but slowly unfurls itself to the wise through frequent visitation. This leading us to the problem with your question. 

You believe/perceive Quality to be a static tangible. Stop thinking of it as such and as more of a negation. 

Quality exists as the void of suffering. Traffic does not flock to Quality. A flock exists, because therein can be found some semblance or aspect of Quality. 

If that manifestation of Quality is repugnant to you, then take heart, for Quality transcends the mere accident of any one particular manifestation of itself. In some way, you may coax out that type of Quality you desire. 

And finally, fuck the attention whoring. The hell is wrong with you. Be happy, and shepherd others through their journey to deshittify through judicious application of filters. 
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capitalist piglet.png
(101.8KB, 619x878)
more of that.png
(106.5KB, 619x885)
You're bumping a two year old post from a mentally insane indonesian who spams this shit on dozens of different sites, and pretty sure they're banned so they won't reply.

(50.4KB, 998x819)
We now return to the computer-generated graphics thread.

(74.6KB, 409x640)
Architecture thread
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(156.6KB, 1280x884)
That bird is just lookin for a target to drop on, I can tell
(344.6KB, 1500x843)
Honey, how many picnics do you want to have this weekend?
(2MB, 2800x2108)

(90.7KB, 700x1002)
Old pictures of an interesting humankind.
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Thos_Whelan_+_Patrick_Moran _March_1921_(35680736786).jpg
(1.4MB, 1150x2000)
These three men look happy.
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it's us the three discordianons keeping this thread alive
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two wheels bad.jpg
(191.4KB, 814x562)
*shoots you in sepia*.jpg
(175.4KB, 1074x720)
(99.2KB, 830x792)
If I am to be decapitated, I would at least demand the perpetrator have style.

(1.2MB, 3052x1196)
how to maximize the exposre to my art/design work? so i dont need to spam people and have them come to my shop instead

either through my website or my one single particular page/video? if using ads are they 100% effective or is there amything more to know
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it's not even good spam
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death gave me lemons.gif
(989.1KB, 540x540)
I don't demand much from my spam, but not even mold will eat this one anymore. [ >>1080 , >>1081 ]
(87.8KB, 839x682)
art schizo has gone off the deep end
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When has that moron not gone off the deep end?
or what?

(353.2KB, 1600x840)
Let's start an art movement. I don't know much about art but it can't be that hard. I guess we need a good name and a manifesto?
old woman on black background (2023 A.D).png
(60.3KB, 600x600)
you only make upward strokes from the bottom of the canvas.

There is a variant where strokes cannot curve around to a downwards angle but it's 4 in the morning and I'm not doing that now.

(1.9MB, 3072x2607)
Any tips to paint successfully in a way that ll appeal to your target demographics?
Like how to consider everyone in that demographics so gain all their traffics and preference?how good shoupd the canvas BE
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>>953 nobody paid when i didnt either so who cares lol
>>954 not sure which board maybe take pic i dont know all boards

Also take a piss and get a life do you pnly expect CP boards
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yknow you're only building negative rep here right
nobody will want your art if you spam it
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Yea maybe show me this fictional meter of yours since you only got your shots thru your "friendos" too

So stfu and start reading and spout something even moderately useful
>>956 also nobody wanted your art either spam or not so it dont goof
anon take a step back, observe your art and ask yourself if you would buy it? I am sorry pal but you have zero talent. By all means keep it up, improve. But this is artwork the likes a 5 year old could produce. Is it autusm that stops you from seeing this?

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