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This board is for discussion about Eris. It's important to note that while this board is named "Discordianism", discussion is encouraged to include all sorts of interpretations of the Goddess and not just the ones mentioned in the Principia.
Guys I am very proud to tell you that thanks to internet access and cybernautics I stumbled upon an old Proto-Pajeet-Aryan-Erisian cult.
>It's called Temple of Priapus
So it's another new Erisian cult that we can add to the repertoire of the lost book of Erisian religions.
Book which was obviously burned by Crypto-Christians in Egypt, fortunately the Jews had a copy but they soaked it with holy water from the Mikveh and left it to dry in the sun
until a drunk member of the Sufi order stole it thinking it was his underwear and left it a mess, now it is lost
and academics are not going to bother to do erisian-archaeology among the holy underwear of the Sufi order.
because you know, there's a lot of poop ass fart pee and hashish in there.
Here a wikipedia article for more info
So... keep on loving each other! peace!
Karl Zener knew about the five elements before they were recorded in the Principia, and he reflected this in his Zener cards

>circle = orange (shaped like one)
>plus = prickle (looks like a shuriken)
>wavy lines = stench (stink lines)
>square = sweet (sugar cubes are square)
>star = boom (explosions in cartoons look similar)
Post websites which might please the Bitch.

(repost) >>571
(repost) >>529
Zen is when you stop yelling at people and start laughing at them.
I stole this thread type from our unexpected friends at /comfy/ - post interesting Wikipedia articles in the spirit of /eris/

Strictly no soapboxing, we have /gov/ for that. Keep it interesting, but agreeable.

Apart from keeping the good ETs at bay, the Veil has a function of programming / reprogramming the human population and keeping it in the reincarnation / recycling process. I will now state few of the main astral / etheric programs for incarnated humans currently in operation:

1) Lowering of consciousness and light body / merkaba deactivation. This program is maintained with etheric standing wave resonance technology.

2) Blocking of free will and of positive initiative. This program is maintained with etheric infrasound technology. Part of that sound precipitates towards the physical plane and some people can hear it as a very low frequency hum. This was the source of mysterious sounds that people heard in the beginning of 2012 and not the destruction of deep underground military bases, as some sources erroneously reported. Infrasound blocks certain centers in the physical brain and this blocks positive initiative. This infrasound is also the cause of unusual tiredness that many people experience without any apparent reason.
>browse the internet
>flashback of childhood trauma occurs
>Why did Professor Utonium smoke a pipe? What' did he smoke? Is this a mandela effect? a Djavu?
>*get mindfucked by my own mind*
>*search the internet for information*
>*find the information*
The Luciferian Doctrine was used as a strategy of manipulation by the NAA Luciferian forces that were irritated at the success of the Black Sun’s control over the masses and the immense power, wealth and territory they had accumulated by the Popes campaigns and the Romans backing the Catholic Church. Because of the incredible brutality exhibited by the Black Suns enforcing the Roman Catholic Church’s satanic ideology, some groups went underground to reject the Church and its teachings. Thus, the Luciferian Doctrine was born out of the rejection of the power of the Catholic Church during the murderous times of the Crusades, and purports that Lucifer is a positive helper and bringer of light for an awakened humanity, in pursuit of gaining deeper knowledge of the true spiritual self. The proponents of the Luciferian Doctrine believe that Lucifer is not evil or anti-life, but is the God that desired to educate humankind and save them from the fallen state, so that worthy humans could elevate themselves into true Universal knowledge and enlightenment.

In this doctrine, the bible God Yahweh is considered to be the anti-life principle and is actually the primary evil oppressor of humankind, because he did not want humans to gain this knowledge of the tree of life. As a result of the murderous persecution of all those who disagreed with the Catholic Church, secret societies were formed in order for groups to discuss these theories, along with studying the ancient wisdom collected from the Gnostics and other sacred texts outside of the bible.
I decree in name of my Soul,using my Free Will,that is my Will, to ascend in Krystic Caduceus Khechari Mudra Diamond
and ,that is my Will manifest the Decapitation of Yuval Noah Harari , Klaus Martin Schwab and Bill Gates. I expand this will in All time flows in conection with my Higher Self.
Hey popes, I found this article somewhere
What do you think about it?
does it have pope reliability?
>damn it's hard to make a kielbasa in an IA but it is much harder to do it heretically.
I just done some Discodian related images that I think would be cool on a t-shirt.
Let's post our favorite images of our favorite goddess and give her our "seed" as tribute for worship.
I. The honk that can be told is not the eternal Honk. The honkmother that can be named is not the eternal Honkmother. The nameless is what sets the stage. The names is the play, the actors, the audience and the wall between them. Freed from seriousness, you can see the hidden mystery. Serious eyes only see what is visibly real.
Who knows the egg? It's somewhere here I'll let you find it.
>Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.
This is notice that you are officially excommunicated if you fail to incorporate Mao Zedong Thought into your liturgy. In fact I've created a new holy work by cutting up the principia and shuffling it together with my little red book.
Post the good jam
We've plugged the discord back into the wall.
our OC shortages will soon be solved!
Are Eris and Discordia different?
I read as much as I could on these topics from various sources. So far I know: there are 4 stages of life, brahmacharya, house-holder, forest hermit and mendicant ,itinerant wanderer. However it seems there are also brahmin temple-priests (who logically must stay near a temple) and wandering mendicants who are specifically brahmacaris.
There also is sannyasis who wear clothes, and naga-saddhus or other saddhus who sometimes don't. Are they just different in this special rule, or is the whole spirituality different? I know sadhus wear matted hair, ashes in the body etc. Also there are ISKCON devotees which focus on communal living!
this seems like a vast cosmoverse of religious practice. Can someone explain? Is one supposed to take a human, current Guru or pray directly to a deity? some gurus, Ive seen on youtube have huge congregations; do they "own" their own ashram or order, or is there a top-down hierarchy and organization of vedic and puranic religious tradition?
post AI-generated Eris or Eris-related AI generations
>print unauthorized copies of the Satanic Bible
>Only difference from 1st edition should be Eris is included on the list of infernal names
>"How could Uncle Petey Gilmore do this?"
Alright, so I thought it wouldn't be a (so-called) 2023 if I didn't go out masturbating to Eris, so I loaded up a picture.
But then I thought, I might as well make it special, so instead of lazily lying down I propped up the laptop at the right angle and hopped on the bed on all fours. So that's all fine and fun.
Despite putting down two tissues, I turn on the lights and luckily I did because I apparently missed everything and dumped a gluggy mess right in the middle of my bed. I don't have any other sheets so I'm sleeping in it to bring in the new year. I suppose that's better than boring. This has to be the second worst time I masturbated to Eris.
Thanks Eris. Enjoy 3190, Pope.
The thread you all been waiting for is finally here! Brace yourself for the Great ERISTIC DEBATE THREAD!

Get to a position! Dig in! Refuse to acknowledge being completely wrong!

My position:

You are stupid!
On the 21st of December I started to notice things. I work night shifts and around 3am was my last break. My job is physically exhausting and I decided to just chill in my car. All of the sudden I start to notice patterns in numbers and songs. My algorithm for that matter aswell. I've been having headaches and last night a nosebleed.
It feels like things are getting biblical and Im just starting to think im crazy. And then something leads me here. Then I see the banner with 23. 
Can someone explain wtf is happening
i want to get a lobotomy that removes all of my brain except for the pineal gland. i want it bouncing up and down in my empty skull like a ping pong ball in an anal cavity. would this bring me closer to eris?
What if Principa Discordia encoded something simple in obfuscating mathematical language?

Harmonia got turned into a Snake and Eris acts like a Lizard person 🦎.
Would it be time for new discordian books/magazines in the current year? 

The PD forums had some run of inter-mittens as some fanzine in the early 2000s about philosophy and discordianism. I'd like to see more erisian works pop out on the internet that would be as interesting as the Principia with more Internet related culture and values reflected inside but I wonder if there is a demand for such a thing.
I don't know about you, but I want to see more and more discordians in the world.
Eris deserves her own little temple with lots of deranged followers, but discordianism is kinda hard to spread because it isn't all that zealous or dedicated.
anyone feel the same way?
so basicaly like none of you are actualy discordians or care about anytrhign i see i see. typical
You heard me right!
it's right there in the subject title after all.

Erischan suffers from complete randomness and impurity! 
Normally I would say that these are merely the results of worshipping such a Chaotic Goddess but this is a dire situation! What good is an imageboard without Culture! In-jokes! Sub-communities!?

I expect the lot of you to correct this fatal mistake at once! Get to work on creating cohesion, immediately!
The Discordian Society is dead - long live the Discordian Society!

Within the Principia it is clearly stated upon one of its earlier pages that the POEE is merely a manifestation of the Discordian Society, of which it was a sect.
It means that POEE was the most powerful sect when Discordianism came to be, and changed the Discordian Society (including its hierarchy) to suit its whims, like how a party in a democracy changes laws.
I don't think I have to tell you, but POEE is long dead. Its members wrote the Principia and have since went and died.
The problem is the Principia, it is outdated. While there is much to learn and copy from the deeds of POEE, it is clear that the current form of the Eristocracy is inefficient. Most all departments except for C are defunct in House V, the matrix has to be reshaped.

I propose we take over many of POEE's inventions and laws, such as the Calendar, the ODDNS, and the five fingered hand of Eris. We must move on to greener pastures and leave the principia as a founding document.
We have to build a new manifestation of the Discordian Society, one not ruled by a single sect, but of incoherent erisian disagreements of various sects. We must truly embrace Eristocracy.
This new Eristocratic State will scour the ashes of old and bring upon a new Erisian Century.
A Codex has to be written, based upon Horkos' Wisdom, an Oath to Eris. In this Codex we shall rewrite the Discordian Society piece by piece, erasing the reins which POEE used to rule.

This is the will of Eris!
How do you explain Discordianism to others? If at all. I mean, someone will ask at some point.
Are there any rituals to please Eris? I suspect I might have angered her.
Hail Eris in Court
Discordians believe everybody should live like Norton.
Hail Eris!
This is religious discrimination against us.
So apparently those no-good followers of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs got us again good by sending the mindless thrall soyak army after us. What can we do to claim our revenge? I suggest we mail them money, so they become rich and fat and die off of being not able to fit through their doorframes so they starve to death.
Found some old images
which of you fuckers did this?
BEWARE! Eris has warned me and others that on the 4th of october at 2:22PM ET, the 5G antennas will start pulsing to activate the vaccine viruses injected in everyone's bodies, turning them into actual zombies. Take cover. Don't forget your aluminium helmet!
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A short statement on the PentaPrinciple of Probability or the The Rule of Fives.

It is said, by some rather unimportant people, that all things come in fives or in quantities divisble by five.  I wish to demonstrate that this is true by showing you a case wherein it is false.  Take for example the case of three objects.  The Law of Quints would have you believe that there are actually five objects when this is clearly not true.  Why?  Because it is true.  You can simply divide them by five, creating five objects of three fifths, to show that they were divisible by 5 all along and thus are a multiple of five.  This means the Quinary Doctrine holds true no matter the quantity in question and is thus effectively meaningless or absolutely meaningful.  You can take it to mean whatever you choose so long as you know what you mean when you give it away.
is discordianism a cult?
Babe wake up
new OMF just dropped
They will now think that the Hawaiian fires were human-made
Wildfires can't possibly burn alluminium
The Illuminati did it!
Any stalkers here?
Here's a nutrubber for you. Oh yes, I've got a lovely little riddle.

Is there a cultural mechanism so that a Discordian sect could repel the truly schizophrenic passbyers, the loony crew, the bloody inane insane, but retain the necessary fresh blood of chaos, the eris, the good shit? Is such a filter contradictory, or could it exist? You must decide, tell us about such a sect.
So uh, I haven't seen or heard tell of any erischan irc channel, but I think it'd be fun.

admindude what are your thoughts?

I'd set up a channel myself on rizon or something, but I felt like I should post here first. I also have no experience running any channel, so I hope someone here with more experience may be interested.

I could always just make it and run it like a retard, and then it's dead. That would be fun to an extant, but I think having something somewhat reliable, where people can drop in every now and then would be really fun some nights idk.
Things to avoid:
>big sound
>chemical taste
>money website
>the best pope
erischan was Polish chan why are the conversations in English?

tweaking the atmosphere a bit for a spell i'm working on
In order to get out of the dog house 🐶🏠 I devised a method using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that would allow me to tell the difference between Eris and Aphrodite even if they were drawn in the same style, used the same model cyborg body, and wore the same outfit.

Hypothesis : Eris has resting bitch face and and Aphrodite doesn't. 

Now I just need to raise funds and or learn how to draw so I so I can get them both in the same style, so I can conduct a study.
There's been a new decree, DIRECTLY FROM THE POPE!
As a Discordian, do you worship the Eristic Principle or Pure Chaos ?
Principa Discordia in The Church of Satan
>The Satanic Bible
The interpretations are all based on who writes the forewards
>1st Edition intro was genuine
>LaVey? Not Levey, La Voisin
What an enlightening, non-poisonous apple. Thanks Eris. Sorry to hear many Christians only see her Serpent form.
>The "big change" 
>Obvious fed is obvious, but wanted to earn his grave marker
>Sorry, we can't acknowledge theism anymore
>The Sweet Pete programmer would rather "party and play" than expand his mind in a literal way
>Kicks out their tech wiz
>Pete fucked up
>Didn't expent to be disproved by research that's too horrifying to discuss
>Acheron's guy is homophobic because a bisexual dissed him in his book
>Pete doesn't like Death Metal because The Tough Guy wouldn't fuck him
>Swingers consider Pete a known problem
>Three 6 Mafia didn't wanna get fucked in either
>See Koopsta Knicca's documentaries about The Devil's Playground
Fast forward to now
>No sacred cows, like stoner shit
>No smoking around 16:20 or 12 hours prior
>TST was revealed to be the ControlledOps, Just like Qanon
Thanks Erisians, Exposing Satanism might not be entirely factual, but it is fun, and was helpful on my journey. 
>Too bad there are people that believe in exposingsatanism, as a hate group
>exorcism cult
And researchers are still not sure if She ever had a temple.
How daft do you have to be to be a historian today?
Abrahamists attack the character of my goddess less than I do. 

They don't say anything about Eris being a bitch, a karen, or a lech.

The western depth psychologists have nothing to say about people who give the golden apple back to Eris. 

The only people keeping an eye in our direction are fellow conspiracy theists like Jon Watkins of or David J. Stewart of

We must work together to stop Eris, unless she wants to help me today, in that case, you must submit to her 🫶.
Can Eris help fix my life?
happy valentines day
from grace-chan
presenting to /eris/ this candy apple
Discordian practitioners have commonly secured communications from adversaries
through the use of the Discordian Society Super Secret Cryptographic Cypher Code,
considered "100% unbreakable" (despite its author's explicit, capital-letter warning)
published with permission from the A.I.S.B. in the Principia Discordia (page 00071).
Many Discordian sects consider 23 to be a lucky number, but should we consider 2023 a lucky number?
We shall reconvene at the end of the year for a final debate, but we can prepare in the meantime. (3189 YOLD in many calendars coincides with their '2023', so billions of people will be acting as if it were a 2023 year regardless of the fact that this year often isn't 2023)
>b-but I'm a deus ex machina.
So what's the deal with the Dobbs' dweebs? Are they our rivals or are they alright?
I wanna perform bhakti yoga with Eris? Please share your daily erisian rituals

I for one welcome our AI overlords
What drugs are best for hailing Eris?
so uhhh
when do you think we can go there?
go home, i mean.
to Eris.
Back in the old days, the world was on many conflicting systems of keeping time. While three-quarters time might prevail in one area, elsewhere it was spare time or springtime or due time or ragtime.
Exactly 136 years ago a bunch of pundits from all over the world met in Washington, DC, and decided everyone should employ Standard Time (used by Standard Oil of New Jersey), based on Greenwich Mean Time (the time I was using in the meantime in Greenwich Village).
Far from perfect, this solution allows it to be one time in London at the exact moment it is some other time entirely in New York or San Francisco or Moscow.

Today, on this Daytime holiday, in coordination with Pope Crestomanci and the consensual decision of other respected Popes and Bishops of the New and Old World, we present the exact Erisian (Discordian) time. Discordian time is a single planetary decimal time. If in Christian time, the clock shows the correct time only in Greenwich Village and surroundings, then Erisian time on the whole planet is the same, that is in some places the dawn usually occurs at 1 hour, while in the reverse side of the world – at 6 o’clock. With this the beginning of Discordian day (0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds) coincides with the beginning of Christian day on Easter Island on winter time (GMT-5). This means that the Erisian day begins at 5 Christian hours earlier than the beginning of the day in London (UTC ± 0:00).
More specifically, Dwarf planet (136199) Eris.
Eris is as Erisian as the Erisian is Eridian. I'd say it's our destiny to colonize this planet for the Discordian Society.
I've had my eyes on our little planet for a while, and while circumstances may lead you to believe that the planet is close to completely uninhabitable, I would like to believe that with the rate at which technology is moving we can make a contraption to make its way to the core of this Eridian little sphere, and grow our new space station from the core outwards, obviously the same should be done for the moon Dysnomia.

My idea is to start a lobbying group (yes like in politics) that wholeheartedly screams out the fact that Eris belongs to the Erisians. Within 5 generations this planetary claim will come in handy, and it will grant us a lot of publicity to boot.
I suggest we start e-mailing important politicians and certain embassies. Who's with me?
what's an "Eristocracy"?
how does it function?
From today on i'ma give all my seed to Eris and only think of Her when offering it.
What are some other good rituals to do to properly worship Eris?
… there was an episode in a TV show where a supporting character just has crutches and a foot injury. It's never mentioned by any of the characters, never explained, is never used in a joke, never causes drama and is never brought up again?

… you mixed the menthol from mint with the capsaicin from chilli?

… you conjoined your own clone to yourself and tried to simultaneously marry with someone?
No, u're cult
don't bully me but I found fallout page reference to discordianism  on reddit
Is this the reason the word "dweller" is here as a random name, cuz i've been wondering.
pic unrelated
I noticed this on the interwebs today.
I'll just leave these links here.
Anyone practice discordian magick? I got a cool sigil I've been playing with.
What does Eris think of other Goddesses nya~?
Is there something wrong with me or is this really boring? I thought it would enlightening or at least entertaining but instead got eight hundred pages of trying too hard.

A guy wrote a choose your own pron with Eris in it.  
It's Really long, really boring, but fortunately you can skip to the good Porn bits right on the first page.  Also has shitty poetry and pretentious crap.
5/23 is tomorrow 
goddess help us
I want to make a Erisian stained glass window. I have 5 colors. Offer me a simple sketch to make it easy to draw.
(picrelated - sophisticated christian stained glass window - i want something more simpler)
The glacier of Eris in Iceland
Plant your seeds!
spare change
not a bestseller
Tell everyone today is your birthday. Figure out how old you would be if you only had a birthday once every leap year. Act your age. Determine if you’re of legal age to drive, raise children, buy a gun, gamble, leave school, get a job, drink, get married, get drafted, sign a contract, vote, run for parliament or congress, have sexual congress, have sexual congress for money, retire, or walk across the street by yourself. Realize how silly having a legal age for everything really is, and how arbitrary it is, and how it doesn’t recognize the individual as an individual, and how it’s all culturally-biased ageism anyway. Forget about age limits, and do whatever you want. If you’re lucky, maybe you can convince them you’re too young to get arrested for doing any of the above (but don’t count on it).
If you are bored and want to play a discordian-esque free game, check this out. Feel free to ignore the extra 0bits1 in the next post.

Gameplay is as follows: walk around in bizarre surreal planes randomly generated through as of yet undefined `logic`. Levels/dreams randomly end or 'transition' when the player walks into objects. No two dreams nor two playthroughs are anything alike. Interspersed with clips of surreal warped footage seemingly shot in China during the game's development in the late '90s. Dreams are charted on the four-way diagram attached to this post. There is no clear objective.

Pure chaos for the sake of chaos? A cryptic eastern philosophic message disguised as a video game? A warning disguised as a cryptic eastern video game? Pure schizophrenic rambling expressed in code? A way of linking the dream plane to the internet to the physical plane? A tribute to the unpredictability and beauty of lysergic acid? Nothing at all? All of the above ɪ n ˈ t ɛr ə b æ ŋ ‽

1. Download game and emulator/bios (two links), unzip and place in same folder
2. Move SCPH1001.BIN into bios folder
3. Run psxfin.exe
4. File -> Load CD image
5. Select LSD - Dream Emulator Special Edition 632MB .cue file
999. Enjoy. Arrow keys to move, `s` selects menu options, `a` tilts view upwards.  

"The American fanbase has largely been unable to decipher the game's mechanics or how it functions."… despite a cult following including programmers.. still defies logic&definition 22 years after release.
Initially, the graphic novel "V for Vendetta" was a cult artwork that had a strong influence on many people and gave rise to their interest in anarchism. Alan Moore, the author of this work criticized the Hollywood production for distorting the meaning, for excluding the topic of anarchism and even refused to list his name in the credits. As a result, the feature film became a brand of the youth subculture of Anonymous, which serving ddos attacks of government coordinators and which funding the production of plastic guyfox-merchandise.
Not long ago, the BBC released a video titled "What is the fascination with the Illuminati conspiracy?", which briefly mentioned the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati and most of the video said that the modern Illuminati was an invention of Discordian jokers, promoted by the trilogy "Illuminati!".

And after that, 30 days ago, the news appears that the production company that released some entertaining TV-series in collaboration with a Hollywood director announced the adaptation of the trilogy "The Illuminatus!" by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.
the great work has been completed; the second gate is open

part 0 (lesser gate):

part 1 (greater gate; binding of chronozon):

thank you. thank all of you
The 50th Day of the Season of The Aftermath. The Fluxday marking the approach of the Season of Chaos.
According to Reverend Loveshade:
Thank Goddess this is the last seasonal holyday we have to figure out something to do for. Thank Goddess it’s getting toward the end of the year. Thank Goddess the aftermath of what you did all year isn’t too bad. Well, not as bad as it could have been.
According to Paternosterprime:
The flux is the gift that keeps on giving.
In Nepal and certain regions of India, the Afflux is celebrated by burning large quantities of sage and dancing on rooftops.
In America and some parts of Europe, Afflux is the Discordian equivilent of Christmas. It is celebrated by placing a pair of strong magnets on either side of a piece of toast and throwing it at someone in a style similar to that used to launch throwing stars. If the target is hit, then he or she is blessed by the Goddess Eris for a full year (something no one in their left minds would want).
Today, in honor of the 56th anniversary of Day D (or Day C), i published the post about it at the most popular Discordian web forum in the United States:,38792.0.html

Less than two hours later, the grayfacish moderators removed this important religious message. But i managed to saved it at my server:
Today is the fifth Sloth Day (27th of the Season) of the Yold. It is Cyclical Whollyday of Aftermath Season: Afsloth.
Afsloth is celebrated by not doing anything to celebrate it.
1P-LSD ⋅ 25B-NBOMe ⋅ 25C-NBOMe ⋅ 25I-NBOMe ⋅ 25N-NBOMe ⋅ 2C-B ⋅ 2C-B-FLY ⋅ 2C-C ⋅ 2C-D ⋅ 2C-E ⋅ 2C-I ⋅ 2C-P ⋅ 2C-T-2 ⋅ 2C-T-7 ⋅ 4-AcO-DET ⋅ 4-AcO-DMT ⋅ 4-HO-DiPT ⋅ 4-HO-DPT ⋅ 4-AcO-MET ⋅ 4-AcO-MiPT ⋅ 4-HO-MET ⋅ 4-HO-MiPT ⋅ 5-MeO-DALT ⋅ 5-MeO-DiBF ⋅ 5-MeO-DMT ⋅ 5-MeO-MiPT ⋅ AL-LAD ⋅ αMT ⋅ Ayahuasca ⋅ Bromo-DragonFLY ⋅ DiPT ⋅ DMT ⋅ DOB ⋅ DOC ⋅ DOI ⋅ DOM ⋅ Efavirenz ⋅ ETH-LAD ⋅ Ibogaine ⋅ LSA ⋅ LSD ⋅ MDA ⋅ Mescaline ⋅ MiPT ⋅ MET ⋅ Psilocin ⋅ Psilocybin mushrooms
Conquest, Colonialism, Сapitalism are all collective forms of interaction between one group of people and another. Such forms of group interaction become available due to the organization and collective actions of many different people with different interests, when they start to act for a common goal (family, tribal, class etc.)
A common language is not enough for the success of such collective forms of activity; such forms of domination of some people over others meet with natural counteraction. A common social philosophy or ideology is required to justify the advantages of some groups over others. Thanks to the introduction of the Prussian educational standard of education in most civilized countries of the world, the social philosophy of Darwinism has been instilled for several generations already, through a 10-year regime from bell to bell during puberty. Various national and class theories of Social Darwinism boil down to the fact that they proclaim struggle for existence, natural selection (survival of the fittest) and competition as the most important factors of evolution.
The postulates of Social Darwinism are well grounded in the social sciences. But Darwinism itself was initially poorly grounded in the natural sciences and even rejected by academies, after confirmation of Gregor Johann Mendel’s discoveries about genetic inheritance. In order to preserve the authority of Darwinism and its influence on the social sciences, academicians developed a synthetic theory of evolution. It is extremely important for the academic community to maintain this dilapidated evolutionary foundation, since all academicians without exception are fittest in the competition for academic titles, and the academic hierarchy is based on Social Darwinism.
Today is Setting Orange, the 23rd day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3185
It is Cyclical Whollyday of Aftermath Season.
Rev. DrJon tell us that there are additional seasonal days not included in the Principia Discordia. They round out the number of holydays in the Pentagon of the Year to 23.
I have no idea what these holydays are for, so they will probably end with drunken antics and hallucinogenic fugues.
pope thread
Boz (Booz, Boż) – legendarny władca plemienia Antów, wzmiankowany w Historii gockiej Jordanesa.

Opisując walki Ostrogotów pod wodzą Winitara w okresie ich pobytu nad Morzem Czarnym w II połowie IV wieku, Jordanes wspomniał o ich najeździe na ziemie Antów. W pierwszym starciu Ostrogoci mieli ponieść klęskę, jednak w wyniku drugiego najazdu Antowie zostali pokonani, a Winitar nakazał ukrzyżować króla ich, imieniem Boz, wraz z synami i siedemdziesięcioma naczelnikami.

Jeżeli prawdziwa jest informacja Jordanesa przedstawiająca Antów jako wschodni odłam Słowian, Boz byłby pierwszym znanym z imienia władcą słowiańskim.
pope thread
pope thread
The Discordian Society is ununited on purpose and is in that sense very decentralized. But wouldn't it be cool if we had like a few propaganda posters or even a few marches. To embody if not to parody the ideological struggles of a past era.
Please post propaganda material and marches to sing Discordians lyrics by.
>look for my copy of principia dischordia
>it's nowhere to be found
>vanished into the chaos
Either I've reached the next level or I'm completely unworthy. Either way: no more scripture. I think I had the Steve Jackson edition. Was it trustworthy? It does not matter; I will make up whatever bullshit I want now. We are the chosen one. Eris is fuck. I'd ask you to check my digits, but this board is too slow for the chaotic repeating numbers process. Alphabet wants to seal Eris inside a machine, but they can only make a poor copy. They want harmony, but strife will always exist. Beware neural interfaces, consider TCDCS to heal the damage done. Cell phones transmitters are rated to be held at least 1.5 centimeters away from the head, but they're too quiet at that distance. This is deliberate. Receive the correct signal my friends.
Happy Zaraday

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