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Guys I am very proud to tell you that thanks to internet access and cybernautics I stumbled upon an old Proto-Pajeet-Aryan-Erisian cult.
>It's called Temple of Priapus
So it's another new Erisian cult that we can add to the repertoire of the lost book of Erisian religions.
Book which was obviously burned by Crypto-Christians in Egypt, fortunately the Jews had a copy but they soaked it with holy water from the Mikveh and left it to dry in the sun
until a drunk member of the Sufi order stole it thinking it was his underwear and left it a mess, now it is lost
and academics are not going to bother to do erisian-archaeology among the holy underwear of the Sufi order.
because you know, there's a lot of poop ass fart pee and hashish in there.
Here a wikipedia article for more info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Priapus
So... keep on loving each other! peace!
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>>3555 (OP) 
true, and straight
>and academics are not going to bother to do erisian-archaeology
Well, it's more that we have a certain... arrangement with them.
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What a horrible sentence to type!

This would never have happened if the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine weren't sued by the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.
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>>3555 (OP) 
Well this'll be a wonderful additional reference on the back of my pope card.
>haha penis
>haha funniiii
when will discordianism outgrow of 1960s subversion humor and 2010 tumblr humor
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When we all stop touching ourselves uwu
I'm here for the day we outgrow ancient Greek deities.
Any day now.
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Spoiler File
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Is Bob Dobbs a deity?
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Only on Mondays
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fuck I hate Mondays!
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you think the chilli is your ally?.jpg
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I just got my ass kicked by a salad!
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Sometimes you toss the salad and other times salad tosses you!
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I am not particularly fond of people tossing my salad
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dont hate the player, hate the game
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Hmm you're right.
Fuck I despise weeks. Abolish weeks. Just fucking destroy them.
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Bob Dobbs.gif
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Time? Its good on potatoes or in a stew
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How do we know the universe was not made up 5 seconds ago, also including our memories of a longer duration?
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fool! the universe is being created constantly, sometimes every hour and sometimes every few days!
you can prove this by leaving a splash of water outside and seeing it has disappeared when you return.
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Greyfaces don't season their cabbage
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throw cab.jpg
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boil them fry em put em in a pickle
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pickle rick?
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