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Is there significant, valuable, magick or Hero's Journey merit in the O9A's insight role system and the general "Internal adept"\ temple master  tasks of fitness tests, adventures like bike-packing the continent, etc? 
How can I take up an Insight Role -and live it fully for 6 months-3 years- without actually becoming evil? I think that, ironically, the MOST evil thing is to be a lukewarm normie zoomer lefty; so true evil would be listening to rap and pop music, smoking 🗿weed🗿, not openly cliticizing the use of condoms , hatting the rich etc But that's being a normogroid average middle-class western world loser so it's anti-ethical to the Insight Role.
What do you think? Should I join my federal police force? take up an extreme sport like Kali Tudo\ Dog Brothers? go to public university for social worker career and studying course, and only hang out and join the most militant and virulent organizations there?
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>>3595 (OP) 
There is literally no merit in O9A insight roles. It's Star Wars sith live-action roleplay, deriving from Operation Gladio. The only reason I support them is that it wastes the time of edgelords who think O9A is not an obvious trap.
But since you're already in a fed operation, if you decide you must choose one, join a police force. Police are the ones who hunt down you and people like you, the ones employed to enforce and preserve the evil status quo of the owning class, so it's clearly most 🗿>ethical🗿 to infiltrate and learn how to sabotage them. Police are infamously different and gang-like internally, and the barrier to entry is low as they face recruitment issues. Lame lefties organizations are basically the same internally as they are externally, there's almost no insight to be had there since Weathermen went out of fashion. You will learn nothing more in six months than what you can read in the Communist Manifesto and other pamphlets in a few days day (important information for chaos creation, but not rare information whatsoever). But police, especially fed police, gives you power. Not as a member, but more importantly, as a traitor to them. Even simple transgressions like whistleblowing make them go insane, and for good reason - they're the protectors of the status quo, the 🗿peaceful liberal utopia of the owner class🗿. They're the (often literal) mafia who are comfortable in their chairs. And they're fragile as fuck once you're not a designated free target ('civilian').
What better tree to shake. Soon, you will learn, they are a far more evil entity internally than any lame apolitical drone hooked on the propaganda machine. The victim is 'banal evil'. The machine is where there is insight to be found.
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>>3595 (OP) 
>O9A insight roles
fnord this greyface jargon 
but how confounding might a star game captcha be? lol
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I DO have a photo of a star game board+pieces, as well as other "rare" TOB\O9A photos from old archieves.
I can dump there, if theres interest.
>09A derives from old churchgoverment fed shit
Fuck, now that make a lot of sense!!! Why im so blind?!!??!! Fuck fnords!!!
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