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Welcome to Erischan!

Climbing the walls.

Thanks to nimbus for the drawing!

The best place on the entire internet to hail Eris!

Poles welcome.


Erischan is a website dedicated to Eris & Discordianism. Feel free to use it how you see fit.

Probably something for yourself to figure out. This website focuses on both the new age and ancient Greek interpretation of Eris.

Erischan uses the Discordian Calendar.

Mungday — by admin at 5/chs/3186 (SO) Mungday! 10:34:26

Happy Mungday!

3186! — by admin at 1/chs/3186 (SW) 09:50:10

Let's hope for a very erisian 3186! For all the rest of you, happy 2020!

/3/ — by admin at 23/afm/3185 (SO) 08:48:58

* Added /3/ yesterday for poleposting
A warm welcome to all of our polish friends!

Maladay — by admin at 5/afm/3185 (BT) Maladay! 10:59:05

Happy Maladay, everyone!

new provider! — by admin at 69/bcy/3185 (PD) 15:20:48

Erischan has successfully moved providers!
Please mind that while this server may be slightly slower, it allows for much more.
You may also be allowed to post things that you weren't allowed to on the previous provider, like pornographic material.
Please report any broken functionality of the website.

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