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¿What if in reality 9/11 was a covert operation by the Bavarian illuminati that ended in disaster due to a OM counter-operation by the discordian society super secret discrete non-masonic non-Eucledian non-masonic lodge of Eris (T.D.S.S.S.S.D.N.M.N.E.E)
which was so infamous that the Japanese communists claimed authorship of the act out of envy and jealousy?
I need to take my pills
>be me, childrens book writer, 1975
>at werk
>manager walks up and introduces me to a 'john harris'
>pulls me aside and sternly mentions 'john is with the cia'
>yeah no shit sherlock. he clearly wants everyone to know, with the suit and briefcase and sunglasses while indoors
>douche manager leaves
>'john' tells me they are expecting a terrorist attack against the twin towers in about 25 years
>yeah no shit. those two huge exposed towers we built three years ago symbolising american global economic hegemony might be a prime target for terrorists?? really?
>'john' says they need me to plant a subliminal hint in a book to help prime people to the possibility and make it less devastating when it does happen
>sir, we write childrens books
>'john' replies thats why they came to us, the kids will be 30 by the time it happens
>john im not an idiot if your agency wants to get them blow them up in a couple of decades then why did you let them get built anyway?
>'john' takes off his glasses
>look we can take care of all the smaller coutnries that pop up in south america, but if we want to get an invasion going against the bigger fish in albania, china or commie korea then we'll need a damn big excuse
>whatever but how do i put the twin towers getting destroyed in a children's book?
>'john' tells me thats my job to figure out, send a draft in by next week

>>The Coup - Party Music
has some bangers on it, vidrel
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