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derisive minx.webp
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Zen is when you stop yelling at people and start laughing at them.
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Zen is when you act for your self — not to please others, but neither to spite them.

Nor should this be equated with selfishness.
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Freeze! Lay down on the floor and now one gets hurt! This is a stick up! 

Look here toots, I'm here for all the zen you got. Lay that enlightenment on me before someone gets hurt
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You evaporated my ZEN you FOOL.
I could have just given you a copy but the gun made me FREAK OUT and I DROPPED it down the DRAIN.
Zen is when shit comes out off your butt instead of your mouth
Zen is when you find an enlightenment without the urge to tell people who don't care.
Zen is the smell of burnt almonds
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No, no no, that's peace, not zen.
Zen is a three letter word.
Also if you put the first letter at the end, you get enZ which kinda looks like eriZ if you squint at it. Coincedence? Maybe.
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Bed is also a three letter word, but that ends up as edB.
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looks good with a little squint
Zen is seeing clickbait, and realizing you actually, honestly don't care.
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Zen is when you shit or puke in da box and start gazing the sun on meths bacause you're a LSD Monke.
that's wisdom and what's coming is better
>Picrel its poyo.
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That ain't zen, that's Kirby cosplay!
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(12.2KB, 280x244)
Nah nah, see, to me, zen has to be like, Gas Gas Gas in one ear, and U-Lock Justice in the other.
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Smash a car today!
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