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This board is for discussion about Eris. It's important to note that while this board is named "Discordianism", discussion is encouraged to include all sorts of interpretations of the Goddess and not just the ones mentioned in the Principia.

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Post websites which might please the Bitch.

(repost) >>571
(repost) >>529
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(see also the Midnight Cricket section for REAL and AUTHENTIC OPERATION MINDFUCK content)
>but that site is dead!
most people are dead.

kalli.st goes without saying but some Touring Dweller may yet not have yet discovered it yet.
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derisive minx.webp
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Zen is when you stop yelling at people and start laughing at them.
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Zen is when you act for your self — not to please others, but neither to spite them.

Nor should this be equated with selfishness.
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Freeze! Lay down on the floor and now one gets hurt! This is a stick up! 

Look here toots, I'm here for all the zen you got. Lay that enlightenment on me before someone gets hurt
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You evaporated my ZEN you FOOL.
I could have just given you a copy but the gun made me FREAK OUT and I DROPPED it down the DRAIN.
Zen is when shit comes out off your butt instead of your mouth
Zen is when you find an enlightenment without the urge to tell people who don't care.

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Hey popes, I found this article somewhere
What do you think about it?
does it have pope reliability?
>damn it's hard to make a kielbasa in an IA but it is much harder to do it heretically.
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Christians are just people who started counting their fingers but got stuck at 3
Replies: >>3504
oh their god what happened to their fingers? ;_;
>surprised that rationalwiki takes something seriously
The place has more joyless pseuds than all of Reddit. Ask me, everyone should be working to make them the butt of every joke.
Replies: >>3506 >>3507
if this cat is heavy like a duck, they a jive-ass wood nigga.webp
(27.4KB, 596x335)
Every joke? Uhh I can try.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get further away from RationalWiki.
(10.5KB, 500x500)
You have such an irrational hatred towards a fact checking resource. Boo hoo my instructions on how to put together Ikea sex torture machine don't have enough jokes to them. Are you taking jokes seriously again?

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(231.2KB, 2048x2048)
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I just done some Discodian related images that I think would be cool on a t-shirt.
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(1.5MB, 1920x1080)
>>3501 (OP) 
I've always been a bit iffy about Fnord being a big in-your-face thing in post-Principia discordian culture and such, although I can't say no to some pir8 anti-copyright love. The beige depth on the first one is lovely.

1731142 - Eris Herny_the_Duck The_Grim_Adventures_of_Billy_and_Mandy.png
(395.3KB, 1119x1188)
Let's post our favorite images of our favorite goddess and give her our "seed" as tribute for worship.
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>be a dude
>terf, but not an asshole about it
>really enjoy breathable clothing
>want to wear kilts, skirts, tank tops or crop tops
>people assume I'm a tranny or someone who does full crossdressing.
It's all so tiring
Replies: >>3249
social notions of gender are a spook. anyone who cares about someone 'crossdressing' is a fragile and infantile normalfag. "oh no, my precious simple worldview!"
im a scottish-inclusive radfem.
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Only if you pay extra.
(205.5KB, 1448x2048)

(18.1KB, undefinedxundefined)
I. The honk that can be told is not the eternal Honk. The honkmother that can be named is not the eternal Honkmother. The nameless is what sets the stage. The names is the play, the actors, the audience and the wall between them. Freed from seriousness, you can see the hidden mystery. Serious eyes only see what is visibly real.
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IX. The kite rises high and the Jester lets it soar; the kite string pops and the Jester lets it fly away. He has but does not possess, acts but does not expect. When his work is done, he forgets it. That is why it lasts forever, much like the Grandest of Jesters. Praise the Honkmother!
truly, if it doesn't make you laugh, it is not true.

is there more of this clowny wisdom for a fool?
Replies: >>3444
The serious person seeks wisdom to have it, and always desires more.  the Jester seeks wisdom to mock it, and in doing so attains Fun.

(No I don't have any more)
Replies: >>3445
(104.9KB, 563x568)
if that is the case then it is certainly enough
Be the best clown you can be

(1.3MB, 440x440)
Who knows the egg? It's somewhere here I'll let you find it.

 If you look closel y at egg you will see it resembles a zero If you look closely at zero and squint you will see two zeros. For the third step since 3 is the third and we have the said third twice we square the 3 to get 9 and add it to zero. Then we four times two is 8 which is what you get sideways if you turn both zeroes by 9+0 degrees. But in terms of the fourth and fifth step (4+5) you spin the 8 to get infinity. For 6 is the spin of 9 you flip steps 90 and 45 so that you actually get the infinity first and teh 8 second because infinity becomes before 8 but we all know ate eight infinity after so thats why it comes first first, before it comes after. Finally egg is cooked and ready to be served, preferably with bacon and apple jews.
(48.3KB, 1200x630)
shit. the egg found me.
Replies: >>3487
I am egg as you are egg and we are all together. I am the eggman they are the eggmen. I am the egg goo goo gjoob.

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>Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.
This is notice that you are officially excommunicated if you fail to incorporate Mao Zedong Thought into your liturgy. In fact I've created a new holy work by cutting up the principia and shuffling it together with my little red book.
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Is it still Mao Zedong Thought if it does not get distributed among the poor of the region of Thud?
(362.2KB, 1854x2429)
His face is only gray in imperialist propaganda. The truth is he had a healthy bright red complexion.
Replies: >>3470 >>3471 >>3472
creepy british boy (female).jpg
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My life is a liesies.
Replies: >>3471
(51.1KB, 700x858)
it's all a Taiwan lie!
damned capitalist dwarfs!
I was thrilled, I found out too late
order now triumphs over lies!
Replies: >>3472
(22.7KB, 563x544)
there are a lot of lies out there, you just have to look for them.

subvertising for london.jpg
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Post the good jam
oh shi-.webp
(34KB, 1366x597)
vintage coomer propaganda.webp
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have no taste. become ungovernable.webp
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23 skidooo, dang advertisements!

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