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What is a G.n.o.s.t.i.c.?
>Order (of)
I was tired of the limited options available and in fighting within the left hand path. I'm not against Kabbalahistic teachings, I learned something else from Europe that wasn't from those books. I don't consider it my personal favorite, yet I can use it as a reference and appreciate what I learned but never practiced their way.
>I don't care how your C, K, or Q variants go in different directions either. They're not for me.
There is an Anarcho-Monarchist theme between three books that are separate.
>I'm not gonna pay for them either, they're public domain
The so-called "Lesser" Key attributed to Solomon, The (allegedly) false hierarchy of Demons, and The Infernal Dictionary are all about the same subject matter.
>Every dæmon (demon or genius) is royalty
>Every one of them has artwork
>All have invocations, etc..
S. Connolly did an excellent job in her works of a non-binding method. If you have something they like, and would like to work and get along with who is discussed, it's usually more simple for myself. I don't need much to give, and I don't get much for what I offer. If it makes a being I have a difficult time perceiving have a better day without the expectation of something in return, I see nothing wrong with that (whether theistic, or as a paranormal/anomalous method)
>Wouldn't you be happy if someone framed your picture, made it smell just how you like, and said
>"I need nothing from you, you're royalty to me! It is my pleasure to have you as a guest."
I will not publish my governmental theory as a "valid theory of human government". As that isn't what works for everyone, and other authors have done a much better job at how those systems may work in theory or in practice. I don't consider those works to be, "jewish" in the slightest. They are in Hebrew in some older editions. Aramaic copies still exist in private libraries, yet I feel zero to access those copies. Those are preserved, reference materials. I do, however, feel the need to discuss that in my experience using a living language is an important aspect of reaching out if you're going to do something like this. 
>Why would I, a Grand Arch-Pope, want to release records? Stolen by someone else when other copies exist elsewhere?
If you're inspired to work on something similar as a combination of similar, unnecessarily separate works, and restoring the text you can freely access.. why wouldn't I want to inspire a genius?
>"B-b-but they're demons!1!1!1111!one1!"
Yes, living things that are stronger, smarter and more powerful in most conceivable ways than humans. People are people, and they are people that are different as far as I'm concerned. They may be "dead" gods that became different and live differently under a different name. They aren't as difficult to work with in a reasonable capacity if you chose to do so as a theistic, non-theistic, or symbolic system. I don't need to speak an incantation if I already know they're going to stop by, and I know who is supposed to be there. No need for a costumed full time clergy person in an unorganized system to LARP as their demon associate, but if that's what you want for your thing, it worked for Dr. Aquino's Lodge.
>When it comes down to finding out for one's self...
Study first, find out who seems to appeal to you. Sometimes these things do change, yet the order of most similar lists remains the same.
>I cannot encourage any criminal behavior where blasphemy is illegal.
This is not blasphemous, as the Geniuses and Demons are not always the same sorts of beings. If perceive them as something more beautiful, consider the Angelic approach to writing. There are positives, and if those are worth writing about in a seemingly godly fashion, that allows for publishing in some restricted areas. If there is a ban on materials like this (for example, in Germany at certain points in time), Jehovah's Witnesses simply preserve the Faustian traditions by providing information on why they do not celebrate what others do.
>What do you do in an area that does not allow religion at all?
These sort of list based books are easy to integrate into other media that is acceptable, as fiction. Whether it's a book on unusual animals (classified biology ≠ crypto-sciences), a monster manual format for custom tabletop games that a government would approve of (quiet easy to compare them to who they dislike outside of the country), video games that work similarly to tabletop, or as "collect the monster" alternatives for "Pocket Demons".
>Why would Eris care?
The Serpentine that offered a Golden Apple to Humanity is based into this system as a valuable lesson. Gardens are difficult to maintain, especially if you have human interference. The introduction of Chaos (as opposed to sin) didn't cause humanity to become worse. It made things more fun. Does Eris not take on many forms to achieve her goals? 
>Of course she does
Considering that Lilith was kicked out for wanting to ride Adam's dick, and saying a bitch's name that no-one has spoken since.. yeah, I could understand why she would get along with some of the other ladies that do not care for that "god" specifically.
>Quiet rude to perv on the people you made, and wanted to live there.
Those books just don't appeal to everyone, and the more ridiculously unnecessary each "translation" becomes.
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Me holding habds with satan
(73.4KB, 595x667)
(71.6KB, 593x660)
>>2590 (OP) 
>Does Eris not take on many forms to achieve her goals?
In all honesty, snakey boy was probably Zeus trying to get laid again.

I don't really understand why there is a need for such syncretism. Especially with abhramic-based religions. Just appreciate Eris for what she is, and expand from there. She's got like 15 different kinds of offspring, some of which are daemons numbering in the uncountables. Surely that's enough material to work with to establish mythology?
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Where's the T?
(78KB, 998x963)

I once heard a story that Aphrodite was once provoked to fight God Almighty. Apparently, as the story goes, he forfeited when her smile made him blush.

Why can't Eris have a story like that?
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(22.7KB, 1062x797)
(22.4KB, 1062x797)
This one time I heard that Aphrodite was once provoked to fight Eris. Apparently, as the story goes, she forfeited when Eris grabbed her hair and beat the shit out of her. But Aphrodite's beauty returned after a week of recovery.
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(508.4KB, 1920x816, 00:03)
>I have brought a gift, or rather a prize. So who is the fairest of you all?
<I'm the faire-!
(418.1KB, 1200x680)
(75.4KB, 470x594)
I am not a magician and I have never practiced ritual magic.
You know, you have a guy who is a priest in your neighborhood church and he says that this morning while he was having colored chocochips with vegan milk for breakfast, God (or Jesus-Santa Claus) appeared to him(literally enter the house) and spoke to him and told him a bunch of things about the future and his congregation that really put you to sleep and is very poetic. his proofs? his wife

And then you have these weird wizard brothers and sisters with their chaotic things that have to be a lot of astrological calculations, waiting for eclipses or moons and number days of the week. using mirrors, smoke, candles and cleaning and consecrating(and defend self) places with very long rituals and reciting poems as well as doing weird poses,meditation,drugs or trance mind-states, and making weird drawings or graffiti on the floor called glyphs or seals or sigils which I understand are like phone numbers for spirits, demons, angels and gods and evoking and invoking weird things as well as personifying and talking these... entities. his proofs? i dont know, but i dont think he is like chris chan. this guy just wants to go to the gates of oblivion or summon the doomguy.

At the end of the day I don't know if it is acting and theater but I value the effort of the mage more than the chocochips priest bacause that guy is religiously-funny but is a greyface everyday.

Translated with DeepL com (free version)(i'cant speake engrish fuuuu)
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>>2590 (OP) 
Very verbose, but I like how you think.
Have you "contacted" anything before?

It's my opinion that Humanity was created by an ancient alien race, and there was a group who defied/betrayed their leader. Got kicked out of their space ship, and eventually died off. But their spirits remained on Earth to exact revenge. After their Titan children and bio-engineered chimera were found out by the leader, He decided to reset everything with a flood, and probably some nukes. Humanity survived and even some giants (do they have larger spirits as well?), but the spirits of the original exiled aliens still effect the minds of men, guiding them to some purpose. Meanwhile the leader and the group all ascended when they died. Their spirits exist in all things because they became one with the universe. They know that free will is needed to ascend that way, so they watch over and subtly guide us rather than directly interfere.

So what I'm trying to get at is your probably talking to one of the bad guys who will eventually want you do something that would remove your ability to ascend, therefore making it harder for humanity as a whole to ascend.
Be careful what you wish for.
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sound like scienciology uh...
>pic is my occult experience
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I'm going to ask this question again, and if you say you don't know then I'm going to shoot you through the head.

Where's the T?
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(312.8KB, 1980x1320)
Here is the T
Replies: >>2607 >>2610
(36.5KB, 1600x900)
another T but technologically advanced
probably the Japanese Shintoists must think this is a fertility god. it's art.
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(30.1KB, 700x482)
ohh my.... look at the number on his shirt
Eris is blessing argentinas goalkeeper with a mystical apophenia
>Getting Eris into the Satanic Bible is the entire goal
>Guess that should have been mentioned earlier
>Order & Chaos are complimentary opposites
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the T is for Teachings
L. Ron Hubbard was a weirdo speedfreak
>>Order & Chaos are complimentary opposites
who's quote is this?
In any case, Chaos is Order and Disorder both. Don't mess up your Discordian vocabulary.
Abrahamists are very good at redefining words, like Daemon, to be different from what they are.
Replies: >>2619 >>2624
Chaos and order is the same and disorder is both but only when its moving and order can be viewed in the mirror in the candlelight and it becomes pretty disorderly but chaos turns into disorder if you heat it in non oxidizing environment
Replies: >>2620
Replies: >>2621
Well if you prefer eating your dogmas cold...
Replies: >>2622
dude i love dogmas every individual square mile should have its own dogma
Replies: >>2623
A dogma in every mile!!
A dogma in every mile!!
very true, Abrahamism isn't for this pope. 
sounds fuckin dumb
fertility? lmao, very dumb
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