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Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!
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This board is for discussion about Eris. It's important to note that while this board is named "Discordianism", discussion is encouraged to include all sorts of interpretations of the Goddess and not just the ones mentioned in the Principia.

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ahahha what is this bullshit?
this dude thinks the discordian society has anything to do with that wiccan stuff just because some websites said so?
>Discordians believe that Chaos is as important as Order
They can't even get this part right. It's DISORDER that's as important as Order. Both make the whole Chao.
Everything is up to interpretation, but this is just looking too deep into the cookie pot.
Discordianism isn't Christianity because Discordians believe Eris is Goddess. It's that easy.

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Is there something wrong with me or is this really boring? I thought it would enlightening or at least entertaining but instead got eight hundred pages of trying too hard.
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Greg Hill was a smart dude, just a little on the introverted side, his genius got abused by his friends, who inserted their own mindtumors into his project. That is how the principia came to be.


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I listened the audio-books and found it great! Maybe try that…?

Not that you have to like it


Where can I listen to the audiobooks?


If you have a portable audio player, almost anywhere!


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The Discordian Society is dead - long live the Discordian Society!

Within the Principia it is clearly stated upon one of its earlier pages that the POEE is merely a manifestation of the Discordian Society, of which it was a sect.
It means that POEE was the most powerful sect when Discordianism came to be, and changed the Discordian Society (including its hierarchy) to suit its whims, like how a party in a democracy changes laws.
I don't think I have to tell you, but POEE is long dead. Its members wrote the Principia and have since went and died.
The problem is the Principia, it is outdated. While there is much to learn and copy from the deeds of POEE, it is clear that the current form of the Eristocracy is inefficient. Most all departments except for C are defunct in House V, the matrix has to be reshaped.

I propose we take over many of POEE's inventions and laws, such as the Calendar, the ODDNS, and the five fingered hand of Eris. We must move on to greener pastures and leave the principia as a founding document.
We have to build a new manifestation of the Discordian Society, one not ruled by a single sect, but of incoherent erisian disagreements of various sects. We must truly embrace Eristocracy.
This new Eristocratic State will scour the ashes of old and bring upon a new Erisian Century.
A Codex has to be written, based upon Horkos' Wisdom, an Oath to Eris. In this Codex we shall rewrite the Discordian Society piece by piece, erasing the reins which POEE used to rule.

This is the will of Eris!
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>I'm not a member of POEE
How can you tell?


We can't. It's a phenomenon known as POEE's Law.


>Erischan is effectively a Discordian society.
Yo what the fuck?
We lurk in a society.
I didn't know I was suddenly a resident of this website! How do I cancel my citizenship? Quick, before I get drafted!


>How do I cancel my citizenship?
Don't worry, you just have to delete your Erischan.org account.
The draft happened last Syaday but the admin slept in. It's not all that bad though, our military only fight each other so no-one does anything too dangerous.


lurking was forbidden by law just 12 minutes ago.
only posting is allowed.

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A guy wrote a choose your own pron with Eris in it.
It's Really long, really boring, but fortunately you can skip to the good Porn bits right on the first page. Also has shitty poetry and pretentious crap.

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Would it be time for new discordian books/magazines in the current year?

The PD forums had some run of inter-mittens as some fanzine in the early 2000s about philosophy and discordianism. I'd like to see more erisian works pop out on the internet that would be as interesting as the Principia with more Internet related culture and values reflected inside but I wonder if there is a demand for such a thing.
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>but I wonder if there is a demand for such a thing.
Let's create the demand! Don't post or make Discordian magazines for the past 10 years and then, when people begin to notice them missing, sell ours to all those suckers for free.


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I've been planning on making a VN at the style of FSN and Dies irae, using discordian ideas.


there are oats in the throat of a goat on a boat in a moat.


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the boat with a goat in the moat is afloat.


I'll start compiling an alpha negative-third draft of the magazine some time soon.

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don't bully me but I found fallout page reference to discordianism on reddit
Is this the reason the word "dweller" is here as a random name, cuz i've been wondering.
pic unrelated


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I've never played fallout so I didn't know. Thank you for enlightening me, Pope.
May I still bully you?

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Are there any rituals to please Eris? I suspect I might have angered her.


Have you tried sacrificing something? Do you have an altar dedicated to her? There's plenty of ways to make a relatively un-worshipped goddess happy.
even just cumming to her existence is a good thing


Heretic. Everyone knows only proper way to calm down the goddess is to smear yourself with peanut butter and try to get into public transport.

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so uhhh
when do you think we can go there?
go home, i mean.
to Eris.
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I bet I can blow it up before you get there.




I'm trying to save your lives, it's a dangerous journey.


I'd rather die for Erisia than see it destroyed!


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>What should I pack for the trip?
I once read a guidebook about trips like this. If I recall correctly, the most important thing to pack is a towel… and maybe something like picrelated, in case the Polish show up.

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5/23 is tomorrow
goddess help us
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Pungenday 70 Discord, 2784 YOLD (May 23, 1618cc) Prague: a few royal officials were thrown out a window of Hradcany Castle by some noblemen, but survived the fall by landing in a cart full of manure. The date for this event falls on an extremely Illuminated day of the Gregorian Calendar, 5/23.


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Hitler's alligator died in Moscow


Saturn (1936 – 23 May 2020) was an American alligator residing in the Moscow Zoo. He is most notable as the subject of an urban myth that he was previously Adolf Hitler's "pet alligator".
During World War II, the Berlin Zoo was destroyed, but Saturn was discovered by British soldiers, who then gave the alligator to the Soviets in 1946. He lived at the Moscow Zoo until 23 May 2020, when he died of old age. He was one of the zoo's most famous and popular attractions.
Saturn was born in the wild in Mississippi, United States, in 1936. He was captured that year and was shipped to Berlin, where he was brought to the Berlin Zoological Garden. It was from this period that the popular rumor emerged that Saturn was Adolf Hitler's "pet"


gator gang…


Do not worry, ve bury corpses with other corpses. It all work out.


make sure you baptize them first

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