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Here's where I stand in common political points of discussion.

Studies have shown that immortality causes HUGE intergenerational income equality. This is why we must extend abortion laws to include anyone OVER 300 years of age.

Consensual warfare:
War is okay and fun as long as it is Safe, Sane and Consensual. Everyone has to fill consent forms before getting shot at.

As everyone knows, it is in our countrys best interest to send all the working age youth to infiltrate foreign lands. This goes without saying.

Religious freedom:
Freedom shall be your religion, you shall have no other religion.

Army shall distribute all its assets to general population in a huge lottery and cease to exist.
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I like your stance, anon. If you were to run for office, I'd write your name in as many ballots as I could get my hands on.
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Stop sex education for everyone, demolish all the evidence of sex, and act all surprised everytime babies pop up.

Progressive taxation:
Tax the progressives only

free-for-all media warfare with no survivors

Cosmic democracy:
"We can't declare results yet since we cannot know if all the mail in votes will arrive within the next million years."
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Army shall distribute all its assets to general population in a huge lottery and cease to exist.
Gun Control:
We control all the guns. Simple as.
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I don't get your joke?
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>Hey anon, teacher said we can come to Penis Inspection Day this year. Pretty cool, huh?
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>Hell yeah Becky! Sounds like fun!
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>and act all surprised everytime babies pop up.
Ahh, the miracle of childbirth.
I think they will win the inspection day.
>you cant be erisian
well pope, you have my vote
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No shit nerd. I haven't been a woman since 2018.
Tax cuts:
You don't pay with money, you pay with blood. More you owe, deeper the cut will be. If too much blood gets spilled and your ability to live goes oopsie woopsie, your property will be confiscated to buy more knifes for the tax collectors.
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I'm not sure about the utility of blood and flesh economics, Shylock.
Maybe for an upper tax threshold, 0.1mm cut for every yen over 1,000,000 for example.
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Blood can be used to feed the poor. It also has countless medical applications. Modern armies basically run on blood.
Contempt of your Courtship.jpg
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I am sick of incest apologists and half-assed laws to cope with backward-ass villages. It sickens me. "Oh but we're not 'close relatives'", oh I've had enough of this.

No incest.

No sisters. No cousins. No fifth-cousins. No two-hundred-eighty-first cousins thrice removed.

Basically, if genetics classify your partner as a human homo sapiens, you're a sick fuck and you need help.
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It's all just 4 dimensional hyperjellyfish fondling itself, no need to get all prude like that. Masturbation is healthy and fun!
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If you masturbate and get yourself pregnant, there's going to be a big chance of health disorders in your baby. But also of health orders!
You see X-Men was kind of a sci-fi euphemism for inbreds.
>Facial segregation
We gonna put people with skin care routines into ghetto. Fuck them for trying to look prettier than me!
Preemptive Eunuchs' National Insecurity Security - Governmental Observed Nationally by Eunuchs
All members elected into the Offices of any Governance must be rendered infertile for the sake of the People. If politicians should be balless we ought to make them eunuchs.
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