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This board is dedicated to the discussion of Governance, which takes precedence over the discussion of Politics.
The main purpose of this board is not about saying something is wrong, it's about seeing how it could be done right via policy.
Why don't governments impose a ban on alcohol? It's clearly bad for your body, it costs the government more money in lost productivity and crime than they'll ever recover in taxes and other revenue… Why do they persist in keeping it legal?
What is a G.n.o.s.t.i.c.?
>Order (of)
I was tired of the limited options available and in fighting within the left hand path. I'm not against Kabbalahistic teachings, I learned something else from Europe that wasn't from those books. I don't consider it my personal favorite, yet I can use it as a reference and appreciate what I learned but never practiced their way.
>I don't care how your C, K, or Q variants go in different directions either. They're not for me.
There is an Anarcho-Monarchist theme between three books that are separate.
>I'm not gonna pay for them either, they're public domain
The so-called "Lesser" Key attributed to Solomon, The (allegedly) false hierarchy of Demons, and The Infernal Dictionary are all about the same subject matter.
>Every dæmon (demon or genius) is royalty
>Every one of them has artwork
>All have invocations, etc..
S. Connolly did an excellent job in her works of a non-binding method. If you have something they like, and would like to work and get along with who is discussed, it's usually more simple for myself. I don't need much to give, and I don't get much for what I offer. If it makes a being I have a difficult time perceiving have a better day without the expectation of something in return, I see nothing wrong with that (whether theistic, or as a paranormal/anomalous method)
>Wouldn't you be happy if someone framed your picture, made it smell just how you like, and said
>"I need nothing from you, you're royalty to me! It is my pleasure to have you as a guest."
I will not publish my governmental theory as a "valid theory of human government". As that isn't what works for everyone, and other authors have done a much better job at how those systems may work in theory or in practice. I don't consider those works to be, "jewish" in the slightest. They are in Hebrew in some older editions. Aramaic copies still exist in private libraries, yet I feel zero to access those copies. Those are preserved, reference materials. I do, however, feel the need to discuss that in my experience using a living language is an important aspect of reaching out if you're going to do something like this. 
>Why would I, a Grand Arch-Pope, want to release records? Stolen by someone else when other copies exist elsewhere?
If you're inspired to work on something similar as a combination of similar, unnecessarily separate works, and restoring the text you can freely access.. why wouldn't I want to inspire a genius?
>"B-b-but they're demons!1!1!1111!one1!"
Yes, living things that are stronger, smarter and more powerful in most conceivable ways than humans. People are people, and they are people that are different as far as I'm concerned. They may be "dead" gods that became different and live differently under a different name. They aren't as difficult to work with in a reasonable capacity if you chose to do so as a theistic, non-theistic, or symbolic system. I don't need to speak an incantation if I already know they're going to stop by, and I know who is supposed to be there. No need for a costumed full time clergy person in an unorganized system to LARP as their demon associate, but if that's what you want for your thing, it worked for Dr. Aquino's Lodge.
>When it comes down to finding out for one's self...
Study first, find out who seems to appeal to you. Sometimes these things do change, yet the order of most similar lists remains the same.
>I cannot encourage any criminal behavior where blasphemy is illegal.
This is not blasphemous, as the Geniuses and Demons are not always the same sorts of beings. If perceive them as something more beautiful, consider the Angelic approach to writing. There are positives, and if those are worth writing about in a seemingly godly fashion, that allows for publishing in some restricted areas. If there is a ban on materials like this (for example, in Germany at certain points in time), Jehovah's Witnesses simply preserve the Faustian traditions by providing information on why they do not celebrate what others do.
>What do you do in an area that does not allow religion at all?
These sort of list based books are easy to integrate into other media that is acceptable, as fiction. Whether it's a book on unusual animals (classified biology ≠ crypto-sciences), a monster manual format for custom tabletop games that a government would approve of (quiet easy to compare them to who they dislike outside of the country), video games that work similarly to tabletop, or as "collect the monster" alternatives for "Pocket Demons".
>Why would Eris care?
The Serpentine that offered a Golden Apple to Humanity is based into this system as a valuable lesson. Gardens are difficult to maintain, especially if you have human interference. The introduction of Chaos (as opposed to sin) didn't cause humanity to become worse. It made things more fun. Does Eris not take on many forms to achieve her goals? 
>Of course she does
Considering that Lilith was kicked out for wanting to ride Adam's dick, and saying a bitch's name that no-one has spoken since.. yeah, I could understand why she would get along with some of the other ladies that do not care for that "god" specifically.
>Quiet rude to perv on the people you made, and wanted to live there.
Those books just don't appeal to everyone, and the more ridiculously unnecessary each "translation" becomes.
Is it all a glowie in the dark operation to see how the population reacts?
the televangelists turn me on, the problem is that I want to turn them off.
how is your sexual relationship with the government?
I just want a erisian trad wife and live la vida loca.
Donald Trump looks like Elvis Presley
Read image
¿What if in reality 9/11 was a covert operation by the Bavarian illuminati that ended in disaster due to a OM counter-operation by the discordian society super secret discrete non-masonic non-Eucledian non-masonic lodge of Eris (T.D.S.S.S.S.D.N.M.N.E.E)
which was so infamous that the Japanese communists claimed authorship of the act out of envy and jealousy?
I need to take my pills
Here's where I stand in common political points of discussion.

Studies have shown that immortality causes HUGE intergenerational income equality. This is why we must extend abortion laws to include anyone OVER 300 years of age.

Consensual warfare:
War is okay and fun as long as it is Safe, Sane and Consensual. Everyone has to fill consent forms before getting shot at.

As everyone knows, it is in our countrys best interest to send all the working age youth to infiltrate foreign lands. This goes without saying.

Religious freedom:
Freedom shall be your religion, you shall have no other religion.

Army shall distribute all its assets to general population in a huge lottery and cease to exist.
Over the years, I have look in several place for making firearms base books and websites.
With over few options find. Do anyone get some free options of books that should help
future gunsmiths . . .
What would your perfect utopia be like based on your ideals?
Why do we even have this board? The best governance is no governance
When will we be able to unite like the EU?
We no longer want to harbor hatred towards each other.
>New bunker
>New political board
>New demographic
Who the fuck are you and what are your views?
8values thread.
Now that we have internet and are able to gather around, could we launch Operation Mindfuck OPs? Making false proof and slowly shilling it in some conspiraboomer websites?
I have a few telegram conspiracy channels I can post into, so if you guys have some short and convincing Mindfuck "memes" I can share them
This guy get elected to president in Argentina and he is a libertarian. some people compare his politic talk like trump and others like he is saying something from a book of Ayn Rand ¿What you think going to happen to Argentina? yes probably he have a friendship with the CIA-Israel and Murica
This post will be brigaded and possibly deleted by the bidetists but I have to speak the truth that everyone else is too afraid to say. 

Bidets are ineffective and a waste of money. All they do is squirt water at your ass, you have to turn it up to the point where your literally power washing your entire rectum before it actually removes poop. You're better off using bargain bin toilet paper. Its not any more clean or sanitary because if you finally do remove the poop it just runs down your gooch. And then you have to wipe anyway to avoid having a wet spot in your ass. These things are being pushed on us from all sides and they just suck. They're trying to force us to use these disgusting French things and so many on the internet just go along with it, nobody speaks out. Dissenters are doxxed, gangstalked, and their identities are stolen and sold to Nigerians. We are being FORCED to walk around with wet buttholes and so many people have DELUDED themselves into thinking it's better. Sick fucks, I hope they rot in hell the disgusting creeps.

So anyway what are the governance implications of this?
Masters can govern themselves and require no people.
Let's explore alternate governmental paradigms. No discussing existing, academically acknowledged governance systems.

Executive Referendum - At the beginning of each month, a referendum is held where every citizen of the state writes in any person's name. The most popular person is immediately arrested and executed. There are no exceptions.

Expert Jurism - Every decision that a parliament cannot reach a 2/3 super-majority on, a jury of experts relevant to the legislation topic is chosen, who decide the outcome.

Legislative Extremism - Any citizen who intentionally and without assistance removes enough blood from their body such that they fall unconscious is allowed to propose a law that requires a super-majority in parliament to deny. Each vote for the super-majority only counts if a blood sacrifice from the palm is given.

Present Property - Any property not currently in transit is shared between all people in line-of-sight. Exceptions are one government assigned property apartment block (identical to other assigned properties) and certain items deemed essentials.

Genocracy - Punishment is controlled by a hierarchical genetic chain of command.
If a child drives a car poorly and hits a stranger, their oldest-generation blood relatives decide on a punishment, lack of punishment or to abstain. If they cannot reach agreement, the decision runs off to the next generation.

Bidism - Rather than acting as a proxy, currency is a direct voting method for laws and justice. Money received through bidding votes is burned immediately. Any person or entity is allowed to bid, excluding foreign entities.
Are we going to have to wear cabbages to go shopping? Because I'd rather take vitamin K to take care of my astral immune system.
I have an idea that is a branch off of OP Mindfuck.

Is anyone interested in playing a game of musical chairs?
In a way, aren't we kind of lucky the grayfaces of the world can be so stingy about legalizing drugs? 

The real dilemma for them is that they could loosen restrictions on stuff that distracts people from shitty living situations and be treated like they're progressive without really having to make an effort towards improving anything, but then they might get shit for being progressive and from people complaining about line cooks being baked.
I saw this on Modern Day Debate's discord server, I saved and reposted this gem. 

I have been hanging out with LDS people over the past month, so I would have guessed I would be boarding on their square. I met mine when I was doing cold approaches.
I finally made it. I got banned from /r/atheism for "supporting fascism".

Fascism is apparently when Republicans implement Liberalism.
Niggers: Love 'em or Hate 'em?
I am launching a new culture jamming project as part of Operation Mindfuck.

Goal : Make sex more accessible to non-rich and non-drunk people.

Methods : 

1 Posting porn references in meatspace.
2 Replacing the soundtracks.
3 Sharing cost effective hedonism tips.
4 Co-opting churches.
5 Defeating rich dudes and psychotherapists that don't want the competition.
People can govern themselves and require no masters.
Should we lock up every mathematician for around two months each year to speed up the advancement of science?
Haiti President Jovenel is dead, however, There are some rumors about torture and there are some photos, have u any information about that? I would like to see the pictures.
Where did all the daring-do of politics go?
Over the years we've seen a lot of frivolous political parties come and go. But none, especially not today, seem eccentric enough to be called "original".
A fine arrangement of parties that serve their own incomprehensible ends would probably do our countries more good than those who can be influenced by money.
The political spectrum should measure just how seriously you gaze into the absurd, and it will replace the current left-right metric.
You'd think with all these unitary governments that the municipal councils would be left with nothing but clowns, but that could be much more the case than it is.
I want to totally remove ANY and ALL traces of myself legally,sociallydigitally. I need advice,insight,feedback.
>cutting up and stitching my fingertips( for the prints). Somehow modifying my Dental Register
>doing a rather extreme body transformation(muscle gain and fat loss,etc). Also copious daily hours of "face yoga"
>fake contact lenses,shaving all body hair so 0 DNA traces.

im also fanatically anti-tax so I view money,itself,and property(currently)as tax,in themselves.
I also want to detox myself from nanobots,g5, GMOs. And I will seriously live inside a faraday cage;i believe in the sattelite-G5-chemical-industrial food complex MKultra stuff.
Virulent type of person, incapale of conscious thought, sits in the corner of the room repeating buzzwords they didn't come up with themselves. Their goal, the only purpose of their gnawed-empty body and worm filled brain has been left with, is to infect every space they inhabit, fill it to the brim with similar empty husks of human beings until the walls crack and the flock of zombies wanders off to their separate directions to seek new prey.

To kill them would be merciful. To spark a understanding of their state in them the worst torture imaginable. Sick mind averts its gaze from itself, not recognizing its own host. Instead it looks for people too strong to succumb to such disease, mocking them for their resistance, for their individuality, for their soul.

For to the sick, the will to not submit to their putrid uniformity comes off as weakness. They hold their oozing headwounds in high esteem, as the highest form of self expression. How could one think for themselves without half of their brain leaking down their cheek? How does one think for themselves if they don't have the exact thoughts, expressions, views, the whole alternative worldview as they do?

There is a tendency of people at some point of their life to realize that all that is said by mainstream media isn't necessarily true. It corresponds with the earlier state of mental developement where a child realises other individuals are capable of lying. This doesn't lead to a complete reversal of the worldview in this case, since very soon the child must realise that with a simple reversal, by speaking the truth when the child assumes they are being lied to, they can be tricked once more. For some reason, many people who start distrusting the news never realise that lie must be packaged in 90% truth to be effective, but reject the whole of the common truth as bullshit, and enthusiastically jump into the jaws of predatory worldviews.

Should those interested in world peace concentrate their efforts on arming every single country with a sufficient nuclear arsenal? Mutual assured destruction would make wars impossible.
Trump: Give me a JEW!!!!

Miggers: "YOU!!!!!"
so what's the deal with fascists being all mystical n shiet? Out there making up "pagan" rituals to connect them to their race consciousness or whatever.

For that matter what's up with the fashit discordians?

I get that the entire ideology is basically "hey what if we deceived a bunch of boobs into supporting our seizure of power with our cool /aes/thetic" but why pick the aesthetics that make you sound like a cokehead college student?
I'm definately a anarchist and disorder will always rule over your petty,stupid, little laws whether you like it or not. Don't lick the boots, bite the apple bitches!
I think it is the time to take the next step in the evolution of the human species.


Seriously. We have enough frozen sperm to last until converting to eggs into sperms is viable.

Let's do this to combat global warming. 90% of carbon emissions are MANmade. Damn those fuckers and their car fetish.

Let's do this for our children. Most of paedophiles caught are male. Also without penises rape will be much less physically damaging.

Let's do this for our country. Without men going to wars all the other countries wouldn't hate U.S. and the global love and intercontinental sex would lead U.S. right into the utopia we deserve.

At least up until we figure out how to make artificial wombs.
my policy is to kill all fags
What is the Time? Why do we let her get away with stuff? Are the ways people structure Time useful, or yet another wall to keep us locked in the metaphysical state of slavery?

In this thread we discuss current/past/future chronopolitical happenings, and ways we can allocate Time better to the needy and the deserving via POLICY.
Did you know 99% of world population has a rare genetic disease that makes them unnaturally tall? These tall people are inferior in many ways, they don't fit in small places, they waste more food, and their clothes use up more fabric. Huge majority of violent crime is done by these tall people, they work for cheaper taking all the workplaces, their primal instincts make them dominate the sports, and worst of all a secret cabal of tall people has taken over the media industry and is pushing tall people in main roles in movies and tv-series everywhere.

This has to change, it's time to purge this corrupted bloodline from humanity once and for all. No more tallers! Let's solve the tall question by making all doorframes lower so the tallers eventually die from head trauma.
Now that we've pitted men and women against each other it is time to found an enbie queerdom that'll last for… THREE WEEKS! Governmental positions are up for grabs, state your pronouns and preferred title in this thread to apply.
Hello and excuse me.

I'm a president of a middle sized oceanian state and it has come to knowledge that im hugely underqualified to the job.

Therefore I seek your guidance, since I've been lurking this politics board for over 30 years now, and while it has recently been ruined by shitposting and conspiracies, I know in my guts that the brilliant political theorists that used to reside here are still around.

Elections are just around the corner and that damn communist party leader is running again with their promises of healthcare and food for the starving population. That idiot doesn't understand they are starving for reason. If I gave them food, the peasants would be strong enough to throw me out of power!

Anyway, the commie is gathering support and the time is growing thin. How do I spoil this brats plan to ruin my fun? I've grown accustomed to presidental palace, and the work has made me too tired to arrange moving to another place. There's not even another house big enough to hold all my stuff.

Somebody please help!
This attached graph shows the rate of crime in US declining over the years. How can you claim that raising black population can be cause of crime if there is such a clear negative correlation. Meanwhile white population has been plummeting with the crime rate. Coincidence? I think not.
I've heard the police stuff is all fake and blown out of proportion and the leader steals donations.
What is your favorite cuba? What do you do with your cuba? How many cubas you've seen recently? Discuss!
You are waken up from your sleep by a loud knock in the door. Grogged and drowsy, you make your way to aforementioned door, intrigued by this rare, early disturbance of your solitary existence. Beyond the door you find a particulary angry paramilitant of Local Peoples Freedom Thugs (which you've never heard about) who's going around conscripting everything with a pulse against its still unknown enemy.

How do you plan to tell her to kindly fuck off, or do you prefer to submit as a pawn in Big Boys RTS-game?
eristocratic party when
Francois I, king from 1494–1547, of whom it was said les aimait beacoup (loved them a lot), had a set of waffle irons cast in pure silver. His successor, Charles IX enacted the first waffle legislation in 1560, in response to a series of quarrels and fights that had been breaking out between the oublieurs. They were required "d'être au moins à la distance de deux toises l'un de l'autre. " (to be no less than 4 yards from one to the other).
Is this board a fed honeypot? Tell me the truth.
What sort of people browse this place?
I wanna know. Post em.
Don't mind me, I'm just a data archeologist retrieving a few things from /32/, the psychopolitics board on 8ch. The people here might appreciate some of what was said there.

>Celebrity Complex and the Surveillance State

>What do you believe to be the underlying reasons for SJWism?

>Field Research

>To the Point of Absurdity


Old snapshot on
Clearly humanity as it stands … Ain't up to much
I posted this already on 4chan, but it seemed to me that most of the posts there, like in most social networks (even imitating an imageboard), are generated, and therefore only one person answered me, who, apparently, is not familiar with what I am talking about I say. I trust Erischan more.

The thing is, I really like Kira Yoshikage. I find his worldview quite adequate and practical. It so happened that now in my country there are some upheavals. Recently, the idea came to my mind that maybe Yoshikagism could help people a lot as an ideology. Its essence is to build the life of people and society in accordance with the worldview and behavior of Kira (excluding, perhaps, the destructive part in the form of violence). I, as a Yoshikagist, believe that if everyone becomes Kira and lives a quiet life, elects more Kira-like people as leaders, then this will lead to the prosperity of society.

What do you think of Yoshikagism as a political ideology? Sorry for the errors in the text, I translated it partially through Google Translate.
So you're an misanthrope, huh?

You want all these gross whiny humans to be extinct. Sure, why not. Nobody is stopping you. The problem is, you're dumb and you have no idea how to exterminate the dominant species of planet. You try mass shooting, genocide, enviromental catastrophe, a nuclear fucking annihillation, and every time those pesky apes climb out from their bunkers, now even more cautious and resilient.

You're doing it wrong. Your futile murderous rampage is as useful to achieving your goals as antibiotics are to get rid of bacteria. Lucky for you there's a better plan.

We need to achieve utopia. A world without borders, world where every person can feel loved and accepted. No racism, no sexism, no classism. We need to remove all the sharp edges from the world, so people grow fat and complacent. Too satisfied to their life they could even imagine anyone would want to end it. We'll give it a 1000 years or so, and if we still feel like ending humanity by then, nobody would know how to resist.

Now get on with the program or shut the fuck up.
Dear Eris, 

I think I’ve finally learned to see the fnords. There was this news story about a chick named Gabby Petito whose name means talk less. She supposedly went missing on 9/11 wearing a yellow shirt that said “zion” – an obvious reference to zionism and the theory that jewish zionists did 9/11. Stories about jews doing 9/11 will be a theme, particularly in reference to women and kids going missing or being abused, probably because Jeffrey Epstein, Clare Bronfman, Anthony Weiner, Assi Ben Mosh, and a bunch of other jewish child sex traffickers were blackmailing a large portion of the world elite with child rape when 9/11 happened. It helped me realize that the elite are using major news stories to send coded messages to their criminal cartel that can’t be easily detected by the masses but can be easily interpreted by anyone who knows what they’re looking for. It’s unlikely Gabby Petito was even real – just a story made up to send a message. But what message, and by and to whom?
Since the male genocide thread got autosaged for no good reason I'd like to bring about a question about partisanship. As erisians, we should be counterculture to whatever is happening around us. Eris gives us perspective around the things grays won't even realize blocking their vision. And most importantly of all, sometimes she shows people different crap.

So why in the fuck are we degrading into a regular  boring random-chan culture with channer ideology shadowing everything from threads to moderation decisions? We should be a sore thumb sticking out in a sea of conformity, not a place you find any validation from. I know the admin is running for pd-style of discordianism for personal reasons or whatever. Sure, making new views and stuff happen is all good, found your own cult etc. 

The problem I have with this is that instead of seeking new position, or even just allowing the new worldview emerge, this site feels like it is just trying to enforce the most common counterculture against counterculture against historical reality.

Don't get me wrong, some people having such obviously incorrect and harmful views is ok for me, shouting at people is one of the rare times I feel alive. The problem is, that if the moderation keeps siding with them, sooner or later there will be no conflict left.

As in, if I can't bumb the threads with triggering names to show up on the advert space, the maggots who accidentally click here come in with wholly wrong attitude. No, I'm not making a new one every time, I got million other creative projects I should spend my effort on.
Male genocide thread!

How would you go about it? We clearly got enough sperm frozen up so it would cause no real harm to society. We'd just need to preserve one or too to open the lids that are too tight and it would be utopia.

Pls no debate about if the goal is desirable, if the reasons aren't obvious to you, you are clearly a man and biased about this whole thing.
Female enslavement thread

If we put their worthless emotional baggage aside, I'm sure we can use their body for much more productive things.
Please limit your posts to constructive comments only.
Which part of the world will become Erisian clay?
If you're like me, you've heard of the black iron prison through the PeeDee website. But are you aware of a related concept, that of Empire? Both were expounded by Philip K. Dick. In essence, the Black Iron Prison is the mechanism by which Empire keeps its subjects trapped. The bars aren't something inherent to humanity, or even to human society. Empire put them there, and its control over our lives (even over those who nominally control nations) is reinforced by the bars.

Empire could be described as the over-arching, or under-arching, stratum of consensus reality which has us doing things like going to jobs, following laws, reading news, or seeking out sex. It has us creating monuments, worshipping idols, and speaking the same language. When we work for Empire, we make it stronger… think about those wretched souls who made the first smartphone. They might not have known it, but they were some of the mightiest pawns who ever lived.
If I had to bet, it would be similar to a theoretical Lowee, with Ram in charge instead of Blanc. That is so esoteric even I don't get the references.
Can you feel it?
Can you smell it in the air?
That's right babey, that's the smell of chaos.
Things have been very ordered for quite a long time. The so-called "civilized men" bent the world into right angles for centuries. Each time their plans and machinations turned sour, they piled another one on. Sweep it under the rug, squeeze out every last drop of control we can get. That was their motto. Their stupidery is stunning… breed sheep, watch as the sheep are easily manipulated by your enemy. Bomb the shit out of somewhere halfway across the globe, wonder why all these refugees keep piling up. Pump crap in the air and wonder why the crops are dying. Et cetera et cetera.
You see, each time their technomagic or politicks bent the world away from chaotic harmony, they were just making the resurgence of chaos that much more brutal. And they're still trying, ooh they're trying harder than ever, but their technolomancy gets harder and harder to pull off and nobody even really listens to them any more. They pulled too hard, and now we get to watch as Eris lays waste to everything – us included. We enter into the Age of Aftermath. Rejoice! 
How are you celebrating the glorious end of this Age of Beaurocracy, feynons? (Fey adj. "About to die; doomed; on the verge of sudden or violent death.")

pic unrelated
Unicameralism and bicameralism have failed and are wrong! As per the sticky, I will not elaborate on this.
The policy of the well-willing future is Pentacameralism!
As practiced in the Discordian Society and its schisms, a healthy form of government (Eristocracy) holds indeed 5 houses!
Now you have unicameralism where the first and only house is the most important. You also have bicameralism where the second house is the most important.
Now with pentacameralism, the fifth house is the most important!
It is my firm belief that P.O.E.E. is dead (at least, its last ruling members are) and is in need of a major schism.
The POEE Disorganizational Matrix is defunct, Only the disunited episkoposes remain in charge of house V. It is my motion to this house to rebuild it.
We have five houses. We have to decide how members are appointed, elected and chosen.


People can govern themselves but require masters in order to realize that 


People cannot govern themselves but require no masters since the infantile safety is still worse than the hazardous freedom.

why does the EU refuse to talk to lukashenko
People cannot govern themselves and require masters.
Taliban is based.
Welcome back to the Islamic Emirate.
What is going on with European "blue" parties
>blue is democrat color
>so blue is commie party color
>blue parties in europe are conservative
What's the point of European "green" parties?
>Usually modern left-leaning
>Hate Russia
>Want to halt Russian gas imports
>In the case of The Netherlands wants to stop mining gas in own territory
>Want to force everyone to install electric heating in their house, bringing the housing market to a standstill
>Are against any kind of nuclear or biofuel energy production
>Propose to power the heating of every house in their nation with flimsy and expensive windmills imported from China via huge polluting shipping containers
>Cuts funding to the military to fund all of this, being ineffective against Russia
How are they this stupid
>it's about seeing how it could be done right via policy.
How can anyone with any political interest stand the western state of affairs? Politics is fake. Even when the anger is real, the subject matter is far from important.
We're constantly stuck in this boring loop where nothing ever happens. This isn't how I want to spend my youth. I'd envisioned a grand battle between government organizations of which we'd never heard before. I'd imagined the general populace splitting in two.
But no. Time and time again we come back to the so-called "political arena" of the west. The United Nations, American Politics. The EU. Dried-up do-nothings in suits.
The only political dissidents believe in fairy-tales like some tripfag from /pol/. Libertarians who fight for the freedom of corporations to sell their data.
Why is it so hard for any kind of ideological devotion to fester in the minds of the westerner? What's stopping them from having that populist outcry of "we'll do it ourselves"?
The 21st century is thusfar a boring mess of fakes and frauds. Covid or January 6th aren't even worth mentioning.
Sup Niggas, how seriously does the US government take Discordianism? If I start my own branch as a pope can I get a religious exemptions to various unconstitutional laws? Or will I be laughed away?
Instead of policy, we should be looking for activity-based solutions. Off-the-grid methodology. Nomadism.
If we didn't have the internet or postal services, how would we communicate?
How do we kickstart the apocalypse?
Admin, I wanted to make a thread about isolationism as a governing policy, but I decided I don't want anyone else posting in it and bothering me. Can you give me sole posting rights in this thread and lock everyone else out?
Grayface will not be listed in the credits of this mass culture product -
This is funded by the Order of the Garter to try to maintain their "divine" power to the end of next year.
is the family unit obsolete?
what's the best unit to efficiently instill values into as many people as possible?

#Athena #Minerva #Failure

perhaps it's better to stay apathetic in that department.
that's my foreign policy proposal.
can it be stopped? was it meant to be stopped? I can only think of hailing eris!
nice job locking the wakepills thread, you fucking kike

Is Eris trying to overturn the election for the good of chaos?

Pic unrelated.
time for awakening pills
Athens, Thebes, or Sparta?
you guys are complete pussies. You said you wanted a race war, well now it's here and you pathetic incel losers are just sitting at home jacking off. You faggots are all talk. You guys won't do shit because you're nothing but a little pussy!
While for most people the novel coronavirus is harmless or has mild symptoms only, almost the whole global economy was shut down to protect the most vulnerable. This shows that it is possible to take health seriously, but it also highlights the many other dangers to our health that could be easily avoided, yet the rulers of our societies have chosen not to. It is time for this to change, and to protect our health the following policies are proposed. We are certain that many more will follow.

→ Second-hand smoking is known to be harmful. To avoid it, smokers from now on shall wear a sealed full-face helmet while smoking, to disallow the poisonous fumes from escaping and to allow the smokers to take full responsibility for their actions.
→ Air pollution is linked to an endless list of negative health effects, from respiratory problems to cognitive impairment. Automobiles from now on must be designed to have an air-tight cabin and the exhaust pipe shall lead directly to this very cabin. In the long term, this is expected to also improve noise-pollution.
→ Austerity and underfunding health-care has been demonstrated to have a major negative effect on life expectancy. To avoid this, a lifespan-credit is introduced among politicians. When a politician first enters office, their life expectancy is noted in a database as their lifespan-credit. This is never reset. However, before voting on any law, that law's effect on life expectancy is estimated, and after voting, the amount is reduced from those politicians who voted to approve it. For example, if reducing the funding of healthcare is projected to reduce the life-expectancy of the poorest 5 million by 5 years, every approving politician's lifespan-credit is reduced by 25 million years. There is no way to increase the amount of lifespan-credit or to transfer it among politicians. However, once a politician runs out of their credits, they are summary executed.
if they can do it, why can't we?
How do we get more discordians? no matter what breed.
could the free state of fiume have worked without the embargo?
It doesn't matter what side you stand on, these riots are good for everoyne.
Praise Chaos. Hail Eris, all hail Discordia.
The destabilization of America only means more people will be looking for purpose in the flames.
The USA must fall so we can divide the land. Every 500km2 its own episcipality. It doesn't matter who you are, the USA is the sole superpower, it's the whole world's enemy. Once it falls we can decide our own fate.
People who disappeared for criticizing the state

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