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Welcome to Erischan!

Climbing the walls.

Thanks to nimbus for the drawing!

The best place on the entire internet to hail Eris!

Poles welcome.


Erischan is a website dedicated to Eris & Discordianism. Feel free to use it however you see fit.

Probably something for yourself to figure out. This website focuses on both the new age and ancient Greek interpretation of Eris.

Erischan uses the Discordian Calendar.

Be warned, Erischan contains NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK content. Leave this site if you are under 18.

Confuflux — by admin at 50/cfn/3186 (SW) Confuflux! 18:24:44

Confuflux? More like comfyflux.
Have a great day everyone

Syaday — by admin at 6/cfn/3186 (BT) 05:33:40

I can't believe i fucking slept through Syaday holy fucking shite

DiscoFlux — by admin at 50/dsc/3186 (PD) Discoflux! 20:13:22

Happy DiscoFlux, everyone!

gregorian date tooltips — by admin at 35/dsc/3186 (PD) 16:44:16

As per request from an e-mail i've received, erischan now supports the gregorian calendar at the hover of a button!
Hover over any Discordian Date to reveal the gregorian date. This should also work with 4chan X.
Let me know if anything fails to work.

mojoday — by admin at 6/dsc/3186 (PP) 11:09:08

Mojoday was the day before this and i missed it…
Happy belated mojoday..!

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