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Welcome to Erischan!

Climbing the walls.

The best place on the entire internet to hail Eris!

Cats welcome.


Erischan is a website dedicated to Eris & Discordianism. Feel free to use it how you see fit.

Probably something for yourself to figure out. This website focuses on both the new age and ancient Greek interpretation of Eris.

Erischan uses the Discordian Calendar.

/aes/ — by admin at 17/bcy/3185 (SW) 14:21:42

Added a new board
* /aes/ Aesthetics
Because where else will you spam architecture?

WebM & MP4 — by admin at 15/bcy/3185 (PP) 23:56:32

Somehow managed to enable webm and mp4 uploads. I really hope this keeps working.

Zaraday — by admin at 5/bcy/3185 (PP) Zaraday! 01:47:25

Happy Zaraday, everyone!

/all/ and other tweaks — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 17:30:20

Added /all/ so you can see all posts from every board, at least the last 15 of them. Also added an RSS feed at https://erischan.org/recent.xml and made a news page at https://erischan.org/news.html

It just works — by admin at 4/bcy/3185 (PD) 05:56:01

Suddenly image hashing stopped working so you couldn't post more than 1 image per board because it'd think it was the same image. Have no idea what fixed it but I'm glad it somewhat works again, guess I won't be touching anything anymore.

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