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Any tips to paint successfully in a way that ll appeal to your target demographics?
Like how to consider everyone in that demographics so gain all their traffics and preference?how good shoupd the canvas BE
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>your target demographic
Who is your? Us? We? Me? Internet users? Imageboard Users? Erischanners? Erisians?
Maybe consider creating the things you find enjoyable/aesthetically pleasing, and people will find your passion honorable.
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>>937 will they be buying for passion? Isnt this commerce?
Replies: >>944
oh you want money
go get a job or draw furry vore porn somewhat well.
furries pay millions
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>>944 evwn furry porn and jobs need some standard. Media especially. 
Is there not some market study for successful designs
>>944 >furries pay millions
Yeah how far did sonichu go again
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>Yeah how far did sonichu go again
idk ask null how many silver coins he sold. maybe the the trick is to be asymmetrical with the marketing like that..?
which gives me an ideas -
Hey, OP! make a space marine medallion and then film yourself shoving it up your ass and you'll be (in)famous forsure! it's a surefire way to target all of their demographics and the next thing you know all of their preferences will come crawling to you.
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>>948 yeah i still dont get you and this is my thread
>spes marine
Then why are everyone not doing space marine yet and make living elsewhere
>>948 also your reply is slow af
OP how many of these threads do you plan to keep making
nobody will start paying for your art if you just keep making threads on erischan
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(2.9MB, 2591x3624)
It's not just Erischan, I keep coming across these threads on every board I visit. Yesterday I came across a board I never heard before and it was already flooded by these threads.
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>>953 nobody paid when i didnt either so who cares lol
>>954 not sure which board maybe take pic i dont know all boards

Also take a piss and get a life do you pnly expect CP boards
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yknow you're only building negative rep here right
nobody will want your art if you spam it
Replies: >>957 >>973
Yea maybe show me this fictional meter of yours since you only got your shots thru your "friendos" too

So stfu and start reading and spout something even moderately useful
>>956 also nobody wanted your art either spam or not so it dont goof
anon take a step back, observe your art and ask yourself if you would buy it? I am sorry pal but you have zero talent. By all means keep it up, improve. But this is artwork the likes a 5 year old could produce. Is it autusm that stops you from seeing this?
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