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This board is dedicated to the discussion of Governance, which takes precedence over the discussion of Politics.
The main purpose of this board is not about saying something is wrong, it's about seeing how it could be done right via policy.
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Holycow shit damn son
>It's happening again
We need to print the Damn book on the photocopier of the prosecutor of the case who is investigating the case right now!!! Holycow shit!!!!
>Go fast call the German-sino-aryan-bolivian hackers for relative infinite printing and call the society for safe fap and condoms & co. for free paper and condoms!!!!
>What the fuck going to happen now???
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I cannot look upon American politics as anything more than a dramatic theater.

Hence my new ambition: pornographic comedy! Presidential blowjobs throughout history! I just need 40ish hung men, powered wigs and costumes. We'll start with Jefferson,end with Clinton, add some oddly specific political commentary for each president; it's patriotic porn the whole group can enjoy!
I just don't know how to get it started.
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There's plenty of references to build this empire of fun upon. PatriotPorn™ is a thriving genre! But it lacks feeling and scale and bloj. Just people in costumes. Not enough!
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So're ya winning son?
Sound like old school games lol
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(618.1KB, 680x680)
>Maybe Trump do on pornpose and he's a CIA glow nigerundayo
>or maybe he's a KGB russian agent the whole time
>Or maybe he's a Discordian... maybe... he's elvis presley... or a woman... monroe?
Ok ima start to trust the idea that the whole OM its out of control or its working soo much(?)
I dont'know
You know
The last time i believed something the OM worked... but i started to believe more thing very fast lol
One day I made a fake ad on facebook about a young man who would go to the moon thanks to the inspiration of astronauts and after a lot of effort and dedication he ended up becoming one.
But in reality he was a porn actor.
After that half a dozen people actually believed he was an astronaut.
The young man was me.
>To the moomies - The Younger
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>>2634 (OP) 
>Another 23 out of nowhere!
This's da art mastery.

(84.5KB, 632x421)
Let's explore alternate governmental paradigms. No discussing existing, academically acknowledged governance systems.

Executive Referendum - At the beginning of each month, a referendum is held where every citizen of the state writes in any person's name. The most popular person is immediately arrested and executed. There are no exceptions.

Expert Jurism - Every decision that a parliament cannot reach a 2/3 super-majority on, a jury of experts relevant to the legislation topic is chosen, who decide the outcome.

Legislative Extremism - Any citizen who intentionally and without assistance removes enough blood from their body such that they fall unconscious is allowed to propose a law that requires a super-majority in parliament to deny. Each vote for the super-majority only counts if a blood sacrifice from the palm is given.

Present Property - Any property not currently in transit is shared between all people in line-of-sight. Exceptions are one government assigned property apartment block (identical to other assigned properties) and certain items deemed essentials.

Genocracy - Punishment is controlled by a hierarchical genetic chain of command.
If a child drives a car poorly and hits a stranger, their oldest-generation blood relatives decide on a punishment, lack of punishment or to abstain. If they cannot reach agreement, the decision runs off to the next generation.

Bidism - Rather than acting as a proxy, currency is a direct voting method for l
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age bid = paymeant of age numeral in fiat currency per day to the exact of the 365 you]ve travelled as far as to say we would get e relay system of governance where our basic most met needs are well nourished and return to the gov as own home homage wage . It is the foundation to many possible alternative iterations of the gov return fee fiat currency per index, whatdya guis think
I contend to contest that thought and say no one should be beaten., but the overall idea about increasing the spread of function lyturgics is spot on! we need Id say 2 maek more use of equities comforting our forcedness when it comes into play any social contract so as to ease any retaliation over all and never the less back up and or down if necessary to any standard met o0`
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I, smart person 5, derived a subform of epistocracy yes that's an actual academically-acceptable term not to be confused with the superior eristocracy. It's basically a qualified democratic system for use in each major vote, like referendums or electing representatives. The idea is to maximize the potential benefits of democratic decision-making, while eliminating the flaws of universal participation.

>options for a vote are determined
>a board of people representing various arguments for each option will determine a list of basic facts and arguments. this list must be factual, even when discussing opinions, and therefore should be agreeable and gain consensus from all parties on the board
>these facts are then widely published to all potential voters as an information sheet, in advance. the aim is to enable them to become informed prior to the vote with minimal effort
>when the time comes to vote, the ballot will also have a short quiz on these points
>a vote is discarded if the ballot scores less than, for example, 75% on the basic fact quiz, exposing the voter as an uninformed and therefore unreliable decision-maker
The goal of the quiz must be to include, rather than exclude, voters, only existing to filter people who clearly don't understand the basic facts of the options 
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Even better: each voter is required to write a short (1-2 sentences) justification for their vote. If they cannot provide something approaching a justification (even "I like this guy's hair more"), or cannot write a full, intelligible sentence, their vote is discarded. For people who for some reason can't read or write, a voice recording would also suffice.

I suspect that fully half of all cast votes would be rejected.
Replies: >>2652
This is more effective of a gate, although it does require manual checking (so it's more suitable to smaller elections rather than hundreds of thousands of voters) and is more open to subjective interpretation. A multiple-choice quiz can be put through a cheap machine that goes rrrrb and gives satisfying dings when a ballot passes. Ding! Imagine it...

>I suspect that fully half of all cast votes would be rejected.
I don't know about other countries' stats, but official illiteracy rates in the US of A are already at around 20%. They don't measure dumbass rates but we can make an estimated guess and say they're higher than 420chan.
Where I live (not burgertown) the ballots are shocking and I believe you. But keep in mind, the reason for the openness and the information sheet is an effort to give an opportunity to educate people who care, and increase the valid vote count without compromising the integrity.

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In a way, aren't we kind of lucky the grayfaces of the world can be so stingy about legalizing drugs? 

The real dilemma for them is that they could loosen restrictions on stuff that distracts people from shitty living situations and be treated like they're progressive without really having to make an effort towards improving anything, but then they might get shit for being progressive and from people complaining about line cooks being baked.
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It's not cool if it's legal.
Replies: >>2410

Dude, prohibitions gtfo, I'm sirius MUH hizzles. Whatchoo talkin aboot.

So mjuch corruption and death and pain from the darn prohibition era shit. It needs to stop.
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but Black Dynamite.webm
(764.8KB, 720x388)
>person smokes weed and drinks
>represses shit
>person then takes acid
>unrepresses shit
im intelligent btw

I endorse this post. Massively. 223%edly. HELL why not 1776%edly! My LORD! Thankyou GOD (actual one) that someone out there thinks SANELY.

I know I need to sound better here, its a work in progress I started last night. 



thankyou for teh signz approval lady.

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Why don't governments impose a ban on alcohol? It's clearly bad for your body, it costs the government more money in lost productivity and crime than they'll ever recover in taxes and other revenue… Why do they persist in keeping it legal?
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(152.2KB, 1398x901)
true web design.webp
(103.4KB, 1399x895)
(246.9KB, 1399x902)
(28.2KB, 1399x899)
These are the laziest scams I've seen in my life.
Even if they weren't all posted together, but this just makes it funnier.
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What do you expect from the incandescent?
Btw nice double repeating numbers there
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(2.4KB, 212x250)
The incandescent are professional, well-resourced. This is just lumpen scam. The scum of the scams. Begging, really.
>>2587 (OP) 
I have a theory that prohibition never happened. It's just a myth that Big Booze uses to keep the money flowing.
Replies: >>2630
My theory is that prohibition didn't happen, it's a mythology built by a coalition of cannabis users to try and justify their legality to lawmakers, to claim it's futile to prohibit them.
Meanwhile, dealers thrive on the illegal status, so they work closely with morality groups like Christian extremists to keep it banned. Follow the money!

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What is a G.n.o.s.t.i.c.?
>Order (of)
I was tired of the limited options available and in fighting within the left hand path. I'm not against Kabbalahistic teachings, I learned something else from Europe that wasn't from those books. I don't consider it my personal favorite, yet I can use it as a reference and appreciate what I learned but never practiced their way.
>I don't care how your C, K, or Q variants go in different directions either. They're not for me.
There is an Anarcho-Monarchist theme between three books that are separate.
>I'm not gonna pay for them either, they're public domain
The so-called "Lesser" Key attributed to Solomon, The (allegedly) false hierarchy of Demons, and The Infernal Dictionary are all about the same subject matter.
>Every dæmon (demon or genius) is royalty
>Every one of them has artwork
>All have invocations, etc..
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Well if you prefer eating your dogmas cold...
Replies: >>2622
dude i love dogmas every individual square mile should have its own dogma
Replies: >>2623
A dogma in every mile!!
A dogma in every mile!!
very true, Abrahamism isn't for this pope. 
sounds fuckin dumb
fertility? lmao, very dumb

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Is it all a glowie in the dark operation to see how the population reacts?
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(50.3KB, 1280x720)
>>2611 (OP) 
or... well...
she does not glow in the dark.
she is the darkness.
or she is a ninja *snort*
(9.7KB, 500x500)
Yes yes, everything is under control, you have no freedom, go to sleep sheep dude
Celebritism itself is the operation. Actually, noyes, philanthropism is the operation. There are a few operations going on at the same time.

(209.1KB, 1180x813)
the televangelists turn me on, the problem is that I want to turn them off.
how is your sexual relationship with the government?
I just want a erisian trad wife and live la vida loca.
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(75.8KB, 1920x1080)
>I just want a erisian trad wife
Pope, I...
(549.7KB, 1448x2048)
(361.9KB, 498x490)
>>2603 (OP) 
stop it
get some help
pls stop being so horny.
you can be some horny but no to much horny
for example, do you think an anthropomorphic cat with two tails is sexy? if so, you don't need help.
you just need an anthropomorphic cat with two tails. it's very simple and very common fetish
my psychoanalytic sexologist confirmed it to me.
but why a televangelist that look like a gender-bender of trump?
that not hot that too much hot... like you know...
im a man... and she is a maaam *snif* is the tao of horny
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>>2603 (OP) 
>A anthropomorphic cat and a televangelist walk into a bar
Aaaaaa!!! I have an erection!!!!

EAPDJT (1).jpg
(1MB, 1075x1474)
Donald Trump looks like Elvis Presley
one struggle.png
(650.6KB, 1020x1133)
Elon Musk looks like Pol Pot
elvis died at 44 in 1977 (please, don't need conspiracy theorists interjecting).
however, let's pretend he didn't.
that would make donny t around 91 atm.
considering that age is a big campaign issue, maybe might not want to advertise the elvis/trump angle.
(18.9KB, 279x293)
>(please, don't need conspiracy theorists interjecting)
greyface nigga please

(105.9KB, 866x765)
Read image
And, Yes I am a lawyer.
Yes GRSecurity is contravening the "u can't put any additional restrictions not mentioned in the text of this license" clause of the GPL; vs both the Linux Kernel and the GCC "plugins" they distribute subject to their(GRSecurity's) "no redistribution" clause (which has been effective: the source has not leaked: GRSecurity has made it's patches to the linux kernel and GCC proprietary)

The GCC "plugins" are non-separable derivative works, just as their linux-kernel patches are non-separable derivative works. They only work regarding the parent work.

Don't believe me: read the real player case then. Go on. Read it. If you even make some 3rd party program that messes with the look of the other program you can be violating the copyright on the other program. Go read the case. There are others but when I tell you people you just say "DURR WHY NOT JUST DISTRIBUTe A DiFF and GeT aRoUnD the GpL thaT wAy"

Why won't RMS sue? Because he has women lawyers surrounding him who don't want to do shit. That's actually their job: to dissuade RMS etc from taking any Copyright action and upsetting the "GPL-as-effectivly-BSD-Licensed" status-quoe that emerged.

The only courageous one was Bruce Perens who fought abit of the good fight.
Note: ANY of these federal copyright lawsuits would cost probably half-a-million or more for the Copyright owner to prosecute.
RMS's foundation doesn't want to do it.
GPL rots in it's grave.
go to bed mikey and stop creeping on your niece

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